Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Failure to Communicate

The past few days have had numerous stories on Washington's overall failure with regards to Coronavirus knowledge, policy and of course present day attitudes that have contributed to the United States being one of the largest developed countries (outside of Great Britain) to have ongoing spikes of the virus and rising death tolls. All of this comes from the belief that America is the richest mostest bestest country in the world.  If that was true then this pandemic would be a walk in the park. Far from it.

When you turn over a rock often critters come to light and this was one hell of a rock. In the time since this began, and that was long before our lockdowns in March, the Government here and even those in Europe simply failed to grasp the depth and breadth of the crisis.  We have maligned Trump, with good reason, as the swamp dweller simply thrives in chaos and this was one opportunity in which he thrived.  Even one of his own supporters has said that he was simply bored of Covid and wanted to what he does best, well nothing is something he excels at, but that is campaigning and rallies.  Ah yes the propaganda machine is something that our little quasi Authoritarian leader is what he loves.   And as the band played on the Titanic still sunk.

I have linked an article in the New York Times about the overall massive issues that contributed to the pandemics rise and rise again but it is important to note that while this may have a historical slant to it, it is very much in the present.

Some issues of note is the absurd reliance of modeling Covid's patterns and predictions of number of cases, deaths and time frames.  When you are using such extensive data often predicated on "what if" "and" "or but possibly" it is just that - theorizing.  This is what Science does and is about, theories.  All things frankly are about a supposition, a theory, a guess. Then you try it out and see if it works.  And usually it takes more than a one off to assume that is just random but an actual consistent method or way of approaching a problem and in turn finding a workable resolution.

There has been no one and that includes Igor who has done a good job of messaging.  There have been so many hats in the ring it becomes utterly a clown fuck car show with one after another emerging in their varying masks to entertain the crowd during the intermission and this has been one hell of a long fucking intermission.  So that was the first problem.

This was then followed by dick swinging aka political grandstanding and maneuvering from all sides of the political fence.  We have Mike DeWine in Ohio, a long time swamp dweller, aka politician, who jumped out of the car first with demands for quarantine and lockdown.  All while meanwhile fucking over voting and women's right to choose.  Nothing says getting shit done in the field of darkness. Then he went back into the car and the rats jumped out and Ohio is back in the game and the Bubonic plague goes into round two.   The same goes for Washington State which was ground zero in the metrics and Inslee shows why he dropped out of the Presidential race as that man could not direct a drum line, conga line or a short film.  Slightly whiny and very Seattle as he just mandated that we all need to do something about this something and when we do something we can do something else just not now. Seriously that is what it is like growing up in the Northwest, its a combo of placating and patronizing with just a touch of bitchiness.  I got the bitch part down pat.

California with Newsom shows that while he is telegenic he did not know shit from shinola, Oregon, their Governor realized that fuck Covid, shit Portland is a hot mess and crazy dopey Grandpa is going all Putin on her citizens throwing them into trucks and vans and deporting them to places unknown even though they are white and American.   Portland, the whitest city in the whitest State, a State admitted to the Union after it was illegal to own slaves but hey everyrule and law has an exception and they are pretty fucking exceptional those Oregonians. .   See that is what White Privilege is kids, getting your shit tossed by the feds.  Same goes for Seattle and the CHOP Zone. That worked out, oh wait, no several shootings and deaths ended that love in.  And that was under the perfect liberal city by the perfect liberal Mayor who is both a woman and a lesbian. And hence its why over more chocolate cities, with more poverty and racism, are handling the protests in a much more organized fashion as well, black lives do matter.  Funny how Atlanta and Detroit have issues but they are cities run by strong Black Women. Hmm must be the Black Girl Magic I hear about and which is why Trump wants to send in the troops to round up those black folks!

Then we could talk about the midwest and Michigan, but why?  Does anyone?  So we move East and no one has the national stage bigger and brighter than New York, home of Broadway, so it makes sense. Since it was shut we needed entertainment and theater and no one brought it better than the Three Stooges, Andy, Billy and Phil. Wow what knuckleheads. And they brought their own agenda to as the postured, brought visual aids, guest stars and others to basically cover for their own ineptetude and of course mask their political ambition. And as Covid raged so did their citizens, we here in New Jersey were literally not going to go postal over it all so we just went to New York as the protests raged on and DiBlasio did what he did best, lie, obfuscate and of course act addled. Cuomo had the nightly sibling reality series, Mom Loved You Best, to add to the fun and drama. And of course the 4th of July came and went with one of the most violent of records.  True the Covid numbers are down but that is because we waited it out and let all the other idiots go first. No you go first, no you! It had to be the FIRST time that Cuomo ever wanted to be picked second.

So we are at a short lull as the band is taking a break but they are warming up and like the weather its going to get hotter, more humid and followed by storms. Can you ever get a second wave when you have never left the first one.

I do want to point out some facts that the article from the times mentions. The modeling used by the Covid A team is the University of Washington one.  It has been wrong from day one.  It is paid for by Bill Gates who has declared himself the Covid Ambassador and in turn like all of his other missions, this too failed.  I find that again very Seattle, whiny, authoritative, bossy and smug.  Yep he is a Seattle kid born and bred, white privilege never had it so good.

The other is the role of Dr. Deborah, she of the Hermes Scarves, Birx. Or as I call her Frankenstein's Bride.  This is what the Times had to say about our bride:

Dr. Birx was more central than publicly known to the judgment inside the West Wing that the virus was on a downward path. Colleagues described her as dedicated to public health and working herself to exhaustion to get the data right, but her model-based assessment nonetheless failed to account for a vital variable: how Mr. Trump’s rush to urge a return to normal would help undercut the social distancing and other measures that were holding down the numbers.

I have found her to be utterly useless and someone who I actually don't trust or believe.  Dr. Fauci is no less political and no less informed as neither actually know shit but read these models like Evangelicals read the Bible, they swear its true and then cherry pick the info to suit them. That is a Trump Administration skill set like no other.

And this is across the pond as only Germany with an actual scientist and woman at the helm who seems to have a grasp on this pandemic.  Her English counterpart, Boris Johnson, is the anglo Trump. A white privileged male who cares only how he is viewed and not by how he acts.  Clearly as he acts like a doting idiot and that in his case is one.  He is a shrewd Politician but he is a bro type President who trusts his elite clique of white dudes and that is his detriment.  The Times also did a scathing article on their failings and again largely due to arrogance, lack of preparedness and the absurd modeling which in Britain was very secretive as to who was on the team as well as the data being generated from it. (Kinda like what Trump is trying to do)But theirs was really special as it has been a consistently wrong in numerous crisis.   Keep Calm and Carry On as they say. And Oui, the French Cookie was not much better.
Barely a month later, (March) the continent was overwhelmed. Instead of serving primarily as a donor, providing aid to former colonies, Western Europe became an epicenter of the pandemic. Officials once boastful about their preparedness were frantically trying to secure protective gear and materials for tests, as death rates soared in Britain, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium.
And that is where we are with regards to the fatality rates, the preparedness and of course the overall testing, tracking, and of course treating debacle that exists today. But on good news? The Coronation has begun again with the daily briefings making their stellar return.  Will they be odd mixes of scolds, science and Trump falsehoods or will they actually outsource this and find someone other than Mike Pence to helm the podium?  My guess it will be idiocy as usual.

But this is the new abnormal where a former game show host, Chuck Woolery, tweets garbage then finds out not really garbage so whoops and then deletes his account. To John Oliver creating videos to  use as a teaching tool to explain fake news information and how to find appropriate information in this time of Covid.  Yep folks Cuomo was right to haul in celebs, that fucker.  And that bad art is the next big thing, I feel it.

I just want to quote the moron of the day. Mary Gail Lowery, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who I feel represents a great deal of America right, a total fucking moron. And she is three years older than me and was a Teacher. Wow, just wow. That said she is Southern, likely a religious fanatic and a cum dumpster. I think highly of Southern women, oh wait.  

Seven hundred miles away, Mary Gail Lowery was fishing with her grandson in Tuscaloosa, Ala. A retired teacher, she carried a mask, but used it only in stores and only “as a courtesy,” because she’s decided that masks aren’t very helpful as a defense against covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.
“I don’t just believe what I hear,” she said. “I do my own research. I check the facts.”

She checked and found support for that stance from Chuck Woolery, for three decades the host of TV game shows such as “Love Connection,” “Wheel of Fortune” and “Scrabble.”

Woolery tweeted to his 691,000 followers that “Masks are nothing more than a symbol of capitulation,” and that “Everyone is lying” about the virus — “the CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors …”

Lowery tweeted back: “Thank you for taking a stand!” — one that matched her own.

More than four months into the pandemic, Americans are swimming — and sometimes drowning — in an ocean of information that, paradoxically, is also a desert of clarity and consensus. In the absence of consistent, authoritative advice from federal health officials, and with President Trump and some of his top aides casting doubt on their own administration’s scientific guidance, many people have decided they are on their own, left to figure out for themselves how to live safely.

Amid the confusing cacophony, many now rely on recommendations by fellow parents, scientists, media commentators, local public health officials, celebrities, social media influencers, self-appointed experts, political activists or, in Woolery’s case, a TV entertainer.

Lowery said she was initially drawn to Woolery’s comments because “he’s a good conservative.” But Lowery, 63, said she didn’t take his posts at face value. Woolery has since deleted his Twitter account, after announcing that his son had tested positive for covid-19. Woolery did not respond to a request for comment.

Lowery checked further. She used to rely on Fox News, “but they’ve gotten more liberal,” she said, “so I also watch One America News, and I Google, but you don’t know what’s right on Google. So I watch Bill O’Reilly — he’s more fact-based.”

She also rummages around Twitter and Facebook, finding doctors whose views seem right to her, such as one who wrote that masks aren’t effective protection against the virus. Numerous studies and the Centers for Disease Control say they are.

Lowery is far from alone in finding comfort by discovering experts who agree with a position she’s already drawn toward. Pretty much everyone does that, said Ross McKinney Jr., chief scientific officer for the Association of American Medical Colleges.

And that sums it up. We are fucking morons, we have a fucking moron as President and we have no one to guide us through this crisis.  That said I find Dr. Birx's scarves a fabulous signature piece, something my Mother said was essential in style. So today find yours. It could be a MAGA hat (vomits) Black horned rim glasses like Mr. Oliver or white beaded like Mr. Porter or a fantastic upper body like Mr. Cena.  Good luck on that last one.  Or it could be just walking around in a velvet half robe with a scotch glass with actually scotch glass is another.  The dude who did that, Hugh Hefner is dead, so it is available.  

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