Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Covid Chronicles

I feel that should be a new daytime drama on the networks or just title the endless press conferences State and Federal Governments endless bullshit Covid pressers that are less about Covid and more about dick waving.  Yes Andrew your mother loved you best.  Honestly Andrew Cuomo needs a big dose of shut the fuck up.  That and an art curator for the bullshit he pulls out as "art" projects, from the mask medley, to the strange art poster of yesterday, his new visual aid obsession is much like an eighth grader doing a science project and dad spent all night crafting this shit to ensure his prodigy gets an A.

This is what living in a pandemic is with men at the helm.  And meanwhile New Zealand is at zero.  Yeah they flattened it alright, as did Taiwan, another country with a woman leader. Her official title, Her Excellency.  Appropriate.  And to think it is not a member of WHO and is a Chinese colony in the way Puerto Rico is or was if Trump ends up selling it.  Are there any perverts looking for an Island to hide money and girls? So what was the deal with the woman President? Was it just THAT woman?

I used to count the days and fuck that they blended like a Margarita on a hot day.  If I read one more fucked up study about drinking I am going to smash those researchers heads in with an empty bottle.  Again we get it and could you spend your time doing something worthwhile, like curing Covid? Or Cancer or whatever is killing us? Booze is the one thing we know kills us so let us die drunk or at least with a buzz.  Where are we going? Nowhere right.?  What else is there to do? Read books? Fuck that. Look at this Millennial.  At least he went out partying, sort of, as you are drugged up prior to the hospital killing him via a ventilator as I seriously doubt right before signing out he spoke to the Nurse in clear coherent manner, "I thought it was a hoax" then fades away. END SCENE.

Meanwhile we really don't know anymore about Covid then we did four months ago, five months ago or six months ago when it first showed up on American shores.  We know its a virus. Good. We know it is bad. Good. The variations of bad we don't know why some are asymptomatic, or have minor affects or some are just DOA.  Bad.  We know that surfaces and touching is the least method of transmission.  Good.   We know it affects the brown folks more severely but we don't know why. Bad.  We know it doesn't go away like the flu during the seasonal shift.  Good. We know it is a virus. Good. Whoops said that already but at this point repeating myself is better than of late where I lose my train of thought mid thought and that along with Covid, alcoholism, OCD to worry about I can worry about Alzheimers.  Good. No BAD!

We think it is airborne but how airborne? Is it like LeBron James or more like Michael Jordan? Is it a rebounder or more like a floater that just stays aloft like a ball in free throw? I really haven't thought about basketball in decades so this is just an attempt for an analogy that seems relevant.  This is now the time of Covid where we are grasping at anything to sound interesting in conversations with ourselves.

What we do know is that people are stupid and that most of the current spread is tied to events, such as parties, weddings, and my personal favorite Church.  Let's not forget bars and rubbing elbows, shoulders and virus droplets. And perhaps Charlie Daniels funeral will be a super spreader event, I mean one party in Michigan is responsible for over 43 cases.  Hope the food was good as for some it might be the last meal.

This was from the New York Times Magazine, Why We're Losing the Battle with Covid-19.  I highlight this passage:

Shah and his team had not been particularly well armed for any of these fights. Decades of research shows that a robust national public-health system could save billions of dollars annually by reducing the burden of preventable illnesses and keeping the population healthier over all. But like most public-health departments across the country, Harris County’s was grossly underfunded

The same goes here in the New York/New Jersey area. The New York Times has covered extensively the missteps, the underfunding and the way the Covid crisis was handled in the area demonstrating how funding and location regarding one's real estate affects care. Not new news but in this crisis it only proves that we loathe social services as it might keep brown people alive!

And with that issue is the one of public education another critically underfunded public resource that has a history of educating the best and brightest in the globe until the arrival of Voodoo Reagan and that ended that when the Welfare King and Queen said "off with their heads" and destroyed the role of public in education.

This odd story about the dead Teacher had me concerned. As they are municipal essential workers most I knew who were working were required to get tested every two weeks.  So were these women tested before they went to work, and considering one woman was high-risk, I am unclear why they thought this was a good idea.   I am shocked that was not discussed about protecting her from the virus as well as each other. Was this, "Oh she will not like me!" You want to work in the same building, do so,  just across the hall and you can talk across it or on the phone. My god folks this is all again so odd.    And again the time frame for still being positive is now at the 21 day plus mark, which again shows another marker being added to the field of confusion and chaos.  But one of those women came in positive and passed it in an enclosed space with shitty ventilation. In other words a typical public school.     And having been a teacher why would I do this "team teaching" in the same room, regardless. Wasn't that what Zoom was created for?  Something about this story is where I go, "See back in the day Journalists would do that job of answering this question!"  Another casualty of covid, the loss of true meaningful news and reporting. ***

***On a side note the moron Barri Weiss, exited the building and by building I mean the home of the great gray lady, The New York Times.  She is an example of how opinion and bullying is described as news and she is on the masthead of the paper, in the most influential page, Opinion.  The legacy of great writers who have graced that section deserve better in memory than that self-entitled brat.  And on that note, speaking of bitches, that horrid self hating, Queen, Andrew Sullivan, is also leaving another journal  of which I subscribe (kids that means PAY FOR) New York Magazine.  It's a double decker exodus!  Two for the price of more to follow, I hope.  Again I don't confuse Journalism with a capital J with writing and opinion.  That is an entirely different skill set and in fact education.  Journalism is its own skill of which you should be both trained and educated and in turn work one's way up with dogged reporting and writing skills.  There are many who have entered through a back door in that career but they have stepped up to the challenge.  This is to you in memorium, David Carr. ***  And double side note, Weiss and Sullivan are hacks always on Bill Maher, a man who doesn't let any word get in edge wise of his.  Cannot wait for the return of that show aired from his faux Playboy pad in the Hollywood Hills.  Maybe he will hit the velvet robe next time and accidentally let it swing open. I am sure Weiss would be as thrilled as Andrew. He seems though to have dick envy.  Wonder whose is smaller. They both seem to have tiny dicks. 

And this brings me to the fall season. Another six weeks away but we can only hope!  But to add to the list of what we know that kids have Covid, don't have Covid, can't get Covid or transmit if they do.  Remember the paralysis disease they thought was Covid which was early June I believe in the daily hysteria reports on the nightly news.  Remember they don't have the money to give the time to actually research any story, find conflicting data and ask salient questions, like this one:  WHAT THE FLYING FUCK? WHERE DO YOU HAVE PROOF?  Ah the good old days. So at this point we are not sure as Europe, which by the way is not America and therefore cannot be used to compare or contrast. As really do you need to ask why? Schools have reopened in Europe and at this point no one again knows shit but hopes this works out.  It won't.  Nothing they have said about Covid has been accurate yet, other than its a virus.  So K-12 schools starting soon? Maybe or most likely not.

That debate is ongoing and of course another opportunity to politically posture so let the dick swinging begin. What I love is that Betsey DeVos' dick is a metaphor but she has the BIGGEST DICK, Donald Trump, standing alongside her swinging it away, like a golf club.  Look a double metaphor!  I am bored, really bored.

And the media has become a cheap whore sucking that dick daily. Truly cocksucking is the special of the day on the agenda as Trump's press conferences are nothing but propaganda and we have no business being subject to that under the guise of news. Is this what vulture capitalism has done to the industry. Really? Leave that to the Professionals, and by that I mean Hookers.

As for Colleges and Universities I don't see much happening there as they are ill prepared, have no clue and don't give a shit until the check clears. In other words, same as usual.  For the record Teaching is a craft and not everyone practices said craft at the same level. Like Journalists and Writers do or more importantly don't.  And that is the difference between writing and reading other than the ability to do it on a basic sixth grade level

What is more alarming is that again public schools let alone colleges have proper medical and nursing care and services available. This is from the Washington Post that discusses how many campus medical services make basic seem the equivalent to your mother dressing your broken ankle with sticks and duct tape.  As they say in the subtitle: The coronavirus pandemic will be the biggest challenge yet for campus health services.

But medical care again is running itself into the ground and exposing its anal warts as Gorilla's do in the zoo as they really don't want anyone in its business.  The Medical Industrial Complex is much like a massive Ape den where all the biggest thump chests and make noise all to get fucked and in this case they turn that around and fuck us all with tiny tiny dicks over and over and just to make it stop we pretend to care and immediately write a check as that is the way to make it stop.  I wish all men would simply do that all the time. Right Bill Maher?

Hey and if Covid did not kill your aging Vet relative, this bitch might have.  What this points out AGAIN is that from health care to child care, we have the most undertrained, unsupervised and lowly paid individuals minding us literally from birth to death.  The current state of pre-K schools are right now another good example of how that model works and in the best of times grossly insufficient, in the worst of times, utterly inaccessible if not impossible.

And here is another charming tale of Nursing Homes and their inability to hire/train/keep competent professionals:

A 71-year-old man was found dead on Sunday at a coronavirus testing site in Utah after nursing home employees brought him there.

A nursing home caretaker and driver brought a patient to Intermountain Healthcare’s testing site, a clinic in North Ogden, Utah, Intermountain said in a statement. Less than 45 minutes later, by the time the nursing home’s van reached the testing tent, the patient was found to be unresponsive and cold to the touch and appeared to have died.

Fox 13 in Salt Lake City reported that a deputy fire chief said the man was discovered in “cardiac respiratory arrest,” which can be caused by a variety of medical reasons, including complications from covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, or a heart attack.

“We don’t diagnose in the field,” North View Fire District Deputy Chief Jeremiah Jones told Fox 13. “Our job is to just treat the symptoms that we see and the signs that we see. We don’t make any diagnosis.”

Intermountain Healthcare’s caregivers called 911 immediately, the clinic said in a statement, but emergency responders couldn’t revive the man. Local news outlets identified the patient as a 71-year-old, but his name has not been released.

Intermountain said the testing center was fully staffed and fewer people than usual sought testing there on Sunday, with a wait time averaging less than 45 minutes.

“Anyone who is seriously ill should call 911 for help or go directly to a hospital emergency room, not to a COVID-19 drive-thru testing center,” Intermountain said in a statement.

As we wind down these days of our lives I am going to stream a yoga class to offset the pot chocolate I found during another massive clean so I elected to get high and nap as what else is there to do? Go to church and get Covid? Uh God doesn't care where you pray, so try converting a closet to an alter and go there.

And on that note, pray that this fuckwit gets God's wish.

Mr. Satterwhite, the pastor in Oregon, said that scrutiny had fallen unfairly on churches, while businesses with outbreaks did not face the same backlash. “I think that there is an effort on the part of some to use things like this to try to shut churches down,” he said, adding that he appreciated Mr. Trump’s supportive remarks about churches being essential.

When weighing his responsibility as a faith leader, Mr. Satterwhite said, he returned to his beliefs. “My personal belief is, I have faith in God,” he said. “If God wants me to get Covid, I’ll get Covid. And if God doesn’t want me to get Covid, I won’t.”

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