Thursday, July 23, 2020

Covid Chronicles, Crazy Town

Well Crazy Grandpa in Chief is back to the daily prop talk where this week he decided to go low when he had been going high, warning us Covid is here for a long time. Okay, then.  Of course any plans were immediately not mentioned but the vague promise of "we're doing great things" may be the new campaign slogan as Making America Safe Again, Healthy Again, Sane Again were all trademarked by Joe Biden.  Whose own jolly dipsy doodle persona makes me feel no less safer, saner or healthier but at this point he could not be worse.  Well November seems years away but it is actually about a 100 days away.  In Covid years that is equal to dog years.

As more federal agents descend upon cities across America to round up protestors maybe they could give them a Covid rush test and take care of that problem.  Or round up bad elements, such as non mask wearers, those who believe Covid is a hoax and rapist Priests.  Bad Cops, Bad Judges, Bad Prosecutors could be a whole cohort of fuckwits would could use a shakedown but no, just a bunch of kids who are doing their rights under the Constitution.  As for stopping crime and violence that was a Cop job. Oh right the Cops are being defunded, rebranded or simply they are doing what they do best, nothing of import or committing crimes of their own.   Funny, I felt that way about the  Tea Party and yet we bused those old shits across the country wearing costumes to protest and yet they were patriots.

In the Covid Chronicles our daily soap centers on the Patriarch of the Crazy Clan whose Son in Law is the Jamaican in the family with seventeen jobs.  None of which he does extremely well but in the family of monsters, he is married to the Marilyn so that is some fine ass he taps and it means doing whatever the Crazy Grandpa asks.  This Newsweek article seems to think he has done every job very well including managing Covid.  Yes, says Igor as least he is back now tending to the Monster.  I assume his bride was busy getting a new scarf and could not be there.

Every day is Friday Night Lights in Crazy Town and the home team battles against the Covid Willies, a team that just doesn't give up.  They have no game, no Coach, but they have endless players just waiting to take to the line.  So we move the goal posts every day to figure out how to finally take out this motley group of killer players.

Today is the new incubation, quarantine, lockdown, or just current belief, theory or brainfart on how long the virus lasts and how long you are to stay on the bench.

How long should you isolate if you test positive for the coronavirus? At least 10 days after symptom onset

New studies about infectivity have shed light on when people can spread the virus

Washington Post
By Ariana Eunjung Cha
July 21, 2020 at

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s self-isolation rules have been a facet of pandemic life since March.

Those who test positive for the coronavirus but who do not have symptoms have counted down the minutes until they could be free to venture out, while the sick have worried about how long they could be a danger to their loved ones.

Now the CDC, acknowledging expanded understanding about the infectiousness of the novel coronavirus, has changed some of its recommendations.

The CDC had previously recommended people who test positive isolate until they had two negative swabs for the coronavirus — but that turned out to be impractical given the shortage of tests. It now advises most people with active cases of covid-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, to isolate for 10 days after symptoms begin and 24 hours after their fever has broken. After that, they are free to leave isolation.

For those who have a positive test but are asymptomatic, the public health agency as of Friday recommended isolating 10 days from the testing date.

In the six months since the virus has been in the United States, multiple studies have suggested most people are infectious for only a short period, usually four to nine days. In one large contact-tracing study of high-risk interactions in hospitals and homes, exposures of people to the virus took place within five days of a patient’s illness.

The CDC noted that a “limited number of persons with severe illness” may continue to produce the virus longer and may warrant extending the isolation period to as much as 20 days.

As with other guidelines about the coronavirus, much remains in flux, and differing opinions exist in different parts of the world about how long people should isolate or quarantine.

Isolation rules are for people who test positive, while the term “quarantine” is generally used for people who have been in contact with an infected person but do not have confirmed infections. The CDC continues to recommend a 14-day quarantine period.

Switzerland requires people to isolate for 10 days, but some have argued that is still too long. In Taiwan, travelers from low-risk countries such as New Zealand, South Korea and Vietnam must quarantine in a hotel for just seven days. Visitors from higher-risk countries are still subject to a 14-day rule.

The World Health Organization updated its guidance in June to recommend 10 days of isolation for those who do not have symptoms and at least 13 days for people with symptoms.

Julian Tang, a virologist with the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom and the National University of Singapore, said he has been advising clinical teams for several months that patients can be released from isolation at 10 days. He said papers examining when people are capable of spreading the virus have been remarkably consistent about the time frame for potential transmission.

In a paper in Nature, researchers found that the virus starts to be neutralized by antibodies that appear on the fifth day of an infection and that by the eighth or ninth day, no live virus was detected. A study on nasal swabs and viral load published as a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the amount of virus seems to drop off almost from the first day of symptoms.

“You’re not going to reach absolute zero risk,” Tang said, “but the studies have shown viral shedding mostly stops after 10 days.”

The CDC expressed similar sentiments in its recommendations, which contain the caveat that they are based on the best available information and “reflect the realities of an evolving pandemic.”

“Even for pathogens for which many years of data are available,” the CDC stated, “it may not be possible to establish recommendations that ensure 100 percent of persons who are shedding replication-competent virus remain isolated.”


Okay let's review:  Contract the Virus, within 24 hours or 72 hours (some type of hours) you begin to show symptoms, usually something. What that is believed is a fever.  Or you don't.

Okay then you know you were exposed so you have to get a test immediately where you will wait up to 10 days or not to get results. They could be positive or not and does that mean you are Covid free?  During that time you self isolate and quarantine for 14 days and do your own contact tracking and tracing as there is maybe someone somewhere doing it but you are on your own or not as we are not alone or are we as we sit in our house scared shitless.   Of course that all changes dependent upon the State you live in, the Country you are going to or are in or if  you are in Sweden, none of this applies. Got it? Good.

Now you end up not ever showing a sign of Covid, nothing, nada.  You are called Asymptomatic or as I like to call you in Crazy Town, Covid Mary.  And she is a super spreader, what a slut!  You can still infect people by several ways:

Sharing Air Space for 5 mins, 15 mins or 30 mins?  Any minutes.
Touching stuff
Not washing hands when you touch stuff
Giving someone the side eye
Walking by them without a mask
Wearing a mask but not a good mask
Living with people
Riding a plane, train, bus or subway
Not social distancing
Leaving the house
A combo of all of the above
Not isolating for 10 days, 14 days, 20 days, every day

And even if you live in a house its already there like a bad horror movie!

This is very clear and not confusing in the least!  And can you get this twice cause everything is nice when you get it twice.  Fuck if I know or well anyone.

And if you do get Covid what do you do when the shit hits the toilet. Well flush it and close the toilet seat and WASH YOUR HANDS (which you do regardless right? You trash bag if you don't) Then you go to the Doctor, the Hospital or the Drug store and buy every fucking cold medicine to cover and hide your Covid so no one knows you are slut or a disease laden asshole.

Well we know that half the treatments are shit and dependent upon what Hospital you are shoved to, taken to, transferred to, have the fortunate amount of resources to go to a "good" hospital then you may just survive that. Covid on the other hand, we don't know what works or not.  I go for the bleach cocktail followed by a hand sanitizer appetizer to swallow down the reality that if I do go to a hospital they want to pretend I am a Suffragette and shove a tube down my throat to finally get me to swallow. Or is that a dick? I am so confused.  *** runs to check temp****

This is a current list of treatments, guesses, shit they do to heal you.   If Covid doesn't kill you and none of those do you are in good shape, just don't tell anyone as let's be honest, Covid is the new AIDS.  You don't be telling people, shit I thought it was Herpes, but its not its AIDS, but they got drugs now, so we're cool right?  Actually Americans don't handle disease at all regardless of the disease. Let's talk about Anti-Vaxxers they are fuckwits times ten. What is that all about? Hey this thing that we can prevent and is a good thing as if it spreads it can do great harm to others and even kill them, fuck them it could make you have a learning disability so no shots for you! And we have Cancer survivors almost always tied to pink ribbons and runs and other efforts to cure something that well guess what? NEVER HAVE.  And every day that goal post moves as to what causes it, contributes to it,  and endless hysteria about preventing it.  When we really have no idea why some people have it and others don't.  We all know that person who smokes a pack a day and yet walks the earth like a Dinosaur.  How about issues surrounding Diabetes? Sickle Cell? Heart Disease? Fuck it, we got a pill that can give men a boner for 30 minutes!  YEAH BITCHES.

That is what the other side of town is for her in Crazy Town, for the rejects, the "coloreds" and the poor who bring us down from our perpetual narcissism.  They ain't no cure for that one.  We just call it "American Exceptionalism."  That has so worked, until it didn't.   Well today's Covid Chronicles comes to an end with our crazy Patriarch wandering aimlessly through the big White House in which he lives, about to contemplate what to do next, if he knew what that meant, and what that was he was going to do,  and why it was,  and why he cares, when he doesn't.

       END SCENE

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