Saturday, May 2, 2020

Throwing Projectiles

The Grim Reaper welcomes Florida beach goers 

The adage that throwing pasta against the wall to see if its ready applies to many theories in life and this Covid virus response is very much an accurate assessment.

First up is that we have an incompetent President who from one report knew in November about the possibility of a pandemic coming to U.S. shores, again repeated to him in January and February which again he duly ignored, and ignored, and ignored and ignored again and again and again.  Regardless his handling of this has veered on bizarre to laughable to utterly disgraceful.   I could list each exaggeration, each inflated sense of self and of course outright lies that have dominated the news that came in daily propaganda talks shown on every network until they finally realized how damaging they were and are.  That said they still run the daily lottery numbers whoops I mean briefing from each State's Governors and here in New York we have the dueling Cuomo brothers to remind us of what sibling rivalry looks like in successful adult men.

At first even I welcomed Cuomo as they were informative, he was engaged and enraged at the state of the union and seemed willing to do what it took to bring New York the help they would need to navigate a pandemic, the likes never seen in this country since 1918.   And then it went downhill and the daily numbers, the posturing and my personal favorite - the parental admonishments - demonstrated that he was now crossing into utterly a guessing game and using the daily lottery number of positive cases and hospitals admits and deaths to somehow keep the citizenry in line. Meanwhile the line was moving faster than a Rockette.    And one way of knowing was the way each prohibition and restriction would arrive with no actual logic, cohesion and long range thought.  This was best exhibited by the Subway mess of the last week.  We knew that the virus was a contact  one spread by droplets and via contact and then through indirect contact by touching one's face after being exposed or by touching a surface that had been in direct contact.   So instead of immediately requiring face masks, gloves and providing hand sanitizer to riders to potentially reduce said issues, they cut runs, forcing people to find whatever runs or means to get to work as they were "essential" irony the same people handling our food, our medical needs and more importantly actually operating the transit.  Then as that began to elevate the numbers hysteria about safety began, ridership already plummeting, fell more and more routes canceled, and in turn the homeless decided it was 1970 again and moved in.  Because of a cut in service, the illness or many MTA employees this was ignored until it wasn't.   Then here in New Jersey the same issues and in turn the cut in service, the inability to secure the safety/health of drivers led many to close the front doors and collection boxes letting people ride free but then turn around and a week later decide that all transit must only be 50% capacity, leaving that largely to riders to make that call, miss their already cut back service or turn to the drivers to somehow enforce that without any means to do so.

The same with parks. They were closed pushing people onto the streets and in turn the streets became filth pits and of course those who elected to shelter in place or were in fact quarantined could not move their cars and were ticketed when street cleaners came along. Then that was canceled and then not and back again.  Now parks are open and of course they are fine but the absurdity of wearing masks and social distancing relies on people to self police which is utterly absurd and of course a waste of time as it will lead I am sure to some outbursts that in turn will lead to injury but no one will go to a hospital as they fear Covid over being healed.   Unless you are in NY as Cuomo now claims he will engage State troopers to enforce the requirement. Maybe he could just give you one from his mural or in this case the new AIDS quilt and when does the Covid Memorial get built?

Then lets talk about the satellite facilities that included a religious organization to set up one in Central Park, the use of the convention center and of course the Naval ship in the harbor.  The total number of Covid patients are not verified other than the the 120 on the Navy ship and that too was bullshit when it arrived and was not allowing Covid patients, then it was and then the protocol was so onerous that they never really had it down by the time it was up and out of port.  The same in New Jersey with a hospital with a tent in a parking lot that every time I pass by it is empty and never seemed to be used. The stories of morgues overflowing came to fruition with one sole Funeral home stashing bodies in a truck outside and not at any point asking Cuomo or anyone for help. The same with the Nursing Homes and their stashing of bodies in a room here for days, all while all of them were required to take Covid positive patients without any extra funds, equipment and staff to take these patients on.  Let us not forget the public hospital in Brooklyn required to take on the patients who they could not manage in the best of times to now in the hot zone take on this pandemic without equipment, funding and staff while meanwhile a rich white PRIVATE hospital had Warren Buffet fly in their needs.  Did Cuomo yell at them for that one? No child is the favorite!!!

We have the bullshit daily about PPE equipment and needed ventilators and yet we know that nearly 80% of those put on ventilators died and I never heard one story of anyone dying because they did not have said needed ventilator, so which is it?   Again we heard of States transferring them, lies by Trump/Kushner and the like but again what was the actual inventory, where is it, were they all used and where are they now? And of course the faux hero worship of providers who should be aware that we have had many epidemics in the world, that there are fatal diseases of which they have been responsible of passing onto patients and contributing to the fourth highest cause of death and that they are in a for profit hospital where costs are treatments are monitored to the nth degree and at one point no one actually has a worst case scenario plan?  Why not?   Add to it the closing of rural hospitals, lay offs and cuts during the pandemic due to the cutting off or non Covid related surgeries. Inserting then say that any death that happened regardless of Covid status will be counted as a Covid related death.  Maybe if they had gotten in for surgery or treatment they could of been saved and that is where the public hospital without proper emergent equipment would have been the best option for that, ya think? And all of this could have should have been not a problem but it all is about following the money when it comes to medical care.  And again why call in for all retired professionals or asking for states to send in caregivers that are not needed? How about those terminated ones first? Maybe then they would not have contracted Covid and taken it across state lines and potentially infecting others in the process, like this asshole. 

Then there was supposedly using closed hotels as interim housing for those who needed to move out of a home where there was quarantine or crowding issues or again the homeless who thought the C Train was a better option. How did that work out?  Then we have the testing brigade going into public housing to test for Covid and it is an epic fail. Followed by free or cheap testing for anti bodies and/or Covid  which on one day had lines and the next zero.  Again the panic and hysteria does what exactly?- Clearly there is no messaging despite all the messaging.

The endless closing of business that were deemed "non-essential" as if having a store or retail outlet that takes precautions, keeps store limits in line with standards and the like could not open or at least have limited hours to serve customers was insane.  This again seemed to fall in line with we got no plan so let's just go with no plan and hope this works out.  There is no plan for opening either and Governor Murphy showed that with his no actual plan announcement but listing a bunch of crony's and others to be the committee to see when this will happen and how it will. Basically they are just seeing what the South is doing and they will copy it or go no fucking way if the numbers increase and again it all falls to people, the same people who hoarded toilet paper. Good plan.

So where are we now? Fuck all if I know.  There are many many theories and like the crazy ever changing models used to handle the pandemic the same goes for the economy.  There are contrarians who I have mentioned, Dr. Michael Burry has been quite the contrarian regarding the handling of this issue and today I read of another, Alex Berenson.  I found many of his statements naturally provocative but many of his questions quite salient. And while I disagree with him on schools as he clearly has no idea that most back of the house staff of public schools live in tight quarters and in higher density areas with extended family and are the Covid magnets we have been finding with the ongoing spread and that children may actually be carriers.  Schools are like hospitals not well equipped to maintain a state of cleanliness and order to stop the spread not necessarily among the children but the adults who work there.  Having been through Whooping Cough which I caught, measles which I had to get a booster and knowing one person who caught H1N1/Sars I can assure you that it is a petri dish like an old folks home with just younger clients.

You see it is  not popular to not jump on the histrionic bandwagon and the media fuels that campfire where the pilgrims are sitting waiting to go west once the Indians are gone, which means giving them an epidemic to solve that one.. so wagon ho!!   I listen maybe to mainstream media once a day, I have take to simply perusing the New York Times and Washington Post and only reading those articles that seem science based and in turn listen to PBS or NPR when all else fails.  But I am done with endless Covid drumbeat it serves no purpose other than keeping people afraid.

But I do feel that much of this has been political and reactionary to the failures of the Trump Administration and in turn the overall exposure to the reality that America's exceptionalism was now exposed as another fraud when Governor's realized what this would do to their state budgets, the fragility of a medical system already in tatters and the low wages and economic inequality that have fueled the boom of the last decade.   The reality is that despite the models numbers there was a reality that people are going to die from a virus that was in many ways preventable and manageable. So while scolding us to stay indoors and wash our hands we are now the ones who will risk it to rebuild it and we will get no credit for it.  That is one certainty I do know.

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