Thursday, May 7, 2020

Got It, Yet?

The end is not neigh it is nowhere near it and the reality is that many people who seem confused about contagion and viruses and how they spread bought the messaging that self quarantining was the answer to stopping Covid and then in a few months we would be free and clear. And no as that was simply done to curtail it and slow it, stop it no.

Add to this the confusing rambling incoherence and endless conflicting messaging from the get go this did not help in allowing people to understand what Covid is and what they can do to be proactive to not catch, spread or in fact understand if they even had the disease as they were not able to get quickly tested for Covid or any presence of an antibody to tell them they had and were now able to move about freely, not fully immune but likely so with some protective protocol in place to ensure they are safe to be with others.

No, the media, the local Governments, the federal Government and of course social media went off the rails and decided to do a daily lottery announcement where every number announced was a losing one.  And everyday people never heard anything but negativity and with that it spread faster than Covid could have ever wished.  The shut down of the economy further was another issue and that too was exacerbated by a system so antiquated that many found themselves wishing they had Covid as death seemed a better option.

Then we had again likely interference from foreign agents to further inflame and agitate as evident by social media posts and  quick review of commentary pages on boards, message sites and newspaper articles. In the best of times they resemble white noise to sewer waste and given the level of average intellect this is of its own a super spreader.

Lastly the reality is that most of the virus is in fact contained that the irony it is within two sources - health care workers and those deemed essential. The lack of protocol in handling cases, the testing issues, the lack of PPE and of course the actual set up in a hospital to handle these type of highly contagious virus has contributed to much of it being spread further and even become more deadlier as the strain attaches itself to the host and in turn its DNA alters itself to manifest itself in a whole other type of disease or diseases in which to treat.  So you see many simply having lung failure as they collapse from the pressure as Covid seems to literally choke the life out of you, others have blood clotting, heart attacks, their own bodies immune systems go into overdrive and lead to heart attacks, and other numerous if not endless other symptoms and ailments that in some cases fatal others utterly treatable but still long lasting if not permanent damage to the physical body. Covid is a bitch on wheels but again do you hear that in the daily lottery numbers how many actually have the worst case scenario versus those who do not and the average stay in the hospital, the length of time in hospital and of course time from date of the positive test to the day they test negative? Nope you don't.

Then we have the endless bullshit about testing, the crazy dopey Grandpa and his Igor that either come out with utter bizarro messages and his Igor to say, "No the Master is wrong we will die."  So it doesn't help that no rational single message and plan is shared on a regular basis.

I quit listening to the media and instead read carefully every article that has information about the disease and the double check the science journal about the current most recent hysterical screed about  Covid.  Yesterday buried in an article about a CDC report declaring the death total will be triple  in months my first thought that this has Igor's fingerprints (that is if he wasn't wearing gloves but careful in contactless delivery) all over it as he is doing his best to reign in Trump.  So by scaring the shit out of everyone he knows that eventually the insiders will corral the CDG and he will retract his most recent crazy. And yep it works.

But lastly the reality is that the reason Covid is still here is because of not only health workers but the essential workers who are running the show here.  We have no way of knowing how many are ill at any time be that municipal workers which I have heard on the down low is quite high among the Police which explains their escalating violence and why many seem to not follow the protocols and are just wandering around without masks beating the shit out of people as well that is some kind of contact and I sure as hell wouldn't do it unless I wanted to catch it or in turn had it already or well knew I did and thought fuck this I want to be a super spreader.

And right now we have a shitload of people who have Covid and it is called Thinkihadititis.  And these idiots are now running around without any confirmation or ability to find out it is true and they could be very much asymptomatic carriers as we don't know anything about the bodies ability to hold onto the virus and in turn how long it remains to shed.  We assume 14 days but then again without clear bold testing fuck all on that. And again that means you have three days you are fine, day three the cough or some other symptom arrives, it is Covid? Until you are tested fuck if you know. Then you have up until a week waiting for results.  So now it Day 10 and you feel better. Are you? Then the test comes back, no you do not have Covid, but did you also get tested for the flu?  And even if you did test NEG are you? As do we know if they are false positives and then you go out and well two out of every four you meet and greet you may expose as you did not go back to get a "second opinion" as I like to call it to ensure that you are fine.  There are numerous labs and they can all have cross contamination issues, poor testing agents or administers of said test that affect results.   And that is your week two right there in Quarantine.  Who the fuck is doing that?  And again you get sick try to get tested and numerous calling, failing to get it and by day four (the average for the record of Covid) you feel better so you don't follow up just to see if in fact you are better and the virus is there just like Herpes waiting to shed itself to the next victim.  So out you go and for the next 10 days you are super spreader just like the whore Herpes love.  Again understand Herpes and that virus you get the drift.

This brings me to the issue with children who had all kinds of shit this fall from minor stomach flu like problems to major Asthma attacks and mysterious other ailments they are now finding.  It also mayshow they may be carriers, and in turn that window from exposure to actual symptoms may be longer than the believed 72 hours which it seems to take with regards to normal viruses.  And Covid is not normal in any stretch of the imagination but and this is big but.. it is a blood borne virus and that much is true.  It is not airborne like Measles or Whooping Cough.  But its pass rate is just in that same classification as it is more than one to one as in the case of the flu (Again for the mathematically challenged it means in a family of four three of you are tagged "it.")  And again in that 72 hours that is a long three days in which contact and spread can be serious hence the lockdown now entering month three.

And those are again the contactless workers, the delivery agents, the grocery shoppers, the retail clerks, the phone call center agents, the transit workers, the people who are largely invisible from the Amazon primers, the pickers at Sephora or some retailer just trying to survive the second wave as in bankruptcy,  to the meat packers.   Or the Farmers, their distributors and the rest that have led to much food destruction and waste as the supply chain is fucked up.   Add to that the larger scale truckers, the many municipal workers who are not just "Front liners" but the road repair, street cleaners, meter maids and assorted others who cannot work remotely. And that is a large cohort scared shitless and yet are happy to have aa job.  Read their hysterical paranoid screeds on social media telling people to stay home to not buy makeup and candy and nothing not essential.  Ask my Doormen about the endless packages that include Gap sweats and their frustration at trying to deliver and organize the chaos that makes Christmas seem like a low key day.  There is your spread. And that means the Covid ain't leaving us anytime soon.

If People Are Staying Home, Why Is Coronavirus Still Spreading?
People Magazine

Two months in to near-nationwide stay-at-home orders, Americans are ready to get back to their pre-pandemic lives. Those who are non-essential workers (and followed the rules) have been at home all day, every day, save for trips to the grocery store or for socially distant walks. And yet, the number of new cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. continues to go up each day, by about 2 to 4 percent.

While the number of new cases is decreasing in hard-hit areas like New York, Michigan and New Jersey, or small states like Hawaii, which is down to around just 1 new case a day, the numbers are spiking upwards in nearly half of the country, from Illinois to Texas to New Hampshire to Alabama.

There isn’t one single reason for the increases, but several, based on the way the U.S. shut down (or didn’t), the current push to reopen and the nature of the virus itself.

Essential Workers

While many Americans are able to stay home, essential workers are still heading in each day, to hospitals, nursing homes, supermarkets and factories — all places where they can come in contact with people with COVID-19.

Nursing homes, in particular, are dealing with large outbreaks of the virus. At least 10,000 deaths in the U.S. have been linked to nursing homes, where the older residents are highly susceptible to COVID-19, and workers are often surrounded by sick patients. One nursing home in New Jersey was so overwhelmed by the number of patient deaths that police found 17 bodies stacked in the facility’s morgue.

In the Midwest, several meat processing factories are dealing with large outbreaks among their workers that only began in the last few weeks. At a Tyson Foods meat factory in Perry, Iowa, 58 percent of the workers have tested positive for COVID-19, NBC News reported. Tyson, and several Smithfield meat factories, have had to temporarily close or slow down production as workers have gotten sick, leading to meat shortages nationwide.

Additionally, many of these essential workers are making minimum wage and can’t afford to stay home and quarantine, even if they get COVID-19.

“They are afraid of losing their jobs,” J. Luis Nunez Gallegos, an assistant medical director at a health center in Washington, D.C., told The Washington Post. “They are anxious their employers won’t respect the quarantine, or that two weeks seems too long, and they don’t always have the savings to get by.”

And as these essential workers continue to go to work, they also risk bringing COVID-19 home to their families and spreading the virus further.

The Push to Reopen

Now, with the economy struggling, many governors are starting to slowly lift stay-at-home orders in their states and allow non-essential businesses, such as hair salons, retail stores and gyms, to reopen. This is happening despite warnings from health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci who warn that reopening too soon could cause another spike in cases, and polls showing that most Americans are against easing restrictions.

Video: Should you wear a face mask for an outdoor run during the pandemic? (Courtesy: Shape)

Several states that have begun to reopen are now seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases, The New York Times reported. Indiana, Kansas and Nebraska all eased restrictions on Monday despite spiking numbers, along with Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee and Texas.

And while the White House was able to announce in mid-April that the projected number of deaths had decreased from 100,000 to 60,000 by the end of August, those estimates have now gone back up, and deaths are estimated to hit 100,000 by June. As of Wednesday morning, more than 71,000 people have died.

The Virus Persists

Another issue is the messaging — when social distancing was first emphasized in mid-March as a way to “flatten the curve” and limit the spread of COVID-19, it wasn’t a way to eliminate the virus completely, as people may have believed.

What social distancing actually does is slow down virus transmission to a level that is manageable for hospital workers and enables them to have enough hospital beds, masks and equipment to properly treat COVID-19 patients.

While the virus will eventually slow down in areas that are adhering to social distancing and other safety precautions, “there will be some places where it’s still circulating, so it never really leaves,” Dr. Robert Norton, a professor of public health at Auburn University and member of several

Unfortunately, the virus will likely continue to persist until a vaccine is ready, in about 12 to 18 months at the earliest.

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