Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Food Fight

In a much needed Covid fever break (no I don't have Covid dear god let's pray. Oh wait never mind) I am writing about a current cat fight that began and ended on Twitter, the new forum as schools are closed, as are hair salons, but Walmart's aren't so step it up gals.

I write and tweet under a pseudonym as I talk frankly and often with vulgar language about a multitude of subjects, and work in the public schools so I don't need that following me in the door.

How, the blog began when I had a Green Remodeling and Construction firm that evolved into a consulting one once 2008 largely ended the real estate portion of my interest. It had always been a side gig growing up with my dad a "flipper" but also owning most of the properties as investments and in turn rental income that it provided that set up a secure portfolio to use to fund my college, retirement and other financial interests.  That was then this is now and the only people who have seemed to turn that into a lucrative profession are the Gaines' family and the Property Brothers.
There are so many others seem to have nothing but TV careers that were likely great jobs in their area but when TV came calling then came all the endorsements, product lines and the rest that takes away from the real job of actually doing home remodeling and staying current on modern building techniques and other issues plaguing home building, such as costs.  Gosh wouldn't it be nice to see how they file plans, have actual inspections, try other ideas such as passive house, green building strategies that include solar, ductless heating/cooling, ERV's,  and other products that consume less energy and in today's market the "healthy home."  Not.going.to.happen. So moving on.

A trip to a not closed Kmart, Macy's, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target (the biggest celebrity retailer) have massive product lines from all the vendors who are the new "it" makers and influencers that dominate the social media forums and media markets.   They bore the shit out of me.  Food TV which I recall in its nascent days was pretty boring but actually quite informative and then came BANG! Emeril and that changed the tone of it quickly.   Over time Food TV became less about food and more about marketing the Chef's restaurants, cook books and product lines.  Rachel Ray got her start there and well she too became the target of ire by the late travel//food raconteur, Anthony Bourdain. And in between his travels he threw a lot of arrows and apologized as fame, arrogance is an addiction and he suffered the final result of that in France when he threw the last at himself.

No one famous gets out of this new market clean and many who love them hate them. I recall back in the day Martha Stewart deeply annoyed me, then came prison, her re-invention including a show with Snoop Dog and her catty bitchy appearances on night time talk shows made me love her.  Then more lawsuits and eventually she too sold her product line.  I recall the misguided attempt at The Apprentice and we can thank her for another star fucker, Bethanny Frankel. Yet I never saw her get into a food fight with the doyenne of Food TV, Ina Garten, and I assume they would happily share a cocktail in her Hampton's garden with Geoffrey smiling nearby.  Ah they are America's first couple in my eyes.

So we all have who we like, what we like and all the rest that frankly my invisible friends on the internet I care little about.  I don't know you and what you think about me, what I like, what I care about or even what I write about is not about me, that is about you.  To actually know me is to meet me, share with me to my face your thoughts, your opinions and your beliefs.  I lived in Nashville and sat through the most hateful bullshit in my life and now I am out of there I want nothing to do with them or their thoughts on me.  I sure as fuck don't think of them with anything but disdain but they are or were well aware of that as I said it to their face. I have always said I will never talk about you behind your back until I have told you that to your face and then game on.  It was the first place I actually did not have that opportunity to do that with my crazy religious ex-friend so I did it Morse Code style wearing it all on T-shirts that had varying messages that shared my loathing and distrust of him and all that he believes in, as I knew the cum dumpster he was fucking or not (again the power of pussy with men is not lost until you age/opt out) was feeding it directly to him. Yes it was a girl who was the crazy train conductor and knowing that her worth only came from her vagina she was an easy mark. So I am no Saint (pun intended) when it comes to my feelings about women, how they exploit, use and harm each other.  I own my evil right there.

And with that comes collateral damage, the people around those two were fed lies equally and had to somehow be Switzerland in all this while knowing  that I was leaving and that this was ending regardless, so it too adds more onto the games and bullshit that if I could do it over I would, well of course!  Who the fuck knows? Anger is a powerful emotion and it runs the blood in the same way fear does and we can see how that is working out right now on the national stage. At least my stage was smaller and I was exiting stage left and have made apologies to all but the conductor and I have no intention of ever doing so, she has to own her evil and it is not my place to remind her of that.  Mental health counselors have a lot to work with on that one.

People annoy me who are stupid, boring and of course religious, so I do my best to avoid them. And then came the Allison Roman, Chrissy Teigan bitch fight. Well on lockdown there is nothing to do right? Well read, listen to music, read, sleep and cook or watch TV/Movies.  I do listen to news just on the radio and limit even that but on NPR they have a cooking show that is called, Splendid Table.  It's host - Francis Lam. Francis is a man and Asian!  A great show and always relevant and interesting, this weekend the debated the difference between salted and unsalted butter.  I agree salted butter is relegated to the back of the bin but again on bread there is little to say negative about that super spreader.  (Covid pun)  And there are many men, and yes faces of color, over the years that PBS has had hosting varying cooking shows.  And while there are some faces of color that have been on TV shows, Top Chef is one that makes sure of that from hosting to contestants, we seem to see color when it suits us.  It has become boring, if not another reason why I stay off of social media.  I see no purpose of it as if Julia Child was alive would we have duke out over her versus Jacques Pepin?  They are both French, white and pretty damn great.  And we can say that gender matter, race matters, religion matters and on and on and break up the polynomial to every single digits, numerals or letters, that compose the equation and in turn its value and then what?

Whatever draws you to something or someone should be a connection and that can be all the variations that define a complex polynomial or it can be as simple as the way they laugh, the music they like or their favorite food.  When you find something in common you focus on that first then worry about the differences later if by then they are that important sure, but until you know someone you don't.

In the meantime find something you love and learn about it.  I love Picasso's art, the man I did not know but I spent time attending lectures by those who did and read quite a bit about him. He was a douche but a true artistic genius.  I recall walking in Spain and just absorbing the spirit of his energy and creativity that gave us so much on which to enjoy.  I visited the museums in Malaga and Barcelona and another in Paris and the beauty and legacy of his work is astonishing.  Again his issues about women and the like, not my problem as I did not know/fuck/work with the man and more importantly don't know any of the women either so I cannot project any contemporary views or beliefs onto them either.   They have their own story to tell or not and again he's dead so he cannot respond or address any of it.  The living can and should and then we can accept it or not and in turn move on.

So what this means is that you vest your anger, your beliefs and you can in turn decide how you wish to live your life, invest your money, your time and your energy to that what matters.  And vesting into two stupid women exchanging insults over bullshit is such a waste of time when there are so many other things of import out there deserving that attention.

I have spent most of my adult life very vocal about my beliefs and opinions and when I realized that it was not because they were not valid but they were from me a woman, I decided to shut the fuck up and take it to my Blog. I still offer my thoughts in a small circle but I truly learned that in Seattle in 2012 and that carried with me to Nashville where I truly thought I would not come out of there whole.  Then I came to Jersey City and Covid hit and funny what was  joke is now a reality and my vow of silence will follow when we are released from our home prisons.  I have nothing to say and yet plenty to say so I move to writing a book.  It means coming out of the shadows into the light but then again after this I still am very much alive and this means for the last decade or so left on my terms finally.

So pick your nose, or don't that invites Covid. Pick your friends, pick your fights and pick and choose what really matters. But stay out of that which is not about you as they sure as fuck don't care about you unless that means money and in this case that fight was about money, nothing more or less. Two idiots insulting each over money.  This was not about white privilege, race but the media to cover it made it as such. No it was about women and misogyny and the love of a cat fight.   No wonder Marie Kondo stayed silent she knows what sparks her joy and she is keeping that in her nicely packed drawers.

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