Friday, April 17, 2020

The Gumshoe

This was the old fashioned Detective that used shoe leather to track and expose the liar, the cheater, the fraud or whomever he was hired to expose.  Clearly here we could use some Columbo as there is no one sourcing the varying outbreaks and stopping the spread. So now we are to do so by never leaving our homes unless "essential" and in turn have others do all of our heavy lifting.  It clearly is not working.

In the meantime as more draconian and other absurd measures are added daily to change the behavior of a city and their inhabitants we comply with no clear idea what if anything is actually being done to stop Corvid other than pure fucking luck.  We have no comprehensive testing strategy, numerous labs processing them, protocols that must be met 100% in order to be tested, a shortage of tests, or of labs to process said test or of drugs needed to compose said tests and trained personnel to perform said tests. There are antibody tests that are providing false negatives and on that case we have no way of knowing that margin or error or the same in reverse, false positives.  Meanwhile CDG is going the states will fix it.  No, no they wont and any resident of New Jersey can attest to that for the fucked up testing across the state, the cities doing their own and the numbers that seem to have odd totals.. are they just public health testing/diagnosis or is it all inclusive showing total cases? Then we have the death count and that is per day or is it? As there is a lag time, again unclear as to that time frame, before added to the death tolls.  The number of tests that are scheduled in advance seem to always have more patients than tests. How is that?  How do your run out of something you have an allotment for and schedule people for?  And the never ending screed of we are trying to protect you but finding masks, protective gear and other essential items for health care workers is akin to Black Friday and is a game where we fight over the last Sony TV.

I have tried to figure out the numbers and try to verify the endless stories of the gangs, groups and others hanging out, causing disruption which explains why we cannot walk in parks or go anywhere without putting on a costume in which to be compliant and safe.  There are endless laws and ordinances that prohibit this and yet it is not enforceable or is that due to a lack of law enforcement? As I see daily SWAT, Police, State Patrol, Sheriffs, Park Rangers and basically anyone willing to throw on a uniform and be vigilant or do I mean vigilante to ensure public safety.

But I have read of numerous idiots throwing parties and soirees and attending meetings, getting on planes all after being tested and yet not self quarantining.  Who are they are why are they not also cited and arrested if and when the recover. Its not as if we haven't shackled pregnant women to hospital beds.

So when I read this about Boston and their attempt to manually track and trace exposed individuals I laughed as this was standard during the HIV crisis but this is not about securing public safety this is about a failure of our Government and in turn a way to finally evict Trump from the White House so why would any Governor take it upon themselves to try to do something, anything.

Then have the warehouses for the dead that have been a pandemic on their own accord, where in New Jersey some old people were shoved in a closet and in Queens they are not sure what the fuck went on but hey let's get busy closing parks and yelling about shit that has been beaten over our head for over a month now.

Then we have food hoarding, food being trashed and food banks at full on capacity and desperation as the unemployment numbers rise and yet that gets glossed over if not ignored. But post a question on Facebook about Corvid you will be reprimanded as I was by the Jersey City Dept of Health woman whose degree from Harvard is in Business and Econ not Health or Medicine but repeats the talking points of the CDC and extrapolates incorrectly facts from a Lancet article in which to do so. Comforting I am sure but for whom I have no fucking clue.

As we continue to move forward blindly we are heading into a social climate that we will not be able to distance ourselves from. The end of Small Town America  as we know it is gone. We have an entire ecosystem in conflux and somehow we are to restart an entire economy how as clearly it was not that great after all.    

The Small Business plan has already collapsed so now what?And the recent unrest by the right wing fringe will expand as while they are premature on this it is coming. And the Stimulus is of course fucked up and again this will be another insufficient bandaid to a seeping wound, as when Steve Munchin thought 1,200 bucks was good money explains it all.

But the reality is that renters have an opportunity to be heard as there is bill in the House that addresses this issue that moratoriums on evictions fails to do.

And lastly the TV Doctors who have come out of the closet to make it clear that they don't get it/agree with or well give a shit. Here is the deal I get the idea of asking questions but use actual numbers, have coherent comparisons  on which to provide as an analogy and ask logical ones that put the ending conflicting data and facts on watch.  Again why this now and not then? Why the change when three weeks ago it was not needed and how do you substantiate it.  As I said in my encounter with the Jersey City Public Health woman when she explained to me that Corvid can live for 37 days and have 14 day spread period. HUH. Is it 37 or 14?  What she meant is that there are patients who have had the virus for 37 days, that it has an incubation period in a human for up to 14 days and the virus can live outside on surfaces for up to 72 hours on certain types of materials. NONE of that is what she said it was gibberish.  I didn't go to Harvard however.

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