Friday, April 17, 2020

Phase Two

The endless histrionic screeds and daily scolds by the Big Daddy's in charge of spreading something equally damaging, moral panic, continues on with little or conflicting science, vague data to data altered to suit the new normal. My favorite this week is DiBlasio counting all dead as Covid dead even if they did were not diagnosed as POS as he feels that they would have lived had Covid not overrun the hospitals, okay then. Or going on the varying talk shows and looking like even bigger idiots that elected them into office, I mean you New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, looking pathetic on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox debating Church closures.  Which again was not specifically on the mandate it was 10 or more in gatherings and that was based on this weeks guesstimate by the CDC.  And Tucker went on over that which was hilarious if not pathetic.  Hey Murphy get your shit together and get tests for every single resident in New Jersey and stop the bizarre air transport of the tests to all over America which does a whole lot of nothing to stop the spread or whatever the fuck they are doing pending results.   How many stories have I heard where someone has symptoms, cannot get tested as they don't have ALL the symptoms so they do what - spread what-ever-the-fuck they do have in the interim, or finally do get all of them and are raced to the hospital and by that time too late and shoved on an ventilator which has about 76% likelihood of killing them over the virus.

So instead we lock em up! We are sure that will stop it. It didn't? So we add more restrictions, shut parks, force masks and set up massive hand sanitation stations (okay that hasn't happened - yet)  and constantly verbally abuse anyone who dare questions their orders or wonders about specifics and details such as why is there a tent on public land owned and operated by a religious group that has specifically stated anti Gay rhetoric?  And what are they doing exactly?  And the need for naval vessels for the 100, 50 or whatever number that rotates daily doing exactly?  It is sort of like a giant cruise ship the last place I want to go.

Or what about the cruise ships still out there.  Harkens to another day when during WWII a similar vessel faced a similar fate.  The story of the St. Louis is here if you don't believe me as most people are fucking stupid so that history thing is of course not something anyone gives a flying fuck about.

And how about asking these hospital and medical for profit industries why they are furloughing staff and closing hospitals as you have canceled any non-essential surgery. I see that yes a face lift may be stupid but these people are not qualified to do anything in this case so if they want to use a rural facility or do it out of their mall facility (a lot is frankly) then I care.  I am not paying for the loss of wages for a plastic surgery clinic!

Again the closing of private gyms, parks and other facilities that you on any day use at your own risk.  Now while Dr. Phil, not a licensed Doctor but a Ph.d and another Oprah hack, gets on TV to talk about deaths not Covid related he has a point; However, that was lost by the stupid.  You may not think it is essential to run on a treadmill or lift weights but if you have health issues and need to continue to work out with a therapist to heal an injury then be at it. The Olympians need to work out so why are they not allowed access to the varying equipment?  Test them, monitor them and let no one in who has not passed nor taken said test with caveats again about maintaining distance, cleanliness of themselves and the equipment.  Gosh that thing called personal responsibility that our big Daddy's don't think we have.

Why can't I walk in the park? Am I stupid to not know how to navigate around people?  Close the parking lots to a few cars and tell people that if the lot is full the park is and then they can come back later.   They can figure it out and again that is actually like anything people drive for hours to park the closest so they won't bother driving out of their way and actually walk to the park they were coming to walk to!!  Go figure.  Same with Golf courses. No caddies, any equipment must be owned by the user, cleaned regardless, temps taken or proof they have been tested and sign an agreement that acts as a tracker and of course possible arrest if they don't die of Covid and lied to get on the plane, the train, the bus, the whatever the fuck they are doing and going.  Funny how that works out.  Are the screening those on current flights, all two of them, about this essential business? They did not when the virus was at full blown shit storm so go figure.

A great deal of this is guessing, forecasting with random variables that change on a dime and of course the spaghetti against the wall test.  One thing I noticed was a graph of tests in Jersey City.  Okay the line graph shows an incremental rise from day of lockdown/shutdown on March 13 and it begins to really rise when the city itself began testing.  Number of tests a day on another graph but average 150 out of an available number of 400, but of course the tests positive and deaths and hospitalizations given.  Okay scare number one.

Then we have these two graphs.  Note the line graph steadily goes up regardless of the daily numbers  of POS tests which are from what source? Just the public health tests it appears but the bar graphs are actually in flux. HUH? So the total cases always rise? But the actual new cases don't they ebb and flow and when you click on that the line graph reflects that but that is new cases not total. So where did the other cases come from? They just wandered in and they are from where exactly?  Really?  Should they not consistently add up in tandem as they do then they don't.  Why is that?And the same with other graphs as you click on the date and see numbers that again rise and fall and a line that doesn't move.  Wow just wow.

The tests run a day are always 400 but the line graph shows thousands.  Are those one done at public hospitals only? Cause that is odd.  So they have two sites going and then the remaining 3600 are tested at two hospitals?  Really they are running 10 times more tests there putting total number at over 4000.  And it appears that they have only on a FEW occasions run at full capacity and since that it has been an ebb and flow and clear that it stays at a steady 150 per site.  Again note that you have to click on each link, each hospital individually to see case load, admits, discharges and their status.  So you have to spend time researching and doing the math.  And the same with each graph to see comparisons with the State, the County and of course New York showing all ebbs and flows but who is doing all that. Well I am but not in detail but it appears that we are not testing at full load and in turn artificially keeping our numbers down perhaps?

 The reality is that it appears that they are not running to full capacity.  Gosh if that is the case the 100 tests that are left over every day could they not be used to test those by age classification first, say the 65 and over for their own benefit and then go from there each day.  Gosh no then they would have to do something.  What that is is not sure so let's be safe and do nothing.

The site breaks down the dismissals, the ones on vents and those in ICU at the two public hospitals but should they not include the private hospitals in order to fully terrify and increase said numbers? Why not?  And to get the real numbers you have to actually click on the bar graph itself.  Bet that was easy to figure out.. nope.  Again questions require answers and that they will not be doing but STAY HOME.

And it appears that Jersey City is an outlier for cases as we have flatlined with COVID from day one so on one graph it rises exponentially with numbers that don't add up and in turn in comparison to the rest of the region we are fuck all amazing!

I enjoy verbally sparring with the morons on Facebook as they cite the bullshit hook line and sinker but when asked the source the crickets are loud and clear. WHO and the CDC are the most up to date and reliable but this is time to panic and be hysterical and wear a flag bandanna as a face mask.  God help us Tiny Tim. Again I am no statistician nor mathematician this is basic math and just well eyeballing it on a 7th grade level of Algebra so maybe I am not "reading" these correctly. But then again maybe someone can go over this with me line by line, item by item. Nah fuck that!

And what is essential is mass testing and that is not happening no way no how.  Oh and again the lag time is sort of the problem and while you continue to applaud health care workers this one falls under the classification of super spreader or dumb as fuck asshole with no personal responsibility. 

But the second wave is coming it just may not be Covid but other equally deadly diseases and many of them preventible and treatable if caught early enough but nope we have shopping to do, parties to attend.

Prepare for collateral damage as devastating as the virus

The Washington Post
By Editorial Board
April 16, 2020

THE PANDEMIC of the novel coronavirus is a bow wave, slicing through whole populations at breakneck speed. But what is not being seen yet is the enormous collateral damage to global health. The pandemic is making it harder or impossible to combat such scourges as measles, polio, HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, which caused death and suffering even before covid-19, and now will bring even more. The wake of the pandemic may become every bit as devastating as the bow wave.

The decades-long quest to eradicate polio, which came close to success, is now being paused to fight the coronavirus. The oversight board of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative says that its resources and assets are being turned to fight the pandemic, and it has recommended that all countries planning vaccination campaigns suspend them until the second half of the year. It makes no sense for polio vaccine campaigners to go door-to-door at the time of a pandemic, and the polio campaign does have significant experience with case detection, contact tracing, laboratory testing and community education. Let’s hope the polio campaigns can return later this year.

In the meantime, more children will suffer. The number of cases in the last two remaining countries where wild polio virus is endemic, Afghanistan and Pakistan, was down to 33 in 2018, then climbed to 175 in 2019. With the vaccination campaign suspended, wild polio cases will grow and may spread to other countries. On top of that, polio fighters were struggling with outbreaks of a form of the poliovirus that can emerge in under-immunized populations.

In rare cases, the use of the oral polio vaccine, which uses a mixture of live, weakened strains, can revert and spread, causing circulating vaccine-derived polio virus, or cVDPV, which occurred in a number of countries in Africa and Asia last year. A high-level World Health Organization panel warned recently that “the risk of new outbreaks in new countries is considered extremely high, even probable.”

Meanwhile, the Measles & Rubella Initative, a global partnership to stop measles, reports that because of the pause in mass vaccination campaigns, more than 117 million children in 37 countries may miss out on receiving the measles vaccine this year. This is a major setback when measles cases have exploded around the world and claimed more than 140,000 lives in 2018, mostly children under the age of 5.

At the same time, Post correspondents Max Bearak and Joanna Slater report that in Africa and South Asia, the coronavirus will affect carriers of HIV and tuberculosis disproportionately. Tuberculosis is primarily a respiratory disease, like covid-19, which means that those who suffer from it often have severely diminished lung health. And HIV causes a progressive failure of the immune system, leaving carriers more susceptible to death from other infections. There are also serious concerns that the coronavirus pandemic could disrupt health-care systems and lead to a resurgence in malaria, which killed 405,000 people globally in 2018.

One virus is creating so much mayhem that other diseases will flourish, too.

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