Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Crazy Is as Crazy Does

I have been long exhausted dealing with the half lies, bullshit theories, crazy rhetoric and other hysteria that has resulted from Covid-19, the Novel Coronavirus, Covid B, A and any letter in between. I used to call this the Coronation virus as once you were knighted you were at war. We now actually use that phrase war to describe this disease and its invisible army of killer germs.  Okay then explains why gun sales are up as well you can just shoot it.

The real issue centers on symptoms, testing and of course re-testing to insure margin of error and that if it was positive it is now negative and you can resume normal activities and by that we mean going to run essential errands, pursue some exercise and in fact come out of quarantine.   We are seeing that famous couples in quarantine are in fact testing positive at staggered rates, such as Chris Cuomo whose wife was negative initially (do we know that for certain as she was his primary caregiver) and the case of George Stephanopoulos his wife, Allie Wentworth,  who was positive.  Apparently he believed(tested?)  he was negative and seen running errands and working until he tested positive then miraculously is apparently immune now.   This is a WTF moment.   But was he still contagious and transmitting the virus during the time he was tested and then "healed?"  And again they all have children what happened to them and where are they? Let's talk about contact transmission rates for a minute:    Flu 1:1, Covid 1:2.5 Ebola 1:4  Measles 1:5/7 and here is big science H1N1 1:5

The confusion about how the virus spreads and the way it affects the body is another. The lack of true available options for treatment, the mass hysteria could have contributed to massive more spreading in the early days at hospitals by medical professionals and including deaths from sending people home too early or away as they did not have the full criteria and in turn confusing the message about transmission and the need to quarantine 7 days AFTER symptoms ended; the deaths from treatments alone such as intubation or just bad care.  Again Hospitals have been for profit for years and they got caught with their masks off clearly.

The stories about mass burials, morgues to full, the need for convention centers, public parks and other facilities turned into satellite hospitals seem now premature and again barely mentioned in passing as to the number and type of patients being treated, while ER's sit empty and non corvid beds as well wondering if everyone just died at home and are now being counted as Covid related deaths or delaying important treatment and care until it literally may become too late.

The layoffs of non-essential hospital workers and closing of hospitals which again would be much preferable sites to treat again non covid patients and function as clinics for testing etc.  Nope lets have it a college, a mall or some other location where you have to make an appointment sit for hours regardless and in turn told there are no tests left.  How does that work exactly? You have 400 tests, six minutes a test, spread out over an 8 hour day means that you show up at your time and you leave. If they don't have that number then only that same number is allowed to come at their appointed time. It is like a Target sale of a designer collection with panic on sizes and availability to spur demand and of course selling out.  Adidas did that with the Blue Ivy line, show that it works to inspire panic, hoarding and selling it at exorbitant prices and counterfeit knockoffs sold to unsuspecting buyers.

Then the window for results. How is that some are getting those in 72 hours and others up to a week. Are any guidelines in place to ensure that they are in quarantine that entire time, no leaving for essentials as they simply cannot they are possibly infectious and getting them care for children, food etc.  And again CONTACT TRACKING.   Funny I know of one positive who after he recovered went back to work after the quarantine period ended for him post symptoms (that was a week) and a follow up test and none of his colleagues or customers were told.  And this person works for the USPS.  

Then we have the hoarding of cold medicine and taking it to do what exactly? Mask symptoms then if you are one of the many who get healed quickly go back to semi quarantine and walk among us still infectious of up to seven days. Ask  the woman who worked at Biogen and went home to China telling them on the flight she was Covid POS. Same with the woman from Iran who landed in NYC and is believed to patient zero.  Were any of those on the flight contacted and tested? No.

The delays in Seattle to get tests in order to follow and track the diseases were mired in bureaucracy and if you are curious about that Frontline has covered the virus extensively and tonight an episode that  explains what we have now, a fucking hot mess.

Again a quick perusal of Facebook or other social media sees comments after comments that veer on hysteria and false stories and a lack of facts that further hysteria.  The death counts that are becoming so off the wall that even when I do hear of them without detail I shrug.  And again that number seems to be in flux and that also means what is the purpose except to frighten and intimidate you. Then we have of course the numbers and the positive cases that seem to be in a new age cohort and that is the group who are largely the essential workers and in turn either/or masking symptoms with cold meds, recovering quickly or are just assholes.  They are the ones handling the contactless delivery. Really they have touched all the packaging and in turn why you may take precautions are there co-workrers who bag/ring/assemble the items during the process? No.  And do I know what their health is as their employer doesn't, does not care and does not provide testing and or even health care and yet I call that essential. So if one more fucking millennial front line worker tells me to stay home I will say go fuck yourself to their face. So instead I am not talking at all to them except to say thanks and walk out. No applause no joyous love as you cannot see it behind the mask anyway.

I shop for myself.  I go to Whole Food with my own basket now that I can wash down clean on my own, put the foods in the basket and wheel it home.  I rarely get food delivery but since it is not transferable to food I simply take it out of the containers and put it on my own plates, take all the garbage to the refuse room immediately and wash down counters.   All while wearing mask, gloves and WASHING my hands before and after.  It is a process that takes time.  Is everyone doing the same or are they half assed wearing masks, gloves and more importantly WASHING their hands.. the gloves and face masks are all bullshit but it gives a minute to not worry when out in public so you can cough and sneeze behind that (and less inclined to touch your face or use a sleeve as its like a kleenex for the face)  or when handling anything and you can actually wash your hands with the gloves on or use the anti bacterial on them until you can get to a water basin so you have one less direct contact on skin. And again I can change gloves all day as I have a nice assortment of colors available at Beauty Supply stores its not like they are using them!

And lastly the crazy ass hashtags, bullshit emails, newsletter and other crap that have theories that include that Covid was due to 5G towers, Bill Gates, the China was coming up with a bioweapon, and that Democrats did this to destroy Trump.  Dear God do you people have a brain?  Read legitimate newspapers, watch legitimate television or radio and if you are a Fox lover that is your problem as again another story about the Brooklyn Bar owner who decided in the middle of this to take a Cruise. Then wait for it.. to Spain.  He is dead.  Or how about the man who worked in the meat processing plant in South Dakota and went to work sick as he felt he was "needed" Well they needed him to stay home and get well and he is dead.  And the Amazon workers that we have finally allowed ourselves to be exposed to and realize that Amazon treats them like robots and they are essential.  Feel proud now and that you are fighting a war when the front line seems to be largely poor uneducated, faces of color and are being exposed to shit that even the Army provides health care to treat.   Gosh is that card game on Prime? Funny how now we salute them as the front line workers and then we don't.

And the hoarding of food that again is a supply chain filled by Immigrant Undocumented workers.  Well that death knell came today when Trump signs a closing of borders to immigrants of any kind.  Care for that lettuce that will give you for certain E-Coli now.

So now you go back to reading some "friends" post on Facebook, the Drudge Report, Reason, some moron on YouTube, watch Fox or some other version of FAKE NEWS  and ask yourself if being stupid, being uniformed, being self involved, ignorant and its twin arrogance is working out for you?  And then when done WASH YOUR HANDS!

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