Friday, June 21, 2019

Crashing Waves

The economy is now at the past ten year mark of high waves with some small crashes that while have been in response to the ever changing climate of Washington and that of Trump's bizarre feuds and antics we have not seen anything akin to the crash of 2008 that brought the rich to their knees (okay maybe one as they clearly don't fall ever fully to their knees) and the poor flat on their backs.  That said I am beginning to wonder where and when the next Katrina meets Sandy will fall.

I do think we are at "full" employment but there are still great schools of fish under/unemployed - the faces of color, the older workforce that never found jobs that were akin to their pre 2008 incomes and since then have aged out of the market due to the lack of education or the skill set match up that is used to supposedly deny jobs.  Interesting that you have a degree, a work history and are clearly mentally competent but to the powers that be that are often well into their own dotage they seem to think you must be stupid to be fired/laid off or out of work.  Right that whole intrinsic, up by your boot straps bullshit that is used to blame and deny the reality that for the working classes you were born that way.   We all can't be born to the rich.

That is the truth, we are born to families whose SES determine our faith.  For some the crawl, the fight and the climb up the ladder is possible but that is fewer and farther in reality for most.  Shocking, no not really, that children born into wealth have better access and in availability to find education and work that will compensate them securely for life.   They can be even stupid and not attain the academic success of their poorer counterpoint and still thanks to those family ties manage to find jobs, keep said jobs and be secure in their lineage. It explains also why these same individuals seemingly go off the deep end when any demand for change, including taxes, funding education, mass transit or social justice is met with stone cold silence. Preservation of the status and the quo matter bitches!

I see it here more in the South and likely this is the same in the more conservative climates where weather is just a statement of fact and not one man made.  Keep to your own kind and we will ride out our storm in a fine Mercedes SUV on the way out of town, you poors just keep your head down. Aspiration begins with ass and this class has a lot of it.

I laughed when my neighborhood suddenly was proclaimed an Opportunity Zone and I realized the opportunity was about how rich people can buy a bunch of property, defer the taxes and gains for over ten years regardless of what the build does for the neighborhood.  Fancy commercial structures that sit largely empty and in turn add to traffic and other infrastructure issues not a problem when you don't live there.   If the moron who owned this apartment building waited just a few weeks he would have learned about this tax break and sold the lot for millions more than he did by converting it to condos.   Like many of the apartments here, such as this one, or this one, or this one.  He would have had an amazing cash windfall none of the headaches of selling it piece by piece and retaining and setting up an interest to continue to pay taxes and upkeep on what will become an expensive property when Nashville gets it shit together to raise property taxes to pay for operating the city.  But stupid here is redefined here in the push for greed.  As for the morons who actually bought these units most are unoccupied full time and the rest are idiots for doing so. Good luck with that!

Nashville is house rich but cash poor.  The reality is that we now have a surplus of housing and the costs to buy and in turn maintain said homes are not sustainable.  That may explain why the largest growth push of new builds is for multi family housing as this city is a place for transients who have migrated here for school or for low wage work largely in the hospitality industry.  The new South is the Old South, largely working class, lowly educated and coming from once established union or working class jobs that were well compensated in urban areas that enabled them to be house rich, bu as we know with regards to wages, cash poor,  and they in turn sold their homes and moved South for cheaper cost of living as they were now cash rich but house poor.  So they bought cheap houses and with that turned a dump into a mini mansion.  And then irony on top of irony that led to a raise in the cost of living and they priced out those just like them and the rung on the ladder they resided got very crowded.

Right now  Davidson County where Nashville sits has the lowest property taxes in the region and it does so because of the push to get white rich people to move here and they have, well not the rich part.  Anyone highly educated and employed will set up a house here and then benefit from having a primary residence in a no income tax state where a a real mansion costs little to upkeep and then fly out when the heat gets sticky and the stupid sticks to you like the cum stained floors of Party Fowl.  But the politics of the red are those that they cannot deny are the ones that keep the quo and the status of their class and lineage well established so being socially liberal in the South means you call your Servants, Jesus, in every sense of the word and avoid all the whole black white issue. And the Budget shortfall once again leaves the working class and poor fucked while Municipal employees, including Police/Fire Fighters/Teachers/et al at subsistence wages that prices them right out of the city they serve.  Keep it coming and we will all be going.

Nashville once again has proven to be a farce when it comes to it.  The fake charity, the fake monies being earned comes to truth when it came to the NFL Draft.   The recent article about how local Chefs/Restaurant Owners saw little of the "billions" that supposedly poured in like the cheap draft they serve at the nearby Honky Tonks, many of them closed and rented by the NFL so they had no problem with their income that weekend.   This coupled with the reality that it appears that the average visitor spends just under a $100/per person when here.  This is a white trash paradise and what does one buy when they are drunk most of the time.  We had a Scooter death a couple of weeks ago and of course he was drunk. Gosh what a shock! No, not really.

There are endless stories of rapes, pick pockets and other thefts in the varying bars that align Broadway and in reality some of the behavior and demeanor of the varying clientele warrant a barring or two as it is dangerous for anyone who crosses the street by foot or car.  It is a parade that frankly is best unseen.  But crime overall here is a massive problem with three homicides over a 24 hour period this week.  And if you are black your life does not matter.

And speaking of Pride the annual festival culminates this week on the shadows of more angry crazy rhetoric from varying Ministers and Police and of course the Legislature on break has made their views crystal clear, so while Cracker Barrel may be all inclusive that is the exception to this rule here in the land of the baby Jesus.  Such as this District Attorney or how about Executioner Cop.

All of this could be resolved if people actually read, were informed and in turn voted. Ah hell no there are other cool things we have to do in this the city of shiny keys.

 And the waves will come crashing down as all this commercial build and crane counts may be counting down.   

And the reality is that real estate in the residential sector is not improving as this article states many are being priced out of the market.  And Atlanta which had the designation of HOTlanta for awhile it was tagged as it is finding itself too successful for its own good.  And today the New York Times discusses the role of professional flippers that make Chip and Joanna seem amateur. And today I shopped for the last time at Lazzoli the Italian market that made amazing fresh pasta and mozzarella.  Their building sold to turn into more expensive housing.  Who will buy and live in it? I have no clue the wages and the cost of living here are in a collision course.

Nashville is imploding and I for one am out before the next wave hits.


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