Monday, May 13, 2019


That is the name many of us give to the tourists who ride the pedal taverns, the dump trucks, four wheels, golf carts and varying other methods to literally drink and drive as they tour about 5 whole blocks of the Nashville city core.

This blog is my savior and my daily rant about those issues that lead me to cry, to rage, to think and to dream.  But here in this city of bullshit I rarely dream as I rarely sleep I have never been anywhere as horrific as this city is in my life.  So pardon the personal rant.

I call the schools dumpsters and the kids trash bags at that is what it is like walking into a school building that is run down, has cockroaches, vermin, lead drinking water, and my personal favorite - slop for food.   It is like a prison only without a warden as there is no control to this madness.

The city is on the rise if you call building massive towers with some to few occupants slated to move in with vaguely specified numbers of employees to eventually be placed inside over the next seven years and of course endless announcements about the food businesses that will provide varying versions of the same garbage they serve at the locations throughout Nashville.  Do you want Donuts? Pizza? Hot Chicken? Burgers?  They got em and they are proud of this as if this has never been done before in anywhere else in the world.  It is called a mall food court just without the low rent names.

Meanwhile the Legislature is living up to that name with the Glen Casada scandal extending into an investigation by the FBI if threats, bribes or intimidation was used to secure votes on the school voucher bill or what I call the death knell for the public schools in Nashville and Memphis, two districts that largely serve faces of color and the poor.

Meanwhile in trash town the greed and stupidity continue with endless out of state investments with them paying millions of dollars for property in areas of town that are dilapidated and run down but with visions of grandeur and tax abatement's who gives a shit if it does nothing for the area it makes a great write off.    At this point there was a question about some of them and like all things Nashville they decided to keep them in place as they are likely the reason any development is happening.  Really this is not the city of "it" and the city on the rise and people don't just want to be here without incentives?  No they don't and most of the investors don't either. Good luck next on the scheme/plan to bring Major League Baseball to the city. Natch that there is a plan in place to build a big stadium as the one built only a few years ago is home to the minor league so fuck that shit.   Money built with taxpayer dollars and actually rushed through over budget to meet the demands of the former Mayor Karl Dean who never saw a dollar he did not like in his hand.

The city is largely full of hospitality workers who work for minimum wage and many companies to even attract employees offer more which means that small business and owners of local businesses have to meet that or shut the fuck up and die.  It explains why many of the restaurants that were old school have closed but even larger funded businesses have found themselves on the other side of the rails and have closed one entity only to re brand reinvent and reopen in the same location.  Sure that works if at first you don't succeed try try again.  I love that the cheaper ramen restaurant is lined up around the block with the more expensive one empty but it was in its last version as well.  But hey at least this one has actual menus and table service, oh wait that costs more.

When you are not earning the money needed to have disposable income you tend to not spend it.  You have massive commute times as people are living further and further away due to the costs of housing which has escalated to beyond the average pay scale of the workers here, even those in middle class jobs.  This includes Teachers, Metro Workers and and other professions that are largely a part of the second largest employer in the area - medical.

But that too is under watch with CHS likely to go bankrupt in the next few years and in turn its spin off being delisted at the NYSE.  Okay then.  And the endless other medical companies under investigation for fraud  or pain med clinics closed and Doctors arrested. Sure this is the it city if it was as crooked as it is long.  It is why their private hospitals are the most expensive in the country.

As I watch the scandal unfold in the State Legislature I think back to the 1980s and short of shoulder pads I actually believe this is the era Nashville currently embraces. The years of Regan and his doddering zombie persona, the hookers, the blow, the passive racism and sexism shows that Nashville has progressed from the 1950s.  At the rate they are going it will be another 20 plus years before they move into the 21st Century but they will do so kicking and screaming.

This weekend in the delusional state of reality I call home as clearly I have to be delusional to call this place home, I found my new neighbor pounding on my former neighbor's door and in a state of rage that I was all too familiar.  In our side of the building there are only two of us that remain, myself and my direct neighbor a Nurse at Vanderbilt.  He was furious that his garbage that he left outside his door overnight had been ironically trashed and left as a mess he had to clean up.  A young man, a fit man who could have easily walked it to the dumpster with minimal effort left it his door a practice I have found here to be bizarre but in many of the apartments they have a service that picks it up directly. The lazier the better I say which may explain the cost of rent or the smell in the halls but whatever.  He believed that it had to be one of us as no one walks up that dead end which is across the tracks and as he said this a drunken homeless man crossed said track and walked up along side us.  So much for that theory.  I laughed and said I have lived here three years and what you have three months and I can assure you I have had every plant stolen, knocked over, any knick knack trashed or taken, packages stolen, a man tried to break into that very unit he was bashing the door on and it was 15 minutes before the Cops came.  There are endless hobos who beg for money when cars are stalled due to train crossing and yes people have crossed the tracks, broken into, stolen or vandalized the cars in the lot.  There have been men pissing in said dumpster area so if it was a woman or a person of a certain age I might understand why you failed to walk the 100 feet to the dumpster but leaving it out at night is an invitation of a sort to search for values or in fact alienate your neighbors who have in turn bought our very units we live in for hundreds of thousands of dollars only to walk out the door and see trash facing them. Either or Neither nor is not great but to pound on doors and demand what exactly?  What was to be accomplished with that?  He calmed down and said he had found a note on his garbage last week about this and I knew instantly it was one of the last tenants who to say the least is batshit crazy.  Like most of the people I have met it who are the most rude, demanding and delusional it is my fellow carpetbaggers who seem to take ownership of this little big town in ways the locals have not. They are equally territorial but once the check clears its all good as it is all for sale here if the price is right and the stupid are willing to pay for it.  This young man is no different for overpaying and buying a property that is ostensibly worthless as it will never rises in value given the location, a  now defined opportunity zone that has brought new money and more commercial build coming making residential in direct opposition to the neighborhood and community.  The place was a waste from the get go given the one way out and one way in and the train blocks the street crossing for hours at a time at worst so no it is not a great value.  He conceded that it was the only place he saw and could afford at under 200K but apparently his realtor neglected to actually look for him as across the park on 3rd is a townhouse for 187K, larger in size and secured parking.  But hey dude what a way to meet a neighbor and come pounding on doors accusing them of tossing your shit.  Really is that a good thing?  And while I did finally tell him whom I believed was the culprit I offered him the advice that he might try being more Southern aka passive aggressive and confront her by asking her if she had seen anyone during her dog walks and if so let him know.   He spent the better part of Sunday with his blinds open watching but it appears that it failed to bring resolution.  This girl is crazy and I see no point as she was the one recently knocking down plants at my house wanting said confrontation and I chose to fail to give her satisfaction.  But this is my building where again none of it makes sense and the units sold and shown seem to be selected by the Realtors for reasons unclear and why when there were others similar off the main street or behind the lot was he sold this unit... he had no answer but I could tell he was like many who end up being fleeced here, confused and angry.

And wait until he finds out or understands that the neighborhood has now been declared an opportunity zone. This means more money and more investment, less in residential but plenty commercial which will make it worse.   We are already seeing this with regards to housing and more will follow as some of my neighboring businesses are discovering. This is another scam to the plan of tax avoidance.

Because of this encounter the train came and I was late to my Barre3 class which I decided to not miss early Sunday morning and because of Mother's Day I knew it would not be crowded.  So I went and it was cool but I forgot my KEXP hoodie in the cabinet so I ran back to get it and found it gone. Now how it got mixed up with someone else in the cubbie I put it is unclear but I lost it emotionally  again and found myself awash with rage and tears that some woman decided that it was better suited for her and walked out with it.  Why in the fuck would someone do that?  But there is no way to apply rational thought her in Nashville as there are few that are rational. They lie and steal and cheat here all the things good Christians do on their way to Church to plead forgiveness.  It is the Nashville Way.  So I spent the better part of the day raging and ranting about more sins and observations that included two people openly gesticulating and talking about a Bus Driver who was clearly experimenting with style, perhaps even sexuality as he boarded to take us on our destination. My concern was less with his/her appearance and more with safety but these two could not stop.  If they were so offended, disturbed or whateverthefuck ever why not wait for the next or simply restrain yourselves to wait until you were out of sight and sound range?  No that is not the Nashville Way.

My former neighbor I ran into as well that day and I informed him of the door pounding spectacle of the day before and he laughed.  I said that once again this whole building thing is shady as shit and of all the vacant units the one he moved into had been barely vacant 24 hours and its former resident a young Gay white man was his better?  I don't know but the units where black people have lived have remained open and unsold?  Do they need a sage burning?   He was surprised that his had not been sold yet as he was told it would be.  Did he not remember the color of his last girlfriend.  The only offer had been the crazy bitch who dumps garbage for a hobby and where she got the money unclear but again lying is a sport here like horse racing in Kentucky.  But  race here is not something you run clearly.

As long as the check clears has long been my motto and then I came here and my checkbook has now closed for business.  After the last rip off the car being towed from a lot, told they only accept cash, the building the lot is in has been empty for over a year, they have no security nor tenants but someone knew to call the company on the sign and the car was towed, not booted not ticked but towed.  I got the cash got the car and called the company on Monday and no they take credit but you see I would have stopped the charge as I knew it was fake and that is why on a Saturday they did it as there was no way I could have.  Once again the crooks, liars and thieves here work around the clock to rip and rob and harm you.  I can say at least it was not a child as the kids here are deadly.

Nashville is trashville and as I countdown I cannot stress enough that watching Game of Thrones last night I realized the difference that being mad does not necessarily lead to madness. At least at this point I don't want to burn the city down but then again I am not the Mother of a Dragon.  But the isolation is a Catch 22.  Without it I could not cope as I don't have to have every encounter broken down, analyzed, dissected and debated if I was irrational, too direct/honest, too funny, not funny enough, was I unintelligible, did I talk too fast, did I, did I, did I.  After awhile it takes another toll on mental health so I think hibernation is a way of salvation. But on the other side it takes a toll on the endless loneliness, the feeling of seclusion that is by force not need and overall the lack of emotional contact makes one angrier and depressed in ways that I don't think you can easily walk away from. I find myself crying without warning and feeling alone when I am in a room full of people which I have never experienced before.  This is not good for anyone and even one such as myself a loner by nature.  So I wait and wait some more.  This is not life its stagnation.  I need to take out the trash.

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