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Gay? Tennessee Says Stay Away

I have said repeatedly that living in Nashville is like living in a 1950 town.  There are some actual progressive people but like Gay folks in the 1950s you are firmly in the closet.  Just the reality that only 1/3 of the population vote means a minority rules a majority and in this state it ironically parallels the same number who possess post secondary education.  Hmm should that not be the opposite then, that with that you have a progressive educated minority who also vote and in turn change the tide of the red waters that surround the area?  No.

Those that are from the region that are educated are in self preservation mode so they exist but they need to keep sanity, employment and frankly it is just easier to get along with the tribe as they are very tribal here.  The outsiders arrive and most are young, few are registered to vote and are disengaged from the political process.  So the voting population is largely the elderly, the angry and the disenfranchised religious right who have an agenda to bring hell on earth to fruition by electing one asshole over another.  Here in Tennessee it begins with the Plumber we have as Governor and his henchman, Glen Casada.  The strong arm tactics and bullshit that has led these two to push through bill after bill that targets the poor, minorities and that includes those whose sexual identity leans left of standard hetero normal identities.

It is times like these I wish I was Gay but alas it is not a choice it is not an option as I was not born that way.  Nope, pretty damn dickly but if I switched my gender I would be a great Gay man!  Another problem solved!

The current bill regarding the toilets appears to have been flushed but the issues surrounding adoption not so much and like all the anti-gay bills that have passed and failed nothing is ever off the table here in the Bible Belt.  There are plenty of hate bills that should be crimes in the rest of America. And to that Glen Casada has two words: Fuck off.  Well no not those exact two words as those are curse words and we cannot use them here which may explain that I now employ the word "Fuck" as a noun, verb, adjective and adverb in almost every sentence.  Remember when Dennis Miller used to and was liberal? No, me either.

Don't get 'involved in politics,' Casada tells businesses opposed to Tennessee's anti-LGBT bills
Joel Ebert, Nashville Tennessean Published April 30, 2019

As an increasing number of businesses speak out against a series of bills critics say would hurt members of the LGBTQ community, House Speaker Glen Casada says the companies should stay out of politics.

Casada's remarks are markedly different than his Senate counterpart, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, who has expressed concerns about the financial implications that could come in response to the legislation.

Over the weekend, the Tennessee Titans said they opposed a slate of bills and questioned whether Nashville could host another NFL Draft in the future if the measures were enacted.

The bills in question include one that would allow adoption agencies to deny same-sex couples service on religious grounds and another that requires the state's attorney general to defend school districts determining bathroom use for transgender students. Another measure would enhance the state’s indecent exposure laws and was originally written to target transgender people.

In addition to the Titans, businesses including Amazon, Ikea, Nike, Marriott, Lyft, Hilton, Warner Music Group and AllianceBernstein have signed onto a letter criticizing the various bills. The Nashville Predators and Nashville SC have also come out in opposition to the bills.

Casada, R-Franklin, said Monday he was not concerned about the potential financial implications of such businesses being opposed to the various bills.

"I don't. Tennessee provides a fertile ground for them to make money and be prosperous," Casada said. "And that's what they should do. They should take care of their stockholders and not get so much involved in politics."

Throughout the current legislative session, Casada, along with other members of the General Assembly, have participated in various events hosted by businesses, including the Titans and Comcast.

Lawmakers also receive significant campaign donations from businesses every year.

Casada said he had no concerns that Tennessee could face a backlash similar to what occurred in North Carolina in 2016 when lawmakers there approved a law that restricted bathroom use for transgender people.

As a result of the law, which was rescinded in 2017, North Carolina was boycotted by many businesses and saw the NCAA and NBA move previously scheduled basketball games to different states.

As he said earlier this year, McNally, R-Oak Ridge, took a different approach Monday.

Adam Kleinheider, McNally's spokesman, said the lieutenant governor was concerned about the economic impact of the various bills.

"While economics should not be the guiding principle in all things, Lt. Gov. McNally prefers to focus on legislation that advances economic growth rather than distract from it," Kleinheider said.

Either way, he is hopeful that businesses will continue to be attracted to Tennessee’s pro-business environment and top-notch workforce regardless of politics.”

In early April, McNally offered a similar assessment, saying the state needed to be sensitive to the business implications of the various bills.

Several measures critics say target the LGBTQ community have failed to gain adequate support this year. But several more remain in play this year.

With the legislature eyeing the end of session, the two bills pertaining to restrooms and the adoption measure were scheduled to be considered by both chambers Tuesday.

The Senate approved the bill to enhance the state's indecent exposure law with a 21-5 vote. Sen. Paul Rose, R-Covington, who is sponsoring the same-sex adoption measure, opted to delay its consideration until 2020.

A spokeswoman for Gov. Bill Lee declined to comment on the various bills.

Now this again explains how the city of Nashville courts and blows (figuratively of course as there is no gay sex here) white collar companies as Alliance Bernstein, Ernst and Young, and the big ole man river, Amazon, to set up shop here.  The idea is to add educated, white and well off individuals to the population and in turn the tax rosters.  So while they tout no income tax and seriously few other taxes applicable to the rich, they will find ways to tax you from food, newspapers and magazines (which is why no one reads here), exercise studios (better to make you fatter),  and any other means to make Tennessee the most regressive tax structure in the nation.   

Meanwhile the seat-filler Mayor seems to come up with one more bewildering idea to balance the City budget without raising taxes as that is the death knell here in the Volunteer State.  Meanwhile all of this as residents across the city are finally starting to express dissatisfaction with the way the City is growing without any real substantial gains to the city residents, such as transit, infrastructure and of course schools.  Well shit be damned, bless you're heart we solved that with another convoluted plan for vouchers!  

This all comes at a time when the City is now leveled off with the population growth and the stagnant real estate market coincides with this as once again what people earn and what people can afford seems to have finally hit a reality.   As I have said that my building going condo is ludicrous and the cost per square foot is absurd, it follows the reality that being declared an opportunity zone is not beneficial to build affordable housing, the real crisis here.  And as I hear one more lie about how they are selling these off at a clip I find it funny that I can find no actual closed sale transaction in the assessors office.  Wow bank financing is slower than I thought!   Lying here is the second largest past time, next to praying which is praying about money and then they can lie about that without guilt.

I think this Governing article: What Kind of Place does Nashville Want to Be? is still relevant a year later.  I thankfully will gone within in the year, ending the worst seven year cycle in my life I have ever experienced.  And ending on high note will be flying out of this shithole as who would drive out? You can't and I don't want to see this in my rear view mirror, I just hope it is not on a Seattle export a Boeing 737.  Oh wait none of those deadly planes were built there in a union town with a skilled and compensated workforce.  No it is built in the South, as in Carolina, with a workforce poorly supervised, poorly trained and not unionized.   You get what you pay for in the South and you pay a lot to be conned, abused and robbed.  And that is by the white collar criminals I am not addressing the ever increasing crime and violence  largely committed by the youth here.

The Plumber went to Chattanooga where VW has set up shop and despite the company's willingness to unionize the workforce it has been systemically blocked by our former moron Senator, Bob Corker, and the now current dimwit, Marsha Blackburn,  to make sure you keep the wages systemically down and the voice of the working class silent.  A workforce of largely faces of color and of course poorly educated.  Just the kind of people who need a lift into the working class; however, they are building things that need to be carefully monitored to address safety and health concerns.  Whoops, too late!  

I write about this as the media just lather rinse and repeats varying press releases and quotes the same sources repeatedly.  Even the most cursory check, such as websites with company info, seems to be out of their depth and responsibility.  It is why when the News 5 Reporter, Phil Williams, who seems to unveil scandal after scandal, from the Mayor's affair to the School Director's negligence, is often lumped into the Trump classifications for Journalists - fake, racist, threat to society.

So come to Tennessee, experience for yourself the name calling, the abuse, the neglect, the endless lying and the culture of oppression and institutional racism that has enabled the South to be the South - hot and sticky, like the Chicken.  Utterly tasteless and sickening.  

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