Thursday, March 14, 2019

Take A Break

It is spring break time here in Nashville for the public schools and with it an uptick in teen violence culminating yesterday with a teen shooting his mother in the head then running into the street to take his own life.  Clearly the Social Emotional Learning component that the schools added to their curriculum as part of the restorative justice program is working out well.

Today we are awaiting a tornado or some other weather that I think sums up what it like to live in Nashville there is always a storm on the horizon.

The one thing I have learned here in the South is that they run on their own time zone and in turn like rugs lie regularly until they are rolled up and beaten to be clean but then always some dirt remains deep in the weave.

Then my happy day happened when the newest and best scandal to hit the National Enquirer since the Bezos dick pick, Varsity Blues. And while it seems to come from a TV Plot the city of Nashville, that hates to be ignored or as I call the city "The Ramona" (housewives fan will get the reference) which became the city of it due to one, began to immediately ingratiate themselves.  The local rag, citing an affidavit that they did not bother to reprint or link to,  that Vanderbilt was so proud yesterday that they claimed  it was impossible for any progeny of the rich and/or famous to enroll via their sports plan in such a manner. At Vanderbilt, the "lowest" football players have a 3.4 GPA and "have to be big time players," the affidavit stated, quoting the witness. "Can't hide (a student) there."  What they neglect to mention is that this company avoided mainstream star making sports such as football and basketball and instead focused on no less important ones but less scrutinized ones, such as Crew or Water Polo.   Those are not big programs here as what matters here are football and basketball and they save those for future rapists and kids who are exploited for their talent then cut loose with a degree they failed to earn or be able to use if they don't succeed in professional sports.  And in turn do any rich fucks care about this school?  And again we already know that many high schools do their best to cover up and in turn mask their athletes real grades but again I only work in education.  What I find hilarious is that I doubt they have standards that these kids without the help could have enrolled so bitch please! 

The infamous Twitter Doctor, Eugene GU,  who was a a Resident at Vanderbilt Hospital about the racism and discrimination in that facility and despite that the college is distinctly separate it is no less bizarre.  See Carol Swain as one of the many faculty who demonstrate the crazy that goes on here to show how not racist they are.   Dr Gu was outspoken about his very liberal political beliefs and he paid the price by losing his job.    As an expert in the field of pre natal obstetrics his opinion on the current slate of laws that the wonderful legislature is passing regarding abortion is just another way of demonstrating how bat fucking shit crazy here.  Take some personal responsibility yourself.  The same legislature that refuses to expand medical care and access, against wage laws to improve the standard of living and all while preaching christian ethics is an irony wrapped in a conundrum of bullshit.

But as I have said many times to people: Know your enemy and from them you learn how to work around them.  It is very much a metaphor used in sports and you can't spit your tobacco far enough to not here someone referencing a local team in any conversation.  Amazon was smart enough to find local grads to push their agenda and where they failed in New York they managed to do here so welcome.  When do we change the name of the Cumberland to the Amazon?   What I love is that the same man who wrote the editorial lived here but makes no plan of moving back here.  Stupid is a does and clearly he is not stupid.   Amazon has a notorious history for not embracing the community nor partaking in interactive processes with communities or with employees.  As of late they are making  some donations to local charities from their 11 billion un-taxed revenue to educational services (they did this in Seattle too) to placate the locals but will  also make for another nice deduction in which to further avoid paying taxes. 

And to add this is again another bunch of crap, literally. As the assault on the Gay community continues with another bill focusing on of course - toilets. These people are so used to shitting in the woodshed I am not sure why the care about those who elect to use a public toilet. And I do find it disturbing that someone is so concerned with what I am doing behind a stall door. Well this is Tennessee the shithole capital of America.

I will write more about Varsity Blues when I can sit down and read the actual documents and allow for more developments to unfold.  But this to me is the confirmation of what I have long suspected about education and in turn the ultimate issues with helicopter parenting and how it damages everyone in their path.  This is a massive failure for the children as they will always have this stigmata burned onto their skin.  I see the same with children of poverty here in Nashville. They go to jail for very different yet ironically very similar reasons - the failure of education and parents to get them the help they need.

I need a break from this and I need out of Nashville but nothing good comes easy. Someone should be teaching people that.

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