Thursday, February 21, 2019

Not Shocking

I love to say, "Shocking, not really" when I hear something I have long recognized as truth, so when I read the below article I busted out laughing as I felt exonerated.  This place is full of anger, rage, repression and excuses that usually either blame others or simply in some standard "this is the South" statement as if that explains it.  Okay then.

I have long believed that it was the economic sanctions that resulted not from the Civil War as that was the largest boom in the region thanks to reconstruction but it was the fallback from the Civil Rights movement that culminated with the Civil Rights act of 1968 that contributed to the South's final downfall. The reality of tacit and largely implicit economic sanctions that led most corporations and banks to focus on Northern industrialism and in turn exploit the great migration during World War II that built a workforce on the same backs of the same color the South had but with less beatings and murders enabled the divisions to be firmly entrenched.  The South for decades relied on Sports and extracurricular to draw attention and in turn business to the area and for years the standard economics such as Oil and Coal enabled the rape of the land to run unabated as it was the Kings of the region and you don't upset the King.

Then times changed, oil and coal fell to the end of the line for it was not only raping the land it was killing it and over time new industries, new people and new businesses found ways to take advantage of the desperate and that came via the new laws that enabled a new type of slave labor - the right to work laws.  Once unions were decimated and NAFTA moved even more businesses further South desperate times led to desperate measures and it was the South who discovered the perks of incentives often just moving one Chess piece across the board to win whatever jobs they could find from pushing the King along the board.  The King of the South has worn many crowns and now that tech is King the need for tech has grown in relation to the cars and other parts not outsourced to lands offshore.

Meanwhile the regular working poor stayed uneducated, uninformed and uniformly angry. The Bible was the tool to calm and when that failed opiates did the trick and then there is always sex and music that will make this a threesome worth having.

I have never seen sexually challenged people like I have here. The children are highly eroticized and confused with few boundaries to understand how to behave. Then we have adults who seem to have no problem crossing that line and with faith based ministers encouraging if not participating where is the no to the meaning when few understand what it means to molest, harm and rape vulnerable individuals be they children or adults. Then we have the obsession with money which only further fuels the drug and sex industry and in turn enables more to cross lines that have little to do with age, race or gender.   Violence accompanies this and in turn we have a criminal problem that rises and heats up like the temperature.

There are three priorities in the South: Money, Church and Sports. That defines what matters and all the rest is by the wayside.  This place is a shithole and I for one cannot wait to leave and when I am afraid to leave my house at dark that says more than anything I could add about what it is like to live here.  Trash you take out and then again some trash cannot be recycled.   This place is trash and no Amazon or any other white collar business will change what is ingrained in the soul of this place.

Tennessee ranked angriest, most hateful state in nation
Natalie Allison, USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee Published  Feb. 21, 2018 |

New studies show that chronic anger could cause deadly health problems.

After compiling a variety of data sources, WalletHub has released its list of the most sinful states in America — and Tennessee made it to the top 10.

The financial help website says the Volunteer State is the sixth most sinful state overall, but is ranked No. 1 in "anger and hatred" in a breakdown of specific sins.

In addition to anger and hatred, the study ranked states for jealousy, excesses and vice, greed, lust, vanity and laziness.

Tennessee was ranked third worst for excesses and vice and was in the nation's top 20 ranking for almost all of the other sin categories examined.

The study listed Florida as the nation's overall most sinful state, followed by California, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, Arkansas and Louisiana.

To Tennessee's south, Alabama came in 11th overall.

In studying the costs associated with specific sins — or habits — in each state, WalletHub used a total of 38 indicators to rank the states.

Those indicators included crime, health, education and real estate statistics, among other data that came from government agencies like the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, FBI, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; private companies like PornHub and TransUnion; and nonprofits like the Southern Poverty Law Center, Annie E. Casey Foundation and others.

For example, to determine the angriest and most hateful states, WalletHub looked at, per capita, violent crimes, sex offenders, hate groups and hate crime incidents, in addition to the number of mass shootings and elder abuse complaints.

WalletHub's results were released the same day as the Southern Poverty Law Center's annual Year In Hate report, which listed 37 active hate groups in Tennessee, including neo-Nazi, KKK, racist skinhead, white nationalist, black nationalist and other extremist groups.

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