Friday, February 8, 2019

No Love Lost

I have been exceedingly harsh on Nashville but it is deservedly so.  I have written about the dumpsters or otherwise known as schools and yesterday two hours in a school was enough to make me question why I walk in them for other than the pocket change I am paid.  I guess I like some mad money and literally I am mad in every sense of the word when it comes to being inside a Nashville Public School.

Yesterday I did a robotics class which again are supposedly teaching kids the future skills of STEM.  Well I saw FEW students who will be doing any of the work required by Amazon or any other business supposedly moving here and demanding skilled workers.   Again the announcement of the operations center was met with shock by all involved but largely by the schools in the area.  The last few years they have tailored programs to meet the demands of former large employees, including music programs, medical and hospitality.  Only last week did Belmont add an Architecture program to meet the need of the large construction projects in the area that have been ongoing for the last few years.  The program is five years in term and by that time I have a suspicion that once again we will be in an economic downturn thereby decreasing the demand for such a skill set.  Imagine that with tech programs, there are few and far between that now large tech companies are funding programs and in turn they will also own any patent and legal rights to the inventions created out of said classrooms.  So while the University of Washington lends out Professors to work at Amazon or for Microsoft who will own the end result?  Who invented the Internet? Well not Al Gore but it came from a public university as many of our most advanced technology has.  And those drive revenue for a Government adverse to taxing the wealthy who will soon even own more and profit more from Government supported institutions.

After the Teacher left yesterday I had few problems with one class but the second group of all faces of color, and they were of the spectrum of colors came in and were so bizarre, disruptive, off task and utterly idiotic.  Yes I said that as this behavior was from largely Seniors graduating in May so good luck wherever they end up.  I have a few ideas.  When they shut the door to the class I got up and opened it and they said, "She is afraid."  I laughed and said, "That no, it is the other way around as the school tells me to do this as some protection for you... hilarious and stupid but I do it."  Honesty I wasn't afraid there was a door to the parking lot on the right of me and I could get up and walk out at any time so no but the door was auto locked and if someone needed to get in they could not and that I did not want to deal with so let's just keep it open.  No one would see any of the ongoing behavior as we were at an end of a long all in a dead end so no one would walk by see the antics and even if they did they had no reason to care.  I do this in middle schools and the kids are so loud that closed door adjacent classes can hear this and the Teachers come in, it happened on Tuesday.  I bring ear plugs so when this girl who felt compelled to charge her phone right behind me for whatever reason (the kids here have no sense of comportment or space they hover over teachers as she was so I asked her to go elsewhere) goes, "They are loud aren't they?"  I responded that I did not really care but what she did not know was I had earplugs in.  Again standing behind me using a plug texting was all just off putting all in a confined area of the Teacher's desk set up was again bizarre so I was relieved when she complied.  No all students were that way as one Kurdish boy came up to the desk rambled on about with vulgar attributes and I go "What did you need? and he said, "I didn't say that." This is the insanity.   The attendance roster I asked a student to take down and I found it thrown in a corner, so I did what was right and tossed it.  I often do as frankly half the time you ask kids to take the roster they never return or they never turn it in so fuck it.   I don't care really I don't.

Then I came home to this story on the news:

NASHVILLE (WSMV) - Police have arrested five juveniles who are accused of fatally shooting a west Nashville man on Thursday afternoon.
The five teens were found inside a stolen vehicle at a west Nashville Walmart. According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, the suspects are three girls - ages 12, 14 and 15 - and two boys - ages 13 and 16.

Police said three juveniles got out of a red Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck outside the home of 24-year-old Kyle Yorlets in the 3200 block of Torbett Street. Police said Yorlets was shot outside the house.
Yorlets made it back inside the house after being shot. He was found by one of his housemates at 3 p.m. Yorlets was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.
Police found the abandoned truck in the 1600 block of Timberland Drive in the Hermitage Precinct.
Witnesses told police that three juveniles got out of the truck. Two of them fled in a silver or light blue crossover-type vehicle. The third suspect was last seen walking on Mossdale Drive toward Bell Road.
The suspects are being held in a juvenile detention center. 
Yorlets was from Pennsylvania and attended Belmont University, according to police. He was a member of a local band and worked at a restaurant.
Police said the truck was stolen Wednesday in Oak Grove, KY.
Funny how this dovetails my talk with another Teacher about the Amazon center (which he knew nothing about again odd given it is the city's sole taking point) and he seemed to think all the crime was "older" teenagers.  I disagreed but then again I had little respect for him given that he seemed to think he knew everything and was smarter than me.  It is a state of reality I have come to expect in Nashville as the disrespect of women who are not someone's Gramaw is a normal state of affairs and the domestic violence numbers bear that out. But at least the Teacher yesterday knew the truth and was honest about the reality of this and what it will do to the community.  Well that is DECADES away that much I believe.

The con games the sheer need to fuck anyone over runs deep here in the red sea. Here is just one of many of the stories of swindles, rip offs and other cons that dominate the landscape here.  Then we have all the endless stories of sexual abuse and assault and again it comes from the top to the bottom to the middle.  The schools here are ripe with hormones which again may explain why the adults seem to think picking from that tree is acceptable.

So I came home just to bake and watch a movie and right at rush hour  the CSX train decided to die right outside my home on 4th Ave S. Not the first nor the last since I have lived here. The night before during rainstorm tornado warning the train stopped for about two hours but it was torrential rain and I just closed curtains and watched a movie.  Yesterday it was different after about close to three hours I called and they said it was not able to move.  A neighbor came out and tried to help divert cars up the block and I tried to get people moving by going back up the sidewalk adjacent to the building and up through a parking lot next door and back out to Chestnut. Some I was able to give directions to bypass the train and some were grateful, many ignored me. I had quit doing this a year ago as I was told I was putting myself at risk.  I knew as I had been threatened once before and that any liability issues were also potentially a problem.  One woman who said she kept trying the non emergency line was told they could not help her but she sat regardless. It was not until the trapped bus called for Metro help that the men from there came and got cars to back up and go wrong way up the road to get the traffic moving.   Without them it would have stayed like that for another hour - which now was hour five - until the train finally restored power.

Nashville infrastructure is appalling, the city is full of idiots and morons and there are few resources or places that can handle the emerging problems that arise on a day to day basis.  There is no way Amazon will be paying anyone 150K on average unless they relocate here.  The situation is decades away as the culture here due to poverty, race and religion have enabled this to continue and they also seem almost proud of it.  When you look to the South you see what economic sanctions have caused so now you know why countries like Russia are in a panic if the United States continue on this. The same with Argentina and Cuba, it is repression and oppression where the corrupt lead the way and they get richer and poor get poorer.  I see the corruption here and the duplicity in the most obvious manner and across the classes. The lying, the thievery and the sheer violence is enough and last night I thought at any moment what I was facing walking up to cars to offer help.  I was wet, cold and angry but I wanted to do the right thing.  Goddamn you Spike Lee!  And then it was largely faces of color who were most thankful. Some did not speak English and it was not easy but then I remembered there are good people and they respond to good people too.  I wish the children understood those lessons but they are unable to.

I countdown the months left with utter relief and no regret. I am not sure how I am going to cope and will cope these next few months but I need to get the fuck out of Nashville I cannot be alone, doing all of this alone all the time.  It is not healthy, it is not safe and it is not good.  There is no love lost here as I never found anything here to ever truly love.

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