Saturday, November 3, 2018

Tossing Cards

I read Tarot Cards and those are the only ones I toss.  I used to love to play cards but one needs a partner or more to play a good game and as I am already very solitary I don't need to remind myself o the obvious.  But here in Nashville they toss a whole different deck. 

This has been the week that was.  I came out of a school and found my rental car bumper scratched beyond belief.   I did not notice it right away as I just wanted to get away from the place as soon as possible.  I find myself doing it of late and using rental cars as my escape vehicle as riding the bus with the students is extending the day beyond even my tolerance. So when I got out of the gym I found it and whose to say it was not there it happened but I raced to the rental car agency to report it. Apparently that is "leaving the scene of the crime" and I am to call the police right where I first noticed it."  Okay that is absurd and what is the point it was a victimless crime with no witnesses and the car long gone.   But in Tennessee you can file a matter of record with the Department of Homeland Security which I did,  leaving off my drivers license as they don't need that record to report a damaged car that has maybe a couple hundred bucks of damage.  Really are you fucking kidding me?  I don't need more data on me for something I did not do but just did the right thing to report it for insurance purposes. 

Then after taking hours to file reports with Insure My Rental Car and Visa (I have an annual insurance policy just for renting vehicles to cut back on damage costs the rental agency has, it is cheaper and the same company that ensures Visa, AMEX etc)  There are those who don't own cars in America and when you rely on renting this is what you do.  I miss car share as it was less bullshit and time consuming.  The costs to insure and the like were absorbed in the cost to use the vehicle and again it is worth it in the long run. And after Tuesday it once again confirmed why I don't own cars.

Then we have the whole absurd ACT thing that to this day still blows my mind that I watched the boys cheat and yet no one else did and I was not even trying to proctor.   I was reading the New York Times but then again I actually know how to proctor I have done it a lot.   But then again this a city debating that the current 18 score average in the district should be 18.1 as they failed to count 150 tests.  Yes brag about a test that you scored barely half the total and in turn a score that has a complex methodology of assessing that requires a statistician to assess. 

This then lead to yesterday's final blow to the skull. After a boring day pretending to care about kids I was leaving a school and waiting at the light with some of them as massive scooter patrol raced by and the kids all commented on the absurdity that those were.  I remarked, "Well if we are lucky one might catch on fire like the hoverboards did a few years ago. These are just another example of white boy douchery and we have learned one thing from this is to not be a douche."  I turned as the kids openly mocked me and were talking about me right to my face and walking away as if I had leprosy so I asked, "Is it me that you despise or are you all just rude and disrespectful to any adult who speaks to you.. oh and is rhetorical by the way I am sure you all know what that means."  And I walked across the street.   Lights here are interminably long and hence it makes for these moments but I did not look back and I am sure they were doing their standard aghast that someone actually confronted them on their rude behavior.  The sense of entitlement and arrogance coupled with the ignorance here is again what I see in the children so I know it comes from home and yep I was right. As today we had a Yoga Teacher Substitute and the level of  rudeness and disrespect was obvious from getting up and just walking out to talking incessantly while she talked so she during Shivasana actually said, "Let everything go including the fact that you did not like the Substitute."  I busted out laughing and I cannot wait to hear next weeks bitch fest about that to our regular Teacher. These are adults for fucks sake.

But this was nothing as when I came home yesterday attached to my door was a notice that the building was going Condo and that when leases expire they will not be renewed and if we wanted to buy our unit call these agents.  What the fuck is this?   First of all they have let this building run into the ground for a year or so, then to just tape to the door this horrific disrespectful way to basically evict tenants is mind blowing and yes very much an example of what is called the Nashville Way - excusing bad behavior and rudeness as hospitality.   I call it Nashville crazy and no one is a better example then the former Slattern Mayor who literally and figuratively fucked her career away.  There is something in the water that makes me want to move to Newark or Flint as it could not be any less toxic.

Then as tossed the letter in my file of bullshit I opened my mail and apparently Tennessee had transposed the numbers in my tax bill incorrectly and confused the number 5 with the number 9 and I owe $400 more in taxes.  Even my Accountant said they need to lay off the moonshine.

So after Yoga I decided to pitch a bitch to the Doctor who a couple of months ago hit on me (while introducing me to his wife then saying "I'm joking.. sure) all while  he did an inventory of my home and offered to buy my Antiques when I move.  So I said well my moving day is coming sooner than I thought as we are going condo.  I have dental reconstruction ongoing so I just will use the down time to clear out what I no longer want nor need.  He again made an offer and I said I am sorry but they are going to an Auction House so they can also appraise them as I don't need more to my plate to assess worth etc so go there and pay the price asked as I am out.  I don't do Garage Sales or deals with friends or whatever he is.  But I told him that I was appalled by what I witnessed this morning in Yoga, a bunch of adults kvetching and moaning about a Substitute yoga teacher and then so rude when she got there so at least one thing came out of it - where the kids get it.  No surprise there.  I told him that my rental car a month ago was towed from an empty lot adjacent to an empty building and in that they took only cash on a Saturday.  I said it was a shake down as I called the towing company on Monday and they took credit so I knew that it was all a game.  Again this is the Nashville way.. crazy.  And while I sat there an bitched I did not expect anything nor want anything I did it just to make myself feel better and vent and he needed to hear it.  Someone does.  

Nashville is white trash and they have a sense of self import that comes from religion and from the fake entertainment business that somehow makes them think they got it all going on. That designation of the "it" city is way past sell by date.  And if you speak anything but gibberish you will be called a racist or given the "bless you're heart" moniker to remind you you are not from here.  And to that I often go, NO THANK GOD!

The schools are garbage and the city is swelling with over inflated real estate that is now beginning to flood the market to the point I see why the owners are dumping this place as it is coming. Real estate mortgage rates are rising and the job market is sustaining higher numbers with some wage increases also happening.  And let's talk about Silicon Valley and their sudden venture into capital with Soft Bank whose major investors are Saudi and Chinese. Well this is going to work out well. No? I want to be careful as I don't want to get invited somewhere and literally find a hand around my neck as a greeting and farewell the same time.

I was talking about Evangelicals in the last blog posts and the New York Times solicited opinions from the millennial cohort  of this religious sect (and yes I mean sect or do I mean cult?) to understand where they stand on issues.  They are of course struggling with what that means and the long term view but they are thinking. Their parents, however, are strident as ever.  This is the group that fears Sharia law but making our Government an extension of the Christian Church not a problem. Funny how that works out.   This group doesn't know the meaning of hypocrisy.  Come to Nashville meet the humorless idiots that live here it will remind you why people leave small towns as they oppress the soul.

As Tuesday comes closer I am not sure what to say or do about what will result in every sense of the word.  We have a maniac in the White House and I cannot fathom why anyone continues to support this unless they just enjoy the crazy. Again I live in Nashville it has a short thread folks trust me on that.  Then they actually believe he is doing things. What those things are I am unclear but they are as well as they repeat themselves in the same manner Trump does so I see the common ground.  As it has now been revealed by his fixer, Michael Cohen, that Trump was an open racist I am not sure that matters unless you are a Black Republican so no this is not news. But we are there tossing racist cards at everyone right now and when I read an article that we are the verge of a New Civil War in Harper's I thought well then again this magazine has been shit lately so what do they know. But we are there very there and I live in the "vile.  And the South is rising again but is it ready for Stacy Adams? Let's hope. But again I live in the 'vile and I am afraid. Are you?

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