Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Red Wedding

If you watch Game of Thrones you would know the reference to the wedding that became an massacre of the Stark family during the reception.  I felt that way last night watching some of the election returns.

I live in Nashvile (I am now spelling it that way with intent) and it professes to be blue island in a red sea. No more grey-ish lavender and we are hardly behind any wall with the white walkers trying to storm the gate, they live right in the city itself and are part of the greater politics that lie upon the hill smack in the heart of town.  This is red water kids and it is not warm with blood but in fact cold as it has been this way for years. But for a time largely due to the colleges it gives a perception that it is in fact progressive and the election of Mayor Slattern was an acknowledgement of that until she literally fucked her career away.  The current chair warmer, Briley, is much like all the rest here a conservative in a blue suit.  I suspect that will be the prototype for years to come.  The former Mayor, Karl Dean, is another blue suited man who was running as the Democrat for the position of Governor. A boring man who is a another technocrat, neo-liberal or whatever moniker you want to put on someone who is a DINO, democrat in name only.   He lost to a Plumber.  This is good as they are used to cleaning up shit and this place is a shithole. 

Bill Lee is a bible toting prayer leading red wearing Republican.  He is the prototype,  archetype, the stereotype of any type of GOP moron you can point a stick at.  This is whom we elect here a man with no skills in governance no ability to understand law making,  or in general finding compromise and consensus but then again he doesn't need to as our State Congress bleed more red than was shed at the red wedding.  Say hello to voucher, prayer in schools, guns on hand, no medical care for the poor and basically more of the same.  Bless you're heart!

Then we have decided to share our prosperity with the rest of the country and you will now meet Marsha Blackburn, former clothing and personal consultant.  She is a gem and again this is the year of the woman so yee haw we are progressive here, well sorta kinda no.  She actually beat out a rich white old guy.  Wow.  To think the Democrats put this old duffer up when they had a viable progressive young, former military dude which would have played well in the back row to those who love that shit here to dig up Bresden from his coffin to run for the gig.  Okay then.

I voted for Dean and Bresden as when this is your choice between one white guy and one idiot white woman you go for the other white meat.  But none of these people are progressive, liberal and frankly all that interesting.  The reality is that in Tennessee no one is and this is what defines character - being an arrogant idiot.  Explains Trump the true Confederate President.

I also like to point out that Mitch McConnell is a fine example of what characterizes Southern Men and do I need to go into details there? 

So the blue wave did not happen and much was made more of the loss of Beto O'Rourke than the successes of many women who redefined the description of white, heterosexual and Christian or as I call the WHC of the GOP.

To have a blue wave you have to be in blue waters and the reality is that this is not a Hurricane or any other significant change of climate in the last two years that would enable this big of a sea change.  The reality is that on this sea the Captains of the ship have secured their course and to change it at this point will take decades and given that the Engineers of said ship - the Supreme Court - follow the same compass I don't expect this to be an easy journey in the least.

And this is where we are already planning for 2020.  I am just planning for 2019 and getting the hell out of here.  I have long held a placid sense of perspective but the last week changed my views to firmly in I loathe it here camp.   The endless abuse by the Students and the mockery has taken its toll, Adults who complain and distract a Yoga class over a Sub, the hitting my rental car and driving off, the coming home to find a note on my door saying the building is going Condo and lastly the idiot Doctor who still wanted to buy my Antiques before I move.  Dude unless you pay the assessed and appraised value then no.  This is the same man who inferred his wife was open to him taking a mistress and apparently neglected to gauge my opinion on that. 

As I assess the city with its increasing violence largely committed by youth, the endless issues of gentrification and in fact segregation it shows that issues of poverty and race are rising up the food chain to be ones that will lead to a revolt as this is a state that still has a problem with proper representation of the populace at large.  A minority ruling a majority only works for so long before they rebel and I fear that this is coming and I need to get the hell out of here. 

Ask yourself if you feel safe in your community and ask yourself why.  If not what does that mean? Build a wall, build a fence or build a shelter than you can hide.  I live in a State surrounded by a wall of red and yet the white walkers are at the gate and they have dragons and they can only hold the wall so long.  But is this really about those outside the gate or those invited in?   It was the guests that brought death to the wedding they were already there, it makes it easier. 

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