Monday, November 12, 2018

Rolling Down the River

It appears that the ship has nearly found a port and the Amazon river has wound itself across the country to land near the Hudson and Potomac.   Why is this shocking, well no it is not really.  As the regions are near the political and economic capitals of America so why land at some third rate pier?

Amazon has always eschewed normal business practises, running for decades on no profit while bullying, intimidating and literally destroying anything that it felt crossed its path to being the biggest river on the planet. There is something about world domination that always undercuts the tech industry under the guise of "doing good" and by good we mean making a select few very very wealthy whose very existence they spend both money and time on to extend their life and reduce the needs for others to share in said wealth.

The last week also brought up the Google protests that finally enabled a largely well off and educated cohort to demonstrate, literally, with regards to how they feel about their corporate overlords and their self protection, social isolation and corrupt business practiced.   Facebook et tu?

One issue is of course defense contracts that use the technology to do less good and more evil but on whom perhaps is the question.  It is okay to mine massive data and retain said info for personal wealth and gain as long has it doesn't kill people right?   Facebook et tu?

Amazon is no less guilty or involved in said practises and Bezos skirted the issue when asked about "arrangement" or "agreements" with law enforcement about their facial recognition software which has far reaching consequences and Michelle Alexander addressed in the New York Times this week how these algorithms are also being used to reduce arrests and change probation and bail restrictions but are no less restrictive. And we are now learning now about Alexa and her role in a crime.  She so far did not do the actual killing part but was perhaps an "eye" witness. 

Apple has long fought this battle over government requests for data under the guise of national security.  Of course the whole cell phone tower issue is another bullshit method that has been used to prosecute individuals and the Stingrays that have been also used to track possible suspects is a never ending matter that crosses over a violation of one's civil rights protected by the Constitution that Resting Dump Face wishes to destroy.

Amazon for now, however is perhaps the largest conglomerate in America. Bezos makes Rockefeller and Carnegie seem amateur in comparison.  He throws out one idea after another and when and if they come true is irrelevant it is just that he had them.   The drone package delivery idea, remember that one?  

Or can we talk about his millions dedicated to space designating that the most important issue of our time?  What about the homeless one that has decimated the streets of where HQ1 is located?  Well maybe that is the solution to send them into space!

Did it actually surprise anyone that Amazon chose to locate HQ2 in actually two places? Again that would make the whole 50K jobs all making over 100K less traceable and in turn less a strain on the infrastructure of said city unless said city was say Cleveland which is undergoing a massive reconstruction and gentrification of a city that could withstand if not welcome the growth.  Having been to the city with its wide streets, established transit with a train right to the airport and a cultural base that could easily withstand the influx could really transform an American  city. True the airport would need work and it too I am sure would welcome it with the positive energy I personally experienced visiting there.  Cleveland my friends, does rock!  But alas no let's hit the DC and New York areas at they are ground zero for access to power and money.  Next up Indianapolis as the new "it" city.

Nashville was no where near the top of the list and anyone in their right mind relocating a company here that is not related to already existing ones - Dollar General, Cracker Barrel, Bridgestone or Firestone or more importantly medical or hospitality have no reason to be here.  This place is lacking. Period, just lacking.  Read my blog to see what specifically I am speaking of.

New York is already in shit's creek trying to fix its massive transportation issues and their head of the MTA quit this week so once again he was probably going "I'm out if the Amazonians are coming."  The crush that Bezos puts on a city will rob whatever soul it has left.  The New York Times did an amazing story about how the company destroyed whatever soul Seattle had with Amazon's rise.  That has not changed.  The same frankly for San Francisco as tech is the most soulless corrupt industry we have seen since coal and gas and the irony without those sources of energy there would be no tech.

I appreciate Amazon at times as any consumer would but I also like choice and having freedom of choice where no one is tracking my every move, analyzing and processing each buying decision as some type of reflection on me or my character.  I may buy tampons and condoms but they may  have nothing to do with me.  That sweater I bought was a misguided/depressed/drunk purchase where I immediately donated to charity upon receipt.  The reality is that even I don't have an algorithm to explain me nor want one.   Ask 20 people the same question get 20 different answers. Explain that one. 


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