Friday, November 30, 2018

Exhausted Yet?

In trying to find a break from the endless political coverage and the distraction that is holidays I wanted to find a book that was utter gossip about someone dead that I could use to laugh and be amused by, as they like to say, "The rich are different."  So I had checked out a book about the late Princess Margaret who I thought was the interesting royal of the family of the House of Windsor.  I have read all of 10 pages but from what I have read she was a bitch of high order and until those pesky heirs came along she was second in line to the throne.   Intellect clearly is not a high priority for those in the family and I hope it works out well for Megan as she seems bright and worldly and a breath of fresh air.  But they said that about her also dead Mother-in-Law.  Maybe this weekend I can at least read some more dish and look forward to Netflix next season of The Queen with anticipation of that phase of the royals life.  Why are these people who seem utterly boring also seem fascinating?

Of course we have our own royal "we" in the crazy Trump family.  From the trophy wife to the doting daughter and the dutiful sons it is very Shakespearean in tone down to the off with their heads the daily cry from the King of the family who is more Queen from Alice's Wonderland that that of the Lear's. But the descent into madness has found parallels that cannot be ignored.

The week of the House of  Horror of the Christmas decorations (seriously the red trees were one thing but the base of trees and the wreaths made of Be Best pencils was utterly absurd placement promotion that makes one think they believe they are still in Trump Tower and you piss on everything to ensure domination).  Then  the raging raving rambling press briefings en route to the G20 conference only moments later to change course (not the plane but Trump as always) to cancel the love fest he was looking for with Putin.  And all of this the failure to have the annual press Christmas bash makes one wonder if any creature is stirring let alone a mouse in that house.

It is not yet December and yet the chill in the air is that of those who are in a perpetual state of histrionics.  - the White Supremacists, the Media, the Poor White Men and their equally charged up wives, two angry Gay men who felt snubbed by Chelsea Clinton at the Polo Club Bar and decided to support Trump (that redefines bitchy Queen, take that Margaret!) and everyone in Nashville not getting a piece of the Amazon that is not  scheduled for delivery for three years (wow will I still want that when it gets here?).

But the city released the bid yesterday and we found:

Nashville's initial lure for Amazon's second headquarters was an annual $500-per-job grant and 50 percent off property taxes for 15 years, according to the original incentive offer released by Metro officials Thursday afternoon.

For 10,000 workers, that would have amounted to a $5 million-a-year payment and a total 15-year cost of $75 million, according to the letter signed by then-Mayor Megan Barry.
In addition, the city pledged a host of other incentives — including fully funding any needed connection to a planned mass transit system. 

The state will also pay $65 million cash and extend $21.7 million in tax breaks. In return, Amazon promised a $230 investment that will add up to $1 billion over 10 years. 

From 50K in jobs to 5K and spread out over 7 years is still the most laughable bullshit I have ever received in my stocking.  But to find out that the city is/was planning to give the $500 per job and build transit for them is sheer hubris and arrogance that boggles the mind.   Again coming off the announcement that the municipal workers will not see raises and that he has no intent of raising property taxes.  So who is doing the math here?  How will any of this be paid for and by whom?

The current Moron I mean Mayor has said nothing about this and has been clear to avoid any further debate about transit  but he had no problem releasing this document he had initially refused to so until the very day the Slattern was on the news talking at a TED X talk for women.  Love the line up one of the women was also on the front page or our local rag as her "acclaimed restaurant" in one of the emerging hoods - The Nations - closed.  Well she is one of three that shut doors in the area over the past year and again this was because the shiny key plan of urban development is missing some essential elements... wages and workers -  who can afford these joints.  But releasing that plan that was originally signed off by the former Slattern comes at an odd time.  Funny last week there was no plan, today a plan.  Why? Well it appears that she is now living her best life, been on the news with a new do and attitude. He must be worried.  Well he is not going to the Christmas Parade tomorrow as Kid Rock is the Grand Marshall. Funny in June he was all excited about that, again did Kid Rock change since then?

Briely is perhaps our worst Politician but that is not saying much.  Given to what I have read about this Amazon ass kiss with that promise to build green space and improve the infrastructure there is little mention of the varying other problems that plague the city - the increasing violence and endless deaths that dominate the news cycle here (we have had several suicide murders and my favorite were rich white people this time irony not covered on the black news Scoop Nashville I guess white lives don't matter to that racist piece of shit).  Then there is the lack of a safety net and the budget for City Hospital, the scandals in the Building Department, the endless incentives given to developers with no oversight (let alone logic, I call it shiny key planning) and this involved, which also includes safety and building inspections that cannot be performed due to a lack of qualified help.  And lastly the dumpsters aka the schools.  They are a shit fest and as I sit in a classroom without windows, with kids thoroughly disengaged and an internet connection that is so sporadic I wonder what they think they will do with these kids when Amazon does come here?  Hire them as custodians and security guards I guess.

The reality is that the culture here is too ingrained in the people and despite the outsiders arriving at a supposed rate of 100 day they are few and far between the educated elite that Amazon will require to work in this office.  So again by the time they do much will change and of course people will transfer, be hired outside the office and over the next seven years there may well be a push through the local schools to get the grads up to snuff.  Again that is with the next three years to plan and then add and adapt this is possible for numerous students to graduate with the necessary skill set but something tells me few if many will be local.  There is a resignation and what I have come to learn as emmeshment to describe the residents here   And in turn I equate my conversations akin to having one with a fish. The blank staring eyes that cloud over when they blink is something that one finds when you jump deep into the waters here. The poverty, the obsession with money and the church, and lastly the racism that is all ingrained as a cultural dogma has enabled the city to say that they did not need to change at all to attract such white collar workforce as Ernst and Young, Alliance Bernstein and of course Amazon so why would they have to?     Yes indeed they are arrogant here in ways that boggle the mind.

Which for now the largest employer, Vanderbilt, was held in high esteem. It covered all the bases that made this city feel important - a Southern version of an Ivy League School, a coveted football team (the obsession with sports only surpassed with the one over religion) and of course the growing medical facilities that have transformed once dying parts of the city.   Well that may be coming to an end as a Nurse killed someone there.  Funny how this does not surprise me as the hospital had been in the news over their issues with over booking surgery and in turn anesthetizing people but this one is pretty out there.  What was more disturbing was the cover up. Really this is something you choose to hide as if that won't get out there.  See if they had killed me as I feared they would have succeeded in no one knowing as I have no family. This is just one step removed from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle the trashbag public hospital that has no problem doing just that.  But this is Vanderbilt and yet they are not much better it appears.  But then look at all hospitals they are all shit frankly.

Corporations go with the money. They are here for the tax incentives, the no income tax and of course the cost of living which by their very re-location here means that will now all go away.  It still will be cheaper than New York but this is a town built on tourism and that is not going away so there is only so much draw to this town that one could tolerate and in turn this is still a very red state and getting redder with each passing day. The Plumber Governor is by far more conservative than Haslam and he carries the Religious torch which means he will burn anyone who does not respect Jesus. Then we have our State Legislature that puts the wing into nut and of course Marsha the Trumpologist.  In States that are more progressive and open to alternative lifestyles and religions let alone immigration this is going to bite the white collar classes in their asses.  Again I am leaving in a year and I cannot wait.   Otherwise it is like the Borg you must assimilate in which to survive.

Ignorance must be bliss as knowledge is exhausting. Time for a good book.

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