Sunday, November 4, 2018

Brawling in Class

I think we all have stories about how something happened in school that ended in fisticuffs.  Well today it is a daily occurrence which add to that fear of a mass shooting, some type of escalation into gun violence or just a situation that gets out of hand and people are injured, arrests are made which has definitely put a new spin with regards to schools being safe spaces.  Irony which is not lost on me here in Nashville where a gun report happens every three days.

The Doctor yesterday is utterly oblivious to the current state of schools and during my rant I asked him what he knew about the school his daughter goes to, such as how many Subs are covering classes, did any Teachers leave already at this point into the year and what are the suspensions or discipline rates in school?  He knew none of it.  I asked him if he knew about the problems at a recent high school football match between two local schools that led them to be banned from play or the girls soccer fight last year between the two most "acclaimed" high schools that led to games forefitted?  How do I know?  I read the local paper and in turn follow some blogs that go out of their way to document the stats on schools. So much for giving a shit right?

I found it this year at a school I had not been to  in quite some time why the Teacher was fired for bringing a gun - threats by Parents.  Only next week the Coach to be terminated for striking a student.  The same school profiled by the news about escalating student violence which I had also experienced first hand the first time I was there leading a Sub across the hall from me to walk out.

Then we have had the same school I was at a week ago that shoved me into the windowless black room where once the ParPro aide left went into full tilt boogie weird and the subsequent denial that normally the school is good.  Yes tell that to the Football Players, the Drug Dealers or the Coach that was accused of abusing students there as well. 

This last week brought two more stories about Teachers being assaulted or assaulting kids. I was just relieved it was not here for a change.   First there was this story about a child assaulting an Admin but that was followed up by the Los Angeles Music Teacher who threw down some notes attached to fists when a kid verbally abused him.   There are numerous stories about Teachers being assaulted and abused by Students, one murdered and raped by a student when in after school tutoring.    Funny how we love talking about Teachers raping and molesting students but in reality the confusion and boundaries are often so blurred today with the emphasis on "loving" students and taking on some role that blurs lines when it comes to emotional attachments.  I know from personal experience here in Nashville I have never seen anything like this with students confused about boundary setting and the need to agitate and denigrate adults which does not excuse any of this but may lend to explain it.

And today a young man murdered his mother after getting a D on his report card.  And this is why I never failed kids as you never know what goes on in the home so here is another example of guilt by association. 

Parents are now disrupting everything from daily school lessons, sporting events and even graduation ceremonies. This takes helicopter parenting to a new level.  As they say the apple doesn't fall from the tree.  I have said for a long time a child is a reflection of the adult holding the mirror or more importantly the one not. 

Teachers are not equipped to handle any of the deep seated problems that come from abuse, poverty and neglect which no test results will ever provide.  And then to arm them with guns has to be the dumbest fucking idea ever as this will too end up with more shootings and death.  Funny that while school halls are lined with signs about bullying the reality is that these same children bully any adult they encounter in an attempt to level the playing field in the same way gun shooters do only with less blood. 

This from The Educators Room

Let’s start with a definition:  bullying is the use of superior strength and influence in order to influence and/or intimidate others in order to reach the desired outcome.  We know this definition well in regards to students bullying other students:  the clever put-down, the thrown food, the nasty names, the snide remarks, social media bashing, and the like.  What many fail to realize, however, is that teachers are just as much a target as students to the physical and verbal abuse of their students.
Media outlets have reported in the past about teachers who have been bullied and the footage caught on cell phone camera.  I read one article in which a substitute teacher was verbally and physically harassed by students.  Verbal taunts were used and the teacher was repeatedly flicked in the face by students’ fingers.  When a report was filed, it was told that charges would not be pressed against the students and it would be handled within the school by the administrative team.  I read nothing regarding the consequences for those students. It makes me wonder, then, how many times incidences like this occur and go unreported because the teacher feels powerless and victimized to the point that they wonder if there is any purpose to even saying anything about the behavior within the classroom.
The reality is as  Substitute you have no power and the schools will not assist you in the least. It was why I walked out the time the racist card was tossed as I did not need what I now call The Starbucks moment.  

And as I have said the kids learn this from example.

A teacher from Augusta, Maine, was so traumatized by her principal and superintendent that she didn’t want her name or school mentioned, but wanted to share her story because she believes the pervasive problem of workplace bullying has gone on unchecked for too long.
“I am sufficiently frightened enough by my former employers to fear that maybe they could still hurt me,” she says. “I need to get a new job but won’t be able to do so if I am unable to receive even one recommendation from an administrator.  I know it and so do they.”

Carv Wilson, a geography teacher at Legacy Junior High in Layton, Utah. He’s been an educator for 18 years, and has seen teachers bullying each other to get their way, as well as aggressive parents who fly off the handle and threaten and intimidate their child’s educators. But he says the worst case of ongoing workplace bullying he witnessed was by a principal.

And again all from the same who are employed to Teach Tolerance. Irony much?

I cannot say enough and by enough I mean badly enough emphasis on bad on what I have seen these last three years in Nashville Schools.  This extends into the community with the Board having problems, race cards tossed there and the use of the bully pulpit emphasis on bully to demean and degrade other members over a disagreement on policy.  They are a class act here and again very demonstrative of the Nashville Way and by way I mean crazy.  

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