Sunday, October 28, 2018

Thoughts on Thoughts

This week has been a busy one in both news and in life.  Returning to work led me to again re-think all I know and love and I managed to turn all of that into a positive flow of energy that allowed me to look forward to the end of the road here in Nashville which for a long time has been just focusing on the bumps, the potholes and the endless dead ends that mark my stay here. And then when I decide to stop focusing on myself and return to reading the news and watching the nightly news I of course find myself back on that same road with no exit in site.

Guns.  Guns. Guns.  We have a problem with what? Guns.  The shooting yesterday in Pittsburgh was marked by a man who had not just handguns but the gun of the nutfucks of choice - the AR15.  This little gem has been used in every single mass shooting with thoughts and prayers the only solution.  The kids of Parkland have their work cut out for them and I know their road is one well traveled and not one sooner as they work to try to stop the endless bullshit around gun laws in this country.  Election day is a week away and I know that the voting booth may be the only booth that doesn't allow guns so pull a trigger and vote.

Hate. Hate. Hate.  We are overflowing with hit from the Resting Dump Face in Chief (a man who takes a new meaning to resting bitch face as his always looks as if he is fighting to hold back a dump) who doesn't know the meaning of compassion.  Continuing on with his Hitler like rallies as people lay dying continues to demonstrate we are like the umbrella he left outside Air Force One to just blow away rather than close it and hand it to an Attendant I am sure was waiting inside with his Coke. God help us.   Well from not sharing an umbrella with his wife to boarding with toilet paper on his shoe I get how we all feel we are just being pissed upon.

The Male Bomber aka the nut in the van was a virulent Trump Deplorable.  Makes one rethink that christening by Hillary Clinton even more appropriate.  What more to add to that story other than again a man who struggled with work, with identity and in turn reality and since getting guns was not in his thoughts he chose pipe bombs.   Woudda Coudda Shoudda crossses my mind had any of them worked and likely not ever on his intended targets but innocent individuals who handle and open mail.   Once again bystanders in the political arena of collateral damage.

Then we have Kroegers shooting.  A hate crime modeled after the one in Charleston led one to take out innocent grocery shoppers instead.  This only killed two so it does not fall into the mass shooting category but these people are no less dead.

And the week ended on Saturday with Pittsburgh.  More hate more dead.  More guns.  The solution from Resting Dump Face - more guns. It goes full circle.

Every day, yes every day I awake to the news of another shooting.  Nashville has a shooting or two almost every day.  When I don't hear of a shooting I think, "Wow this must be a slow news day so what about a house fire?"  They are not mass shootings but they become so when every day someone ends up dead or injured as the result of a gun.  One plus One plus One plus One plus One.. you do the math.   There is an obsession here with resolving any issue with a gun.  It took me a long time to try to understand the character and behavior of  Nashville residents.  They are like children, they have impulse control, problems with delayed gratification, they lie perpetually, exaggerate incessantly, are nasty, name call and profess moral superiority.  Gosh who does that also describe?

What is never discussed are the costs - financial and emotional - to these shootings.  There are always the reflections a year later over those that drew the massive head turns on the highway of life.  So we hear about Las Vegas,  the Pulse nightclub, a passing over Charlotte and later Charleston and we will undoubtedly follow up Parkland on Valentines day next year.  But what about all the rest?  What about the medical bills and financial obligations of the communities as they try to heal wounds, restore confidence and build anew?  The Church in Charleston has gates on it and is still standing but Churches once meant refuge but now with bars and armed guards during services what kind of place of worship is that?

Then the shootings in malls, movie theaters, grocery stores, schools and homes.  On planes, trains and automobiles then what?  Arm everyone and shoot it out.  They do that here and they actually brag that gun deaths are down:  From January through Aug. 22, 2018, there were 45 shootings. During the same time in 2017, there were 54 deadly shootings -- down 16.7 percent.  Sure that means what?  How about those not killed just injured or where guns were used to perpetuate the endless crimes that dominate the news here.

Nashville rarely if ever makes the national news unless it is about our politics or our "it" city status. Again if it means tag and you are running to hide than yes come to Nashville it is not safe here.  But we will all pray and clutch pearls and just hope it all stops.  Of course it means more guns on streets and  more Cops that are more highly strung and more ready to shoot to kill as they are not less afraid or so they say given they are armed to the teeth, have protective gear but the Synogogue shooting that led to the 4 Police being shot and anytime anywhere a Police Officer is shot only serves to validate, explain and excuse said behavior.  No Jury will convict a Police Officer under that rationale and the exceptions are few and far between as we have come to know.  I fear the Police as much as I fear the children and some adults here in Nashville.  I just know to fear the kids as they are the largest cohort that commit crimes and I walk daily into their gang headquarters.  Yes folks schools are ground zero for the planning of criminal activity.

And lastly I wanted to pass on my thoughts okay thought as it was singular about Megyn Kelly.  Who the flying fuck cares.  Regardless of her blackface comments did anyone not see her on Fox News and think that was an act?  Honestly she is a trained and educated Attorney and to plead ignorance about the history of that is amusing at best horrific at worst.  It is no less as repugnant when Roseanne compared Valerie Jarrett to an ape and in turn pleading ignorance that that she thought Ms. Jarrett was Middle Eastern not Black which she found out after tweeting that hate.  Again either/or really neither? Hate. Hate. Hate.   We come full circle.

Dead, Dead and more Dead, nothing grateful about it.   The rallies, the highly charged rhetoric, the reality of Charlotte a year ago was about "Jews not replacing us" and now Squirrel Hill.  The Charleston 9 and now the Pittsburgh 11. The Kroeger 2 and on and on and on.... Count the dead be they one, two or three. They add up and they are all mass shootings.  And what causes mass shootings? Guns. Guns. Guns.

Vote Vote Vote.  Pull the trigger this week and vote and demand change.  Believe it and try to do something positive even when it seems impossible and out of reach. I see my end of road and it was not a good one getting here but leaving it will be a newly paved one, I have to believe it.

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