Sunday, September 30, 2018

California Sex Lawyer

I for one had never heard of this song and as I continue to watch the meltdown of my former Attorney nee Junkie in rehab in Venice California I thought no song could be a better fit. (And yes I use the word junkie as just because he is white, male, Harvard educated he should be called by the name we used to refer to those addicted to drugs.  It was meant to insult and demean and no one deserves that name better than Ted Vosk)

 This one's a tale of wish fulfillment from Fountains of Wayne with a  song  that portrays a young man named Doug who plans to become a California "sex lawyer," a specialty that's apparently not covered in most law school curriculum's. According to Doug:  he's got the makings of this particular discipline: "I've got big ideas. I've got back up plans. I've got the cha-cha-charisma. Got the sleight of hand. I'm gunna do some damage. Gunna bust some heads. I'm gunna go the distance. Then I'm going to bed."

Imagine if Doug had set up a shingle with that as his practice his firm would rival any of the largest white shoe firms today.

Last week David Boies was profiled in The New York Times as he had had numerous opinion letters rejected after the Times terminated their relationship with his firm when the Weinstein allegations surfaced.   Of course Mr. Boies should not be defined by his clients but his actions in that case and his failure to do due diligence in the Theranos issues did not help his defense in the least. But hey he's an Attorney and all of them are assholes so his wine cellar will be well stocked soon enough as there are more than ample cases of wealth and privilege that will need an asshole to handle.

And that brings me to Kavanaugh the latest Ivy League Lawyer who is upset that Hiliary Clinton hates him.  The whining, the raging and the crazy on display regardless of the allegations is right there a trigger warning that he needs to find a safe place and step away from the bench. Impartiality and temperament are two qualities we believe are essential in what defines a Jurist and that temper tantrum was not a good sign for a prospective applicant for a Job.  No less the Supreme Court Justice one but who are we kidding.   Remember Clarence Thomas?  Wonder what that chamber talk would be like?

Regardless of the allegations Kavanaugh is arriving with a steamer trunk of shit packed in that case.  Aside from his work on the Starr commission he seems to be an asshole of high order with few in his past having anything good to say about him when he was drunk, but sober he was an Altar Boy.  Hmm that maybe not a good analogy.   I also want to point out that he clerked for a Judge who recently stepped down due to his own allegations regarding his behavior.  Maybe that is what they mean by clerking, covering up your bosses' bullshit.

And this week we had the jailing of Bill Cosby that too was accused of being systemically racist and true he is a Black man and yet black men who had no wealth or fame would have likely been jailed decades sooner without even accusation of  a drugged cocktail but hey we go with what we know. Cosby is not fairing well in the slammer but then again who does?  But he is not alone being old and shit.  Good thing pudding is on the menu.  If he was in Texas they don't bother with providing toothless inmates with dentures so see it works out being rich and famous!

And lastly is the true million dollar question: What did they know and when did  they know it.  Much has been made that a woman waited twenty years to draw attention to Kavanaugh despite that he had been a Judge for years on the DC circuit and had well connected and established jobs in Government.  Hey I had never heard of him before had you?

Seriously unless you are stalking the man would  you know what he was doing and why would you follow the career of someone who brought you harm?  I don't even know Shar's legitimate name, where he lives and what he is doing so when someone told me a Muslim man age 30 driving a white SUV was raping women in Seattle and he does now fit the age and description I did nothing. I did reach out to Vosk to tell him and he in turn asked why I was telling him this and threatened to have me arrested for harassment.  Now this was through a fake Facebook account I had established to actually look at all this shit I had heard about what was going on in Facebook (and irony it was recently hijacked in the recent hack by a South Korean hooker it made me wish I spoke Korean) and in turn that is how I found Vosk's insanity for all to read.  In that case I was hooked but let's face it who doesn't love a public meltdown.  That may be why Facebook exists.

But she is like many who are victims you want to go on and then maybe you realize that it is larger problem and someone needs to know. But does anyone care?  I am afraid to say that the only people who do are you.  Unless there are reasons to garner money or gain some type of notoriety there is no one interested in seeking justice for you. Again I learned that from the Junkie Attorney and his former BFF, Kevin Trombold.  And no using their names is not a violation of any code it is a matter of public record. I have long changed my name and trying running but even I had to stop and take a breath.  They fucked me in ways my date did not get to that night, again in some odd way I do believe the accident might have saved my life for with all that alcohol, the drugs and inability to recall anything he could have easily killed me or I kill myself, have a seizure and been left to die.  But hey that is not what Vosk cared about and when I reminded him of that case he decided to make it about himself and in turn threaten me.  I have the screen shots proving it. So no, no one cares.

Today I read these stories in the Guardian of Weinstein employees trying to somehow justify, excuse or explain their jobs and working for a man who makes the movie Predator redundant.  He was truly an abomination of a man and it went on for decades with no one intervening.  And we have the same at CBS and NBC which are now also examining not just the men but the culture.  And to this day that bitch Katie Couric seems oblivious to acknowledging what was transpiring right next to her on a daily basis. The same with many of the 60 Minutes crew. Really great journalists there.  Denial is not just a river in Egypt it is an sea adjacent.

I need a Lawyer. Maybe a California Sex Lawyer but what would his billable hourly be? That is what I am afraid of I could never afford it nor ever would. 

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