Thursday, August 9, 2018

Yeah Tag You're It

The most recent Police shooting occurred in an area of which I am well familiar.  It literally sits across the street from the MLK Magnet School that I sub at quite frequently.  I walk by those houses to catch the bus, have walked through the park across the street many a morning on my way to the school.  

This is the most recent and every time I hear about the Police in Nashville I shrug.  I cannot overlook that it was 23 hours before they found thanks to a woman who called 911 the Waffle House shooter.  The shooter was one and half miles away from the Waffle House behind an elementary school with one Police car placed out front to do what I am unclear.   And today they still talk about the real hero of the day and the man who refused that moniker despite his act that saved the remaining lives in that early morning hours.

23 hours... really to find a boy a mile and half away and it took a citizen to find him hiding.  She has since been denied her crime finders fee as she called 911 versus the actual crime finding number.  Really. This woman saved lives as well but sure deny her reward.

This is Nashville the "It" city.  I have never seen such insane bullshit in my life.  They are building one after another structure with no plans in place.  They are moving the same checker pieces across the board as if that will suffice to fill the absurd luxury apartments, the outrages commercial structures and the hotel beds that they are building at rapid pace.   The lack of logic, planning and responsive infrastructure is of course duly ignored as that is the "Nashville Way" - idiocy.

I listened to two men on the bus, one whom looked like a deadbeat frankly discuss his work.  He was a transient that much was clear as he was living in a rooming house and complaining about being behind in rent despite the fact that Nashville was the most job creation in the country.  Jesus H Christ where do people get this shit?

The police shooting of Daniel Hambrick follows one earlier this year and a just over a year of the shooting of Jocques Clemmons.   It was this shooting the slattern Mayor at the time refused to demand a Police oversight board and in turn was I believe the real reason she left office.  She was fucking a Cop and someone found out and in turn led Phil Williams of Channel 5 to investigate overtime of Police in Nashville and in turn found the incriminating video that led to her resignation.  Don't fuck with the Police or fuck them either.

The Police are revered here like the Military and it has to do with them being once the largest most secure employer that did not require an education.   That has changed much like Teaching was once considered a secure job and today across the country there are shortages of Teachers in record numbers

Which brings me again to Nashville Public Schools.  The dumpster fire rages on as a new lawsuit was filed by the Adults from an school where the Principal sexually harassed or verbally disparaged many of them regarding their appearance and sexual desirability.  This Principal hired his car detailer and an adult bookstore worker to round out the staff at his middle school as undoubtedly they had skills that were easily transferable.   Yes this is it alright where the only secure jobs for faces of color are Municipal jobs as despite all the building and growth I see few black faces of color in front of house.  I know of none at anywhere I go and other than the bus (again municipal job) that is the extent of the faces of color I see on a regular basis.

The lawsuit comes after a contentious exchange on the local watchdog blogger, TC Weber Dad Gone Wild blog with the current chair of the school board, Anna Shepard.  She decides to "unfriend" him after his criticisms of her watch that led to unprecedented sexual assaults, lead in the drinking water cover up, the sexual harassment allegations, budget shortfalls, increased violence in school and other major issues that he writes about on a weekly basis.

But of course he was not the only sore loser.  Apparently an incumbent and friend of the Director (rumors fly about many of his friends and given the sexual issues here I am not afraid to believe any and all of them) lost her gig.  Whoops as in District 6, the Antioch area, incumbent Tyese Hunter lost to Fran Bush after recently texting NewsChannel 5 the following about her opponents: "I'm going to crush and demolish both of them. Four years from now, they too will still be disgruntled. WATCH ME WHIP."  I want to point out that Antioch is where the Waffle House shooting occurred, the school he was found there, the High School there has serious problems and this is also where the sex positive Principal worked.   Yes whip it good.

Yet it is TC and another blogger who are the only two that seemingly ever cover educational issues here in Tennessee which again is not surprising as Education is the lowest on the chain of issues of import.  Money - Church - Sports - Gender - Race - Children - Education.  Anything else is not of issue - the environment, politics (no its not an issue here), health care or any other substantial issue of import is a part of the dialogue here.

And what is even more disturbing is the Scoop Nashville Facebook site that is all about crime and violence in the it city and the videos that are aired at times are valid but other seem racist and deliberate to make those residents in varying housing projects appear more out of control and violent. Why not film the drunks on Broadway coming in and out of the honky tonks and observe their behavior? Well they are the money makers here in the "It"city and we can't risk losing them if they knew of this filming and posting.  But doing it to the black residents of public housing? No problem. Tag you're it.

Funny how the West End with largely white and Vanderbilt students is a crime laden area and duly ignored as well.     But a racist email distributed to the students and staff got a drive by mention and of course will never be resolved. I wonder what the Waffle House hero is doing I bet he could fix it.

And all of this is about money and race.  The hysterical pursuit of money has put the city at odds with itself. Much of it is outside money and they are on a tear to change the landscape without any real concern about the composition of the city or in fact anything to do with the city and its population.  And when you have a city that was largely black in composition and the negative connotations that it brings (see Chicago as an example) the push to change that means push back and it is happening in ways that have led to an increase of violence and abuse that shows in the schools.  But when a School Board official goes all in hysterics over a blogger calling him a "bitter loser" it proves what I have always said that the children are a reflection of those who hold the mirror.

First day of School was Tuesday, my first day is scheduled for the 7th of September one month after it begins. I think that is soon enough for the waters to well calm, somewhat.

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