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He Who Accuses...

When I read this I had a wash of complex emotions regarding this story. Why the Teacher felt compelled to verbally abuse this child is beyond reasoning, he is five and it appears is an English Language Learner and in turn may have learning disabilities that he has not been tested for because of the language issues which may explain some of the problems. Then we have a Mother who claimed she tried to deal with it with Administration who responded in what may or may not be acceptable as I have no idea if this was in fact their response. Then we have the failure to actually speak to the Teacher either by the Mother originally and schedule a meeting with all parties to resolve said issues (as this is customary in most schools I have been in) nor any contact by the Reporter to have her explain her version of the tape and in turn what this is about.

We have no problem violating any one's rights of late and while I agree that taping a person surreptitiously is an extreme measure in which to generate evidence, I have done so but to engage a five year old child in this to me steps over lines and boundaries and sets a precedence that means that when you feel someone is in the wrong you do whatever you need to do to prove the point. The filming of people stomping their feet, throwing drinks in people's faces, or acting like idiots and so forth then putting it on social media in which is goes viral accomplishes what? Making someone lose their job which has happened repeatedly and that is for again what purpose? Revenge? Hey guess what?  You accomplished the goal then and I hope the concept turns back to you. Try talking to someone.  No matter how appalling you find them try to find some way in which to deal with the issue in a rational sane manner.   If they won't listen keep talking and find someone who will. Yes you can confront a Public figure in a restaurant and it apparently was the last straw on the back of said camel that led to Pruitt's resignation? I doubt it but it made you feel better.

The only film that never seems to have that result are body cams on Cops and all the film in the world has not helped anyone but it has lent to seeing murders, abuses, incidents and all for what? Entertainment?   Civil Rights are a two way street.  

I have had kids take my picture and film me just sitting in a classroom. I promptly hand them a copy of the law that says they cannot without my permission and what is the purpose of said photo? Should we call Administration down and register a formal complaint if I am doing something so egregious then we should and I can leave. They immediately stop as if I am doing something so bizarre it is a matter of a phone call. I recall when I was recovering from a stroke and my speech was delicate and I had gained weight much similar to now and I had a blouse on that was a little tight, so I covered it with a scarf and thought I looked fine. I had been to the school the last week with no issue but this time was one. A Student went to Security and said I was drunk and that they could see down my blouse. I was summoned from the room and taken to the Principal's office where I was asked about my face and my blouse and I had a jacket I could put on and when I explained it was a stroke that at times led to my speech problems and I had medical records I could get and that my Attorney would be happy to bring them to the office to resolve said accusation would that be fine. I also had a Sweatshirt in my car that I could put on if that also was preferable. They agreed to the latter as I knew they would and the Security guy walked me to the car and I asked him who told him this, he said he could not tell me as that was not of record. I see. Then he escorted me to the girls locker room where I refused to go given that I had no idea who was in there and instead went to the Teachers lunchroom to use their restrooms in which to change. When in there I saw a Teacher I knew and she was appalled and said this sounds personal, I agreed but they would not tell me the child's name.  Then I went to the classroom next door to the one I was in and said to the Department Head (as he had introduced himself to me earlier in the morning when I checked in) that I was accused of being drunk and exposing myself and in turn needed to have support in the room the rest of the day. He found a Student Teacher to do this and she administered the classes while I sat there not speaking again. The school Nurse never apologized, nor did the Principal, nor the Security Guard and the next year they were all gone from said school, so explain to me who matters in Education? No one, not even the Students. You can be accused by a Student and in turn your life and profession is over. And it is why I have long been pro cameras in classrooms in which to keep everyone on check.

This is the state of public education and frankly what I have seen and experienced has finally broken me. Nashville children show the damage that I had forgotten in Seattle's classrooms but they were so few and far in between that I dismissed them as just that time and that moment. The be frank I think there were many more I just chose to ignore them and in turn marginalize them in the same way I see now. I guess he who accuses excuses.

She was worried how a ‘teacher of the year’ treated her 5-year-old son. So she made a secret recording.

by Erin B. Logan July 5 2018 The Washington Post

Kandy Escotto is demanding that her son’s teacher be fired after she claims the teacher called her son a ‘loser’ in Oct. 2017 at a Miami elementary school. (WPLG)

Kandy Escotto said her 5-year-old son didn’t want to do his homework. His grades were bad. And he cried when it was time to go to school. She said his behavior changed this past fall and suspected the award-winning teacher was the cause, according to the Miami Herald.

Escotto said she told school officials multiple times that her son complained about how kindergarten teacher Rosalba G. Suarez mistreated him, once calling him “bad boy” when he didn’t do his work. Administrators at Banyan Elementary School said nothing could be done without proof, Escotto’s attorney, Raphael Lopez, told The Washington Post. That’s when Escotto placed a recording device in her son’s backpack, according to ABC affiliate Local10.

Over the span of four days, the recordings allegedly captured the teacher berating Aaron in front of his classmates, once telling another boy that “Aaron y tu loser.”

“Raise your hand if you know how to bubble. … Aaron doesn’t know,” Suarez said, according to a transcript of the recording from Escotto’s attorney.

She also criticized the child’s mother.

“I feel sorry for your mom,” Suarez said. “I really do. She is a little lost.”

Escotto told the Miami Herald that the teacher singled out her son and humiliated him in front of the class.

“No 5-year-old should be able to go through that. That affected my family, affected him,” she said.

Daisy Gonzalez-Diego, a spokeswoman for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, told The Post that the school district was made aware of the recordings last week when stories were published by local media and has opened an investigation.

“Miami-Dade County Public Schools goes to great lengths to promote a culture of dignity and respect, not only among our students but with our employees,” the school said in a statement. “We work diligently to ensure the well-being of every child entrusted to our care. Any action that runs contrary to the values we instill in our school community will not be tolerated.”

Gonzalez-Diego added that Suarez has not received a complaint during her 33-year tenure and is “very highly regarded by teachers, parents and peers” and was named a “teacher of the year” by the school this year.

Florida is a two-party-consent state — both parties need to know they are being recorded. But Lopez said this statute is void when a person does not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” A public school classroom, Lopez argues, is not a space where one can reasonably expect privacy.

Escotto wants the teacher to resign because of how she might treat other students, Lopez said.

Suarez is still employed by the elementary school and could not be immediately reached for comment.

At Escotto’s request, Aaron was transferred to another classroom in January.

“I didn’t want him to keep suffering,” she told the Miami Herald. “He went from having F’s to having excellent grades.”

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