Saturday, June 16, 2018

Liars who Lie

This week was full of liars getting caught lying.  Imagine if they prosecuted people for lying there would not be one single individual not imprisoned in the South.  Lying is an art form one perfects by talking here.

First up was the jailing of Paul Manafort.   Well so much for White Privilege.  Again the wagons are circling around Trump and his cohorts as Trump's foundation is now being sued by the State of New York for fraud and this is new as in news?  There had been endless reports on the fraud and duplicity of this "non profit" that was basically a slush fund.   Just ask the 50 Shades of Shit I was busted former Missouri Governor who is still being investigated by the Sate regarding mining his "non profit" for names as potential donors.   And boo hoo his legal bills will not be covered by the State. But hey I am sure Trump will pardon him. And talk to Cohen about writing those legal bills off, I am sure he has some ideas.  Well he is sorta kinda busy right now but hey give Martha Stewart a call about what federal prison is like.  Did she get her pardon yet? Or is that just for the dead or irrelevant?

We have Scott Pruitt who is the ideal Cabinet Member for the Grifter in the White House.  The thing that may actually lead him to terminate his job terminating all laws and protections for the environment and the people who live in it may be his pursuit of a Chick-fil-A franchise for his wife.  Dear god if they can't kill us by poisoning the air and water they will kill people with trans fats.

The GOP.   Senator Corker a man who perfected the art of Tennessee statesman, lying while talking, has called the current state of Government a cult.  This from a man who voted regardless for any law or bill that passed his desk and signed by Trump.  Maybe just one thumbs down explains why John McCain has brain cancer, the cult willed his death for standing up to a nut fuck bully. Something Trump failed to do with his infamous meet and greet with North Korea's Dictator in Chief.  There was a point there and I failed to see let alone care about it.

In Trumplandia that is the point - care about nothing but the leader.   The parallels are lost for those who realize that Trump admires Dictators and Strongmen other than any affiliated with a Theocracy unless those are affiliated with oil and money as in Saudi Arabia.  It is amazing how he can distinctly exempt followers of Islam when it suits his needs or desires for respect and golden sword dancing and golden globe touching.  Ah the orb has magical powers.

Which brings me to the Inspector General report and like Congress at this point I have no interest in reading it either but I do know this much,  both McCabe and Comey are self serving assholes who did nothing wrong but nothing fully right, much like Hilary Clinton's campaign.  Win some and lose some - big time. 

Then the Washington Post who outed a Trump staffer for no, not being Gay that is so 90s!,  as inexperienced and having a fraudulent resume being in charge of a major office interviewed the punk to set the record straight.  Oh a gay pun!

The audacity of this kid believing that he could be a Chief of Staff without any relevant experience and education only validates my point about Millennials and their insatiable need to prove that they are smarter, better and people like them more than any cohort that has ever crossed the planet since the beginning of time.  He reminded me of the charming 25 year old I met on the Greyhound going to Louisville to interview for a CEO position at the Y there overseeing a 60 Million dollar upgrade and change to the facility, despite never doing such a thing and believing that yes he would be Charles in Charge.  Right, I live in the South and the backroom door is a revolving one with players wandering in and out making sure they are the hands behind the wheel of the driverless car.  They just have a Chauffeur as the front man to make them believe they are driving the car.

And lastly I conclude with the Theranos bitch and her boyfriend being indicted on Wire Fraud charges.  She should have taken a gig with the Trump clusterfuck as he could have pardoned her.  And does this qualify as #MeToo as she was the boss in charge of her 53 year old boyfriend whom she likely intimidated to perform criminal acts in order to keep his job?  Asking for a friend.

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