Friday, May 18, 2018

Bang Bang

A week after Teacher Appreciation Week I find myself feeling less than appreciated but then again to the Nashville Public Schools the Substitutes are less than valued they are crash test dummies in which to kick, trash and crash until needed.   I hate my job, my life and every single school that I have walked into these past two years.  What was disdain has now accelerated into fear for personal safety and in turn sanity.

Presently we are averaging a school shooting a week, and in Illinois a young man was talked down from a shooting.  And with today another in Texas  that at this time I write this 8 are dead.  The reasons behind the shooting today are emerging but it appears that explosives were found which make this very similar to Columbine as the shooters placed pipe bombs along the exterior of the building but the Custodians found them and disposed of them not realizing what they were and oddly they failed or the casualties would be worse.

But when we say "shooting" we are not always referring to an active shooting situations with mass casualties as they include suicides, accidental shootings, and other gun related incidents on any type of school campus.  So understanding that distinction is essential to understand the often false narrative that accompanies gun violence and stories about guns.

Then we have the lunatic who showed up at Trump's Golf Course in Florida and was ready to take out a few golfers for maybe playing to slow?

Add to the list the insanity here and I suspect elsewhere of exceeding violence in the schools and here in Nashville it is record breaking when it comes to sexual and physical assault by both Teacher and Student, and those are the ones of record .

Add to this week that another family have been found to for years serially abuse their children to the point where the State investigated and then returned the Mother to the home only to realize that this was more extensive than believed.  And this is another example of how when it comes to handling child abuse complaints or inquiries little is done until too late.  The Women who drove their car off the cliff, the former Mayor of Seattle, the Reverend, the Doctors, the Celebrities and many many more who daily inflict pain on others in some bizarre need to satisfy their own rage and deviancy.  I knew yesterday me screaming at the top of my lungs over an idiot kid calling me a liar was a way over the top response but I am tired of being ignored and not being listened to nor respected in any civilized manner.   And this only validates my belief that if a disaster with a shooter did happen I would turn out the lights, shut the door with me on the other side and run for the exit.  I am not even going to apologize or explain and truly I doubt anyone would care let alone understand why.  It took several Teachers to finally agree that me taking kids that were already trouble to a small gym with equipment of which I was to be responsible and somehow think that was okay for a 60 year old woman to do.  To then be called a liar by a Student when I said that I could not nor would due to liability issues was true I just chose to explain in a way that once again was over the heads and the comprehension skills of these students.  They are utterly unaccountable in their behavior so why would I be accountable for their safety?

Guns seem to be the weapon of choice for men under 30 to resolve disputes, settle scores, prove manhood and mend broken hearts.    There is your toxic masculinity.  We have men and boys raping boys and girls and coercing women into sexual relationships long after puberty without recourse.  And the response to this is to of course drop race cards, come up with bizarre analogies and other stories that somehow defend and excuse said behavior.  So far I am loving the whole 70s thing as a reason. I loved the 70s show and don't recall that as a topic but maybe Ashton Kuchner could do a reboot with that as a theme.

But then when the President of the United States is confused about HIV and HPV we have another problem. And given this man's history of problems it seems to be just another to add to burgeoning list.   When Bill Gates jokes about it during a speech but also feels it necessary to comment about Trump's observations and comments on Gate's daughter I see why he and his wife were upset.  This is how women are valued and seen.  When we are fertile, attractive we are still valued when not we are ignored, dismissed and trashed with the crash test dummies.  And this might be why men treat women that way - we are disposable.

From Cannes where the elite meet, greet and advocate all thing theater the reality is that one-half the worlds population are women and yet there is an absurd dress code.  So they respond by making the Jury entirely of women to show respect. That is one start but the film industry is not any different than any other.  Then we can break that down by color and ethnicity and in turn those who have changed genders in which to embrace all that comes from being a woman and have a parade, then what?  This last week has made me hate being a woman, hate myself even more than normal as I cannot recall a time when I was loved as a person, that I mattered and that I had something to offer. This is not living it is existing.  Maybe that is why the NRA wants us to have guns so we can end it all and let Immigrants clean up the mess

 Births are way down in America so now if you want to know the real reason the GOP want to ban sex education, sexual health information, access to birth control/family planning and abortion this may be why.  Otherwise we are going to have to tear down those walls!  Reagan is back and the next up shoulder pads.  The 70s are over.  Never mind Ashton.

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