Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Bad Weeks vs Bad Days

I am trying to understand if Sunday marks the end of a week or actually starts another as of late the Trump Administration is disrupting that schedule as well.   And since I have long thought that Trump is the first true Southern President born in New York it makes sense.  As in the South it is Church that marks the week as you go with the message of the pulpit to propel you in the week ahead and not reflect on the week behind.  And even then I suspect that depends on the Church in which you attend. But I am going with Sunday through Saturday as a week and what a week it was and it appears this will be no different.

My own week last week continues to drive me to apoplexy when I deal with the nativists of the area.  Be they Carpetbaggers or true Tennessee natives they share a common feature - a single brain.  My hairdresser who is a lovely person is so fake that I am not sure what to say to her but I try to figure it out and maybe it is time to find someone else as again it exhausts me in trying to deal with people here.   Then we have the endless problems with the property management firm who is sure it is not their job to get the rent check that I mail to them certified.    It was a long laborious process in which to explain how they can arrange directly through USPS website how to pick up or have mail delivered without you needing to be there.  

This was followed by coming home to find a notice from the Car Rental that I had not paid a parking ticket - 10 months ago. The car was licensed to North Carolina which required the City Clerk to contact the DMV of North Carolina to look into the registry (thankfully the car had not been sold or maybe it was who knows) but Enterprise was notified and in turn  they were charging me a $14 dollar fee and sending my personal info to Davidson County for them to contact me regarding that parking ticket of again 10 months ago. Yes I am sure I recall that time right after surgery and that getting that to me at this point proves once again that we have massive problems in this area regarding timely notifications and collection procedures. How much did this cost for an $11 dollar ticket?  I see why the Mayor is planning to outsource the parking meters and collection. He should fishing out quarters and then running out going to find them and then in turn by that time violation occurs is absurd.  In Chatanooga they actually have an app.  This is the "it" city alright.

Another person told me he too recently got one and tried to pay it that day and they informed him he must wait 10 days before paying.  He forgot and is waiting his late fine as well.  This place has its shit together alright but this again is how they make money, nickel and diming you.  I have no problem paying the late fees and fines and probably have more coming because half the time I forget about the tickets and throw them in the rental only to leave them in them when I return the vehicle.   And I look forward to the idea that we may be outsourcing the parking meters to enable access and in turn will be available to use debit cards the way a modern "it" city should.

The Mayor of the minute is attempting to also sell off city lands in which to gain revenue to add to the city coffers of upwards to 38 Million. Again this is supposedly the "it" city with 100 people a day moving here.  So where is the money?  Oh wait the only financial generator is property taxes and in turn sales taxes and both took hits when the transit referendum died a fast death and the property tax challenges were successful at higher rates than anticipated.  The other schemes that the Slattern proposed, including closing City Hospital, selling off Ft. Negley and increasing stormwater fees went out the door when she did. Whoops!

Then lets talk about Police and Firefighter overtime.    I have discussed the Slattern and her issues with the Bodyguard and his "overtime" and in turn this Mayor of the Moment does not use said detail and drives himself to the office daily but there is a problem with this and in turn lawsuits have been filed by private companies over the monopoly by the City employees over this issue.  The reality is that this is how they supplement their income here.  It is surreal the level of crazy that goes on when an event occurs to the overkill and histrionics with security. Again the Slattern detail was a good example.  And I  point to the 33 plus hour "manhunt" for the Waffle House shooter.  Really? Really?  Incompetence? Racism?  Padding the pocket or all three?  I spoke with my hairdresser about this and one of her other clients is a Police Officer who one night off duty spotted a little girl walking alone on Nolensville Pike.  It was over two hours before the Police came to collect the girl and attempt to find her family.   The Officer and his wife felt that had they said the child was white they would have come sooner.  I will let you make your own conclusions.

As again the shooting at Maz Taco of a Tourist was resolved in three hours using aircraft to find the  car and found one of the women.   Black women shooters white victim.   (My hairdresser was more concerned that it was women who committed this crime.  Ah we broke the glass ceiling) And the case of the Opry Mills shooter he went to Opryland and handed his gun to off all people ironically a retired Officer from California who was there buying tickets.  He handled the shooter professionally with of course classical Nashville irony a special training session of the State Patrol was occurring at the same time in the parking lot.  Black shooter, black victim and yet had that retired Officer not been there?  You do the math that is no overtime for him and no hero declarations and not one of the Media even spoke to him nor know his name.  Again this is not to devalue the amazing young man at the Waffle House but lets remind ourselves that the shooter of the same had stolen a car a week before parked in the vehicle in his apartment unit, the vehicle was recovered but not one individual was inquired about the individual whose photo they possessed. Why was that?

Then we have the neighboring "richest" county, Williamson, that too is facing shortfalls in the their budget to fund schools.  Again this is the "richest" county but they utterly object any rise to property taxes to pay for their schools.  Shocking, I know.  I hear constantly about how great their schools are and yet repeatedly I meet many Teachers who have transferred to Nashville's dump buckets so go figure.  Grass is greener and everyone needs to smoke some here.

Tuesday day two or day three of the week.  Well it cannot end soon enough as we all just need to keep moving forward because I for one need to not look back as there is nothing great there. 

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