Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Chain of Fools

I have been resolute in my disdain for the "city" of Nashville and true that bias is much like a Starbucks employee who sees two black men and one who has the audacity to ask for the bathroom code is then asked to leave,  he refuses so the Starbucks employee calls the cops to have this interloper,  transient, this carpetbagger removed.

Seems bizarre doesn't it?  I am from Seattle the city that gave the world Starbucks and in turn over roasted horrible tasting coffee and  a multitude of over sweetened beverages that contribute to America's ever expanding waistline and health problems.  Drinks that I see appeal to more customers of color and in turn add to their bottom line - just which ones is the question.

The coffee culture that dominates across the country is attributed to Starbucks, the sitting for hours using the free wi-fi and hanging out to work and in turn have a life that used to be confined to one's office or home.  So sitting in a Starbucks drinking a $5 dollar half calf decaf Espresso that you call EXPRESSO is a way to spend idle hours in a positive way.  I am no less guilty as I spend $7 bucks a day at Barista Parlor and spend at least two hours reading my newspaper and harassing the staff, who I adore!  The earn that dollar tip people and I double down on holidays! Hey I'm cheap but not black so maybe that is why they let me use the bathroom.

In the South Walmart is the go to.  And in California it is of course considered a reason why local businesses went out of business. Maybe that is why Police felt compelled to shoot a black man who was there with family as he simply refused to buy local!

As one who had the Police come to one's home on a "wellness check" I did not end up dead but then again I am white and a woman so they simply diagnosed me as depressed and anxious.  Wow ya think, aren't all white women?   But killing black men in one's home, in one's car, in one's yard, in front of one's home, standing on the sidewalk, or crossing the street..  It is like a new version of Dr. Seuss.

But you know it is a whole new day when the Police assault a Harvard man.

I have frequently said that while we have racial issues, since I have lived here I am aware of only  w one shooting, Jacques Clemmons; Which may have also been a contributory factor in the resignation of Mayor Barry as she was banging a fellow cop at the time, thin blue line and all that.  The racial divide here is complex and of course always tied to the top two - Money and Religion.

I have an upcoming blog post on homelessness as the Washington Post came to Nashville to talk about the issue and document the reality of that situation a city that is undergoing massive gentrification and in turn all that it brings to a city when it comes to this.  In Seattle I saw the reality of a city that has immense wealth and in turn growth but when it comes to liberalism and the issue of how social services and in turn the role of Government when it comes to aiding those at risk.  Nashville has no such interest as it sits in the shadow of the State Government and that entity takes precedent over any rules or laws the city puts in place.    It is as if the city is the bad step child and the Daddy wants to make sure that this child is not treated favorably.

But we don't need Police to shoot anyone as the children of Nashville and some adults have no problem doing so. Today I woke up to the news that an 11, 12 and 13  year olds had been assaulting, robbing and shooting individuals with a BB Gun in the money making section of the city.  I drive through that section or walk through it all the time just never at night. I never go out at night anymore here.    (Not that this doesn't happen anywhere else just ask Stockton about that one).   And this is one of many stories that proliferate the news cycle daily.   We never hear what schools the kids attended or any info other than age and what transpired and we never hear any follow up about what happened to them.  They apparently go to a juvenile detention center where the history of escapes is another news story.  The cycle continues like a tornado warning with about the same damage.

My favorite news story this week is the middle school Teacher who was a screaming racist, literally screaming at kids about Muslims, Trump and LGBQT issues.  I have a friend looking for a job and I suggested the town that gave us Mae Beavers and other religious kooks as it is about a 20 minute train ride outside Nashville and has great potential to be a workable affordable suburb with an already established transit system - the train - that could be doable if funded properly.  Best part is that it is not part of the Davidson County/Nashville school district.

As I sit here I am in an "intervention" class normally run by the Football Coach, who I presume isn't here this week due to the TNReady testing that is ongoing for the next three weeks.  And third time a charm proves that maybe TNReady is not so ready.  The blog Tennessee Education Report does a great job breaking down the history of this lamentable tests and they should give themselves a big F for failing once again.   And the current Director already under fire for budget shortfalls was counting on said test scores to prove his readiness for the job.  But regardless in the So Nashville way the budget was approved despite another program cut.   Ah irony, from the man who began his career as a reading specialist.

As for revenue in the State that would help fund schools and said crumbling infrastructure via property and business taxes this is a subject that the State has an aversion to.  Recall that States are in arms over Amazon and sales taxes (the regressive tax) but corporate and business ones not so much. And when you fail to make demands from those who are the largest shareholder in the state -  it shows.  Even the wealthy are busy filing exemptions for property taxes and are getting them approved. Meanwhile the Retired Teacher I met claimed she did not know and it was too late.  I told her to call them anyway as I thought there was more time and when I saw her she had not.  I am amazed at the martyr life they love here - money and religion - they go hand in hand.

Children robbing, shooting, harming adults and other children. Excessive and daily violence. Literacy rates hovering about 25% of the population as illiterate and cutting courses and individuals who are experienced in helping these situations is the solution. But STEAM baby STEAM and SEL or social emotional learning without trained personnel, adequate funding and allocation of resources to implement any of these concepts properly is par for the course here.  It is as if I live in a surreal world where money grows on trees and the people who deserve it are in Eden.  Yes we are all Adam and Eve only properly dressed as we cannot have those sex bits showing.

Oh wait that may explain why the South has seemingly endless Teachers molesting students, Child porn freak , Governors tying up hairdressers, or wanting doors locked to maul their aids, or Attorney Generals being banned from malls.  No wonder the Kentucky Governor was sure that during the recent Teacher strike kids were being drugged up and/or raped. This is Dr. Seuss the porn version.
Even the women here have busted the glass ceiling on that one, right former Mayor Megan Barry? Ah the South shall rise again and by what I am sure Viagra can help with that one. We are up and ready for takeoff.  Such a chain of fools.

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