Monday, October 2, 2017

Most MASSIVE in History!

I woke up at 3:30 this morning to the news about Las Vegas and thought once again a nut with a gun.  I did not go "terrorist" or even remotely think that, I did however think it was someone white, someone young with anger issues.  When I found it was a 64 year old dude I was shocked and then I laughed when I read Twitter saying Boomers are causing havoc.  Then insane speculation and actually naming a name that was utterly incorrect as this is what social media has become - fake news and vitriol. 

When I read the boomers comment I thought, Yes we boomers are responsible for all the mass shootings of the last 5 years and let's just include Columbine here.  Oh wait..  The New York Times did a partial list going back to 2007 when Virginia Tech had the title of the greatest bestest biggest most massive shooting of all times moniker.  Well Trump can now add this superlative to his resume.

What was interesting is that all but one were men and the lone woman was a Professor denied tenure. Go figure.  They were Black, they were White and they were Asian, they were young and they were old and none had criminal histories, some had mental health problems that were documented and some had histories of domestic violence but all of them had guns, some if not most bought legally and in turn which enabled them to have both access and availability to kill.

 Social media seems good for, spreading innuendo, confusion, lies and speculation.  Clearly it worked with regards to the Presidential election but this is not the time to read one word of it.   It will days to weeks and maybe never to understand the motivations of Stephen Paddock,  and what the hell went on in the room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay.  It will be even more difficult now as he killed himself before the Police arrived so unless a manifesto was there we are going to be like the friends and family who all never thought a thing about their bud who had a massive armory in his possession.

And it was just luck that he killed himself first as it  would have taken hours to find him in a 3,000 room hotel and we cannot be sure he even knew they were closing in,  but thanks to excellent smoke detectors they knew exactly where he was.  This time Cops did not get their man nor even have an opportunity to kill him first.  Irony that two Police officers lost their lives attending this same event and even if they did carry their off hours piece it would not have saved anyone. 

And now we have the demands and declarations from ISIS who at this point could take credit for a traffic pileup and others declaring it an act of Domestic Terrorism.  Whatever you want to call it it is still massive death and destruction by those whose hands are wrapped around a gun.  GUNS kill and by calling them Terrorists, Murderers, Mentally Ill Fuckwads doesn't change a thing when it comes to the accessibility and availability of guns in the United States.

One cannot overlook the fact that guns are more readily available than health care in the United States and today over 500 people will be needing it.  Who pays those bills?

The debate over domestic terrorism is ironically another issue in and of itself as Steve Scalise, the GOP Representative who was shot on the baseball field a few months ago returned to Congress on Friday.  No mention was ever made of another colleague a few years earlier who did the same and in turn resigned to dedicate herself to the Gun Control movement.

So we can find one distraction after another. We can debate and talk and label until the cows come home or the hens return to the roost, pick your idiom.  But in all honesty when are we going to actually realize the toll guns take on society? 

And yes we have seen vehicles wreak massive havoc, killings by knives and by swords, axes and implanting poisons in consumer foods and drugs and on skin (if you really need to Google these as you don't know any of the references feel free as I am winding up) but nowhere near the level that guns have done to destroy lives and the social fabric of our nation.  Maybe Putin should have just opened a gun shop and said cheap to free get them while they are here!  

The Fourth Amendment is about militia and protecting oneself and family from an invading Visigoth and that was then this is now.  We don't need military grade weapons in our homes, we have a Military and they are ready and able.  Plus most of the local cop shops seem to have a shitload of military grade weapons so there is no shortage of guns around to protect you and yours shit they Visigoth's invade. And they don't need to do that anymore they have Facebook and Social Media. Look how good it worked during this last election? 

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