Sunday, September 3, 2017

Too Good Too Bad

I have been harshly critical of the relief efforts regarding Hurricane Harvey in Texas and largely due to Politics.

Of late I have been very determined to donate money or time to those organizations that I believe are in line with my political beliefs and in turn will do what they need to with those resources to support an agenda or philosophy that I share with them.

Here in Nashville I discovered Casa Azafran which is literally down the road from my house and where I early voted in the election as a symbol of connection to people who have done so much for me and many in this country, this country of Immigrants, this child of one.

And on their website they have lists of organizations and businesses that are interconnected to the same efforts and purposes of which they too support. 

As one who has long abandoned the Red Cross as they are a bureaucracy I have found many local organizations, Churches and other groups that are better connected and in turn easier to contact with regards to specific needs in their community.

This last week I have watched more people load up vans and trucks with food and other items to truck into Texas.  At this point boats, ski jets and other vehicles are the few things they may need but sending water, canned goods and other items is utterly superfluous.  People will actually at this point need help with construction tools, items and labor to repair or at least move forward to restoration.  An that is again a better way to do such by contacting local labor unions or building organizations, even Lowe's or Home Depot to see how you can help.

So as I have no intention to doing anything directly with Harvey I have no problem donating to the sister organizations and groups whom I respect and they can do with it what they wish and find the appropriate ways in which to do so.  The woman here who is a Horse Jumper loading a trailer to rescue horses was something here that when I heard it laughed my ass off. Really?  Ah when you are rich you can still be an idiot.  I get the gesture but there had to be a better way to help horses than driving to Texas and do what? Show up at the Astrodome and yell, "Anyone here leave their horse at home?"

And I urge you to watch this from CBS Sunday Morning and listen to the idiocy of what happens when disaster hits.  You really want to help either rebuild their houses, give them jobs or bring them to your homes.  Giving them shit is too much and it just goes bad.    I believe that sometimes charity begins at home and there are more than many great groups who have all the connections and affiliations in the disaster zone to help them efficiently and more effectively than you could sending a teddy bear.

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