Friday, September 1, 2017

Fuck a Cop Today

Last week I used a Lyft to get a nearby school. The driver was a nice man and we pulled into the lot where kids were playing, a Teacher and a Cop were there supervising. We continued our dialogue and in turn I watched the Teacher gesture to the car and the Cop start walking in our direction. I threw opened the door and jumped out saying "HELLO OFFICER" and started to move away from the car.

The Officer asked if he could help us and I said no I was a Substitute and that my Lyft driver was a chatty Cathy and I was not in any rush as I still had time on the clock before I had to report in and we were talking. 

He goes: "Well I was just being careful when a car pulls in a lot with kids and are sitting watching them."

 Okay with that I say,  "Sure as that was not what was happening but would you like to see my ID to confirm I am a Sub and that I am there on legitimate business?"

** Now I want to point out that if one was there for nefarious reasons the last thing they would do is pull up in broad daylight with not one but two adults and one a Cop monitoring the situation. And as this is a school that a man and woman, both white, could be coming to pick up their child, there for another purpose as the front lot is one that is for buses and Administration and could be full and so we used the back lot as it was easier.  A true Cop would assess what was going on keep a watchful eye and let a minute or two pass before intervening.  This did not happen and again would have just said okay and walked away the second I start rambling on. But his posture and demeanor gave me pause and in turn fueled my fear.  

 And then I announced loudly I was reaching into my bag to reclaim said ID and he did not try to stop me or say anything but stood and watched me get said ID.

If he truly did not want it he should have just said no and walked away. So as I showed him my ID he asked if I was subbing for a name that I did not know. So once again I announced that I was going to reach into my bag and get the print sheet with the name and job number I use to sign in.

Again he did not vociferously stop me from doing so and I show him the sheet. He seems confused by the name as it is not one he knows then I show him the school name, job number and the date and time and tell him that now I am running late and need to go the office to sign in.

He goes, "Why are you acting this way?

I said, "I am afraid and this is all just making me more afraid as I am still unclear why (he) felt the need to come to a car and say we were staring at kids giving me the impression that I am suspicious looking or doing something suspicious in behavior as anyone should be afraid given that response."

I asked if I could leave he said I could but that I would have to go through the front door.. which I had been planning to and I then started to walk in that direction.

 He shouted after me " Where are you from?"  I shouted as I walked, "Seattle."  He goes, "I don't know if this how they are where you are from but we are not like that here."

 I just nodded and kept walking. By the time I got into the Office guess who walked in through the back door? The Cop. He asked for someone by name and the Secretary said no so he left. I got my rosters, signed in and exited the office. I walked around the corner to go up the stairs and guess who was sitting at a desk in the hall right there? The Cop. I utterly ignored him and went up to the classroom.

In all my times in that school and had been there on Monday I have never seen him standing there. I have seen him on the premises and he did not recall a similar encounter that led me to do the same behavior because that same male Teacher came to me while I was sitting there on the benches ironically called the "Peace Park" that is a PUBLIC PARK adjacent to school grounds. There are no signs saying it is illegal or just for school use during school hours, nothing. But as friend said that he worked that school once and never went back as he too had a similar experience.

I want to point out that this school is not as bad as the Truck Stop Middle School I had been in earlier that week and is an isolated section of an industrial area where this could be perceived as more dangerous or the School of the Arts off a busy road and by a huge greenfield. Funny no Cops there. Nashville is a paranoid crazy as fuck city. And yes their Cops shot a man only recently on a traffic stop so yes, yes you are just like that.

This is the South and Police and Military are revered here and they carry that proudly and in turn that enables them to act without recourse.  They can go fuck themselves frankly as they are dangerous as shit. 

And so when this woman expressed fear she knew. If only the woman in Minnesota had such fear she might have not walked out to the Police car and be dead right now.

So instead of hug a cop maybe fuck one as clearly they need to get laid.

We Only Kill Black People,’ Police Officer Says During Traffic Stop

AUG. 31, 2017

A police department in Georgia is firing one of its officers after he was recorded on a dashboard camera trying to convince a white woman that she had nothing to worry about during a traffic stop because she was not black.

The video, obtained by WSB Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta, shows Lt. Greg Abbott of the Cobb County Police Department standing at the side of a car during a traffic stop last year. He tells the woman, a passenger, that she could use her cellphone.

“It’s in your lap right there,” he says. She replies that she does not want to move her hands, saying she has seen “way too many videos” about how the police behave at traffic stops.

“But you’re not black,” Lieutenant Abbott replies. “Remember, we only kill black people. Yeah. We only kill black people, right?”

WSB-TV published an excerpt from the interaction on Thursday after it obtained the video through an open-records request.

At a news conference Thursday afternoon, Chief Mike Register of the Cobb County Police Department said the comments were “inexcusable and inappropriate.”

“I’ve known Lieutenant Abbott for a number of years, and I’ve always perceived him to be an honorable man. But he made a mistake,” Chief Register said, adding that the department had begun the process of firing him.

Ben Williams, the president of the Cobb County chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, praised the decision at the news conference.

“There will be other instances of police misconduct,” he said. “But we have hope here in Cobb that we have a chief and leadership that is serious about bringing this department to be one of the better ones in the nation.”

Chief Register was appointed to lead the department in June.

The police in Cobb County, which is northwest of Atlanta and is Georgia’s third most populated county, with about 741,000 people, have come under scrutiny for race relations in the past. A report by the International Association of Chiefs of Police gave the department a high community approval rating, but also mentioned a perception of discriminatory and biased policing, WSB reported.

Andrea Young, the executive director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, said the department should pursue diversity and cultural training. “Under zero circumstances is it ever appropriate to joke about police officers committing murder,” she said in an emailed statement.

The traffic stop took place on July 10, 2016, at about 3 a.m. on Interstate 75 near Marietta, the county seat. The male driver was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, his lawyer, Surinder Chadha Jimenez, said in a telephone interview on Thursday. The woman was a passenger in the car, he said.

Mr. Chadha Jimenez said he had watched the video to prepare for his client’s case. He said that it appeared the officer “didn’t like the way” the woman was talking to him during the arrest of the man, and that “they kept going back and forth.”

“From my perspective of the video, she was being truthful about her fear and the cop took it as a joke or an insult,” he said. He added that he did not think the officer had “meant malice” and that he had “made a bad joke.”

“The Cobb County police are addressing it appropriately,” Mr. Chadha Jimenez said.

Lieutenant Abbott’s lawyer, Lance J. LoRusso, said in a statement emailed on Thursday, before the chief’s news conference, that the 27-year veteran of the force was cooperating with the internal investigation.

“He was attempting to de-escalate a situation involving an uncooperative passenger,” Mr. LoRusso said. “In context, his comments were clearly aimed at attempting to gain compliance by using the passenger’s own statements and reasoning to avoid making an arrest.”

At the news conference, Chief Register said Mr. Abbott’s comments might have been made “from a sarcastic standpoint,” but were inappropriate regardless of context.

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