Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cut and Run

I spend a lot of time trying to suffer through Nashville Public Schools and the delusion that accompanies a system shattered beyond repair.

I read where the Nashville "reporter" for Chalkbeat was retiring to go to Harvard where she will learn more ways to implement reform that reflects a bias that centers on poverty but lingers on race. I busted a gut when I read this bullshit:

2. Tennessee has one of the most fascinating education stories in America.

I’ve had a front-row seat to massive changes in K-12 education under reforms ushered in by Race to the Top — an overhaul being tracked closely well beyond the state’s borders. But the national interest and import doesn’t end with changes stemming from the $500 million federal award. Tennessee is home to some of the nation’s premier education researchers, making its classrooms laboratories for new ideas about pre-K, school turnaround, and literacy instruction, just to name a few. And at the legislature, more lobbyists are devoted to education than to most any other cause. A lot of eyes are on Tennessee schools.

Again if you read the book that no one has heard of, Making the Unequal Metropolis, about Nashville Public Schools you would know the deliberate design of a system intended to economically and in turn racially segregate education. This is the home of VAM, the value added metric measure of Teacher performance measured by Student tests which is largely a failure and much derided and in turn numerous state testing itself has been failure after failure year after year with results delayed and boards overriding the test results. So what the fuck is she talking about? Well she is funded by the Gates and Walton foundations and don't contradict the master is the first rule in paid for journalism.

I have said repeatedly that rather that fight it join it and find ways to make schools separate but superior and find ways outside of curriculum through sports, arts, and other extra curricular actives to force integration under programs and options funded by outside organizations and through grants that allow schools to find ways to best serve their communities and their needs. Then through social encounters that are less "obligations" and more literally by choice it enables people to mix and mingle without suspicion or resentment. Find the commonalities that one shares will overcome the differences when it is done without obligation.

Today I was talking to a Teacher and said I appreciate the schools here but I am happy as a Sub as I truly don't get the ways here in more than one other than schools and the poverty here is truly something I have yet to come to terms with, so I am better finding other things to do once my license expires and I left it at that. I watched a Student Teacher as he rambled through the room and I for the first time finally avoided trying small talk and left as soon as I heard the announcements. I could not wait to get home. The goal is to come away neither sick nor angry and that is easier said than done but each da comes with its own goals to meet.

And then I came home to hear about another school shooting from my home State and while it is early hours yet, the shooter is very much alive and may lend some understanding in the mindset of one whose intent is to kill.  I have said that here too in Nashville that despite all their Cops on school grounds and heavy security bullshit this is another place ground zero for crazy ass shit.

And on that note, I read another article about the issues regarding desegregation in The Nation and wanted to go: Really? Duh. I do believe that unless you live in the South you truly believe it is something that can be recitified with community activism and engagement. Seattle was aware of it but it was nowhere near the level that I see here and little do they know that in comparison to what I see here they do a better job serving their marginalized population. That is not saying much as that is a low bar but still.

We need to understand schools are representative of the community. That the intent was to teach those members the tools they would need to succeed in said community. Well we are doing it it is just what kind is the real issue.

So I urge you to realize that unless you are willing to circumvent it through some clever game playing we will go back to the schools as they were prior to Brown. We are already sort of kind of there but with the racist king of Forrest Trump in charge of the Justice Department don't expect any kind of Justice in the future.

The article in The Nation is here and read it with trigger warnings firmly in place. Then get your ass up and go to a public schools and see the good they do and what they do right and what they can do to be better.

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