Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Go With God

I have covered the boarding school rapes of the elite Eastern students, the rapes and assaults of Seattle children and those in Colleges and Universities across America and  of course the Teacher here who kidnapped, took, whatever a kid across state lines for whatever nusto reason while professing on his Facebook page that he was a soldier of God.  Yes that is the undercurrent that dominates all life here - God.  And what doesn't surprise me that once again God is in the forefront of another sexual assault  here in Tennessee.

Brentwood is an elite well to do suburb of Nashville in the adjacent "county" of Williamson and my personal favorite town, Franklin,  that is the old money with Brentwood that of the new. Belle Meade in Nashville is of course the old old money set but they are hop skip and pike away from each other. But in Nashville they make it seem as if they are a world away. As in taxes and that is about it but hey whatever.

I have been told repeatedly that if I taught elsewhere outside of Nashville Public Schools I would feel different. No, this is a State where there population regardless of the cost of admission still runs under one-third receiving higher education so bitch please as they say.

Tennessee is off the radar for a Southern state being conservative, prude, uptight, poor and repressive.  I think it has to do with the Country Music bullshit but that is not the core of the industry here.  Again that is hospitals.  Nashville is a not a blue pond in an red sea it is pink. The end. I know after my reading last night, which I discussed in the blog post Cold Comfort, that I hit way too close to home with my thoughts.   And that was a brief edited  essay,  I can't imagine living here and actually publishing that and being able to walk among them. Youhavegottabe kidding me.  People here take little to no criticism or even an opinion that veers to the less than positive.  Them are fighting words.  And we know they love that here along with their endless buildings, streets and monuments that mark every Civil War moment and individual of the Antebellum South.

So when I read this tonight I went,  well good money gone bad. Love the motto of the school
Our highest calling at Brentwood Academy is to guide students (grades 6-12) as they discover their potential beyond what they could have imagined. Built on a strong foundation of personal relationships with one another and with Christ, the BA mission flourishes each day as faculty and students pursue excellence in academics, athletics, the arts, and their faith.

But the irony of the comment "turn the other cheek" when applying it to this rape - male on male - is priceless. Someone please call The Beav. Mae Beavers needs to know this right away! Ah hypocrisy here in the Red Sea.

Tenn. school official accused of telling rape victim to 'turn the other cheek'

Brentwood Academy Headmaster Curtis G. Masters is accused of doing nothing in response to claims that a 12-year-old boy was repeatedly raped by older schoolmates.

Elizabeth Elizalde
Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The headmaster of a prestigious Tennessee private school is accused of telling a former male student to “turn the other cheek” after reporting he was being raped by a group of boys, a lawsuit charges.

The 12-year-old boy and his mother, identified in the suit as John Doe and Jane Doe, are accusing four eight graders of sexually abusing the victims between the 2014-2015 Brentwood Academy school year as well as several school administrators for negligence, the suit obtained by The Tennessean says.

The alleged attacks started in 2014 when the boys placed their buttocks on the victim’s face and their scrotums in his mouth during a party after a football game, the suit demanding $30 million in damages says.

Other attacks in early 2015 happened in the school’s locker rooms without adult supervision. Several instances involved the boys sexually assaulting the victim, with two of them holding the door shut to prevent people from coming in.

One of the boys accused of raping the teen reportedly boasted he "f----d that boy up the a-- and stuck a Gatorade bottle in him.” The boys were depicted as bullies in the suit and also reportedly abused other students.

Jane Doe, the victim’s mother, learned about her son’s ordeal and then reported the incidents to Chris Roberts, a counselor at Daystar Counseling. Roberts is accused of failing to report the allegations to the authorities.

Roberts, a former Brentwood Academy employee, told the mother that Christian institutions don’t “handle these things” by reporting, the suit says.

Jane Doe brought her son to a doctor who said he would contact the Department of Children Services if the counseling agency failed to make moves, papers say.

After learning about the allegations, Brentwood Academy Headmaster Curtis G. Masters told John Doe to "turn the other cheek" and that "everything in God's kingdom happens for a reason," the suit states.

During a meeting with victim’s parents, Masters said the boys were “being boys and he could not investigate each of those and run a school.” He even offered the victim to change in his office until cameras were installed in the locker room, the suit says.

"Our highest priority is the safety and protection of our students. We take any allegation involving our students very seriously,” master said in a statement to The Tennessean. “We responded immediately and fully cooperated with authorities when we became aware of concerns in 2015

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