WICHITA, Kan. - After nearly 20 years, a Wichita man is seeking out his former middle school teacher to tell her one thing: I'm sorry.

Nate Davis, now 31 years old, specifically remembers being a troubled 12-year-old.

"I had already been arrested for one thing and then, I can't remember if I was on probation or if that was yet to come, but I was in trouble a lot," Davis said.

Even after being in trouble with the law, it's the trouble he caused in school that still weighs heavy on his heart. Especially the mistreatment, he says, of his seventh grade Spanish teacher who used to teach at Brooks Middle School.

"I used Mrs. Florence's vulnerability of being in a wheelchair as my stage to act up in her class, more than other classes," Davis remembered. "There were a lot of people I've mistreated in my life through one thing or another but hers was just pretty brutal."

It wasn't until a few life lessons later, Davis knew he had to make amends. After being unable to track down his former teacher through the school, Davis turned to social media.

"I decided to  make a video and just shot it in my backyard just asking people if they could help me find Mrs. Florence and it just went crazy from there," he said.

In the video posted on Facebook, Davis detailed some of his acts of mistreatment toward Mrs. Florence. He said he 'dumped pencil shavings on her head', 'spit in her hair' and even 'locked her out of the classroom'. All things he wants to apologize for.

The response to the video was instant, many people commenting and applauding his courage to try to right his wrongs. But his mission was stopped short when he learned Mrs. Florence passed away several years ago.

"That made me feel sad, made me upset that I couldn't find a resolution to this," Davis said.

Determined not to let his apology go unspoken, Davis turned to Florence's family members and was able to contact his teacher's niece.

"She responded very lovingly and sweet just like her aunt would have and so we have plans to meet soon," he said.

A chance to make peace with an old chapter of his life and an opportunity, Davis hopes, to show others it's never too late to start a new chapter of your own.

"It's not the end. Just because a kid acts up or does terrible things in their youth, it's not the end of the story for that person," Davis added. "Just be patient."