Thursday, April 24, 2014

Home Energy

Are you looking for ways to grow your business?  Are you an experienced Contractor or Remodeler and looking to break into the ever growing Energy field?

If that is a three peat yes then I have just what you need to add the tools you need that are not on a belt.

This is one energy audit business opportunity and as the  building performance
industry is moving toward whole home performance contracting.  Homeowners
and small commercial business owners are looking for one point of contact to
deal with all their home/building performance needs.  

Home Energy Team  provides everything you need to set up and run a successful

Sure, you could do it by yourself, but Home Energy Team makes it easier, faster
and more cost-effective.

              Home Energy Team has the tools you need to get started quickly and keep your
                           business running successfully.

From this you in turn have the flexibility to select the type of tools you will need to do so. If you so opt there is a complete turn-key business package that includes everything you will need to run a successful home energy performance based business.

Our services and options include the following: Content Ready Website with custom content. We offer Market Strategies that target the home remodeling market with all the business and marketing tools you will need to accomplish the goals you set.  

There is Energy Audit Software, Job Pricing Calculators, Hands On Training and Ready Made Business Plans available in which we also provide Coaching and Mentoring to assist in that development. 

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