Friday, April 11, 2014

Beat Down

In America the Police are Sheriffs, Municipal Police, Security Agents for Public Transportation, TSA, and Border Patrol and all of them have been responsible for the death/murder,imprisonment and assault of innocent people.

Yesterday a man was executed by the Los Angeles Police as he was fleeing his assailant as well as another man who was injured. The explanation - they were fleeing "agressively." Really? Running for your life is rather assertive. Ironically or just coincidentally, the NY Times wrote an extensive article that very day discussing the issues of income inequity and the problems it leads to as a result with regards to the decline of Los Angeles. Shocking? No. Add excessive police abuse to the list of results.

And that is just one city with problems, Seattle has been targeted by the Justice Department, New Orleans and now add Albuquerque to the list. Three very different type of cities and yet one consistency, police abuse.

And today the New York Times has this article about a man whose unpaid fines led him to be shot and jailed. Pay those parking tickets people!

I frequently hear from others that dependent upon the source this information is selective, innacurate or utterly false, regardless of the number of "legitimate" sources one cites, this convenient explanation somehow oddly justifies their equally biased and discriminatory source; which oddly they never provide when asked to document a supporting alternative to the theory, that would actually require having one.

I read Radley Balko daily. And I am no fan of many of his "sources" particularly ReasonTV but I begin with Radley and then go from there to find other sources of information that further elaborates and or corroborates his version. It takes time, reading and well reading.

So when I read his story about abuse by Border Patrol it was not the first nor I suspect the last when it comes to abuse by those minding the borders. There are many tales of horror from all kinds of people regardless of the border, the nationality and the type of query. 9/11 opened the door to this and it is both sides that have become overwhelmingly insistent that it is necessary to protect their country from terrorists.

This video below is from "Need to Know" a PBS news program. Take it from the source or not. Dismiss fact and knowledge or realize we have a Police State Nation that is no different than North Korea frankly. But at least they don't have to have the Kim Jong Un haircut. A silver lining no doubt.

Need to Know - Crossing the Line.

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