Monday, March 17, 2014

Fire Fire!

I recall having a conversation with Attorney 3.0 regarding Firefighters and EMT and their roles and relationships to the Police. He informed me they are largely perceived as heroes. Okay then. I do love to prove people wrong.

Add to the mix, drunk, disorderly and of course homeless abuse. Can't just let Cops have all the fun now can we?

Then we have the evidence lab aka Harborview Medical Center included where even a homeless man refused to go. Actually treating the homeless is the first priority in the mandate agreement it has with King County. So when a homeless person refuses to go there you know it must be a bigger shithole then the street he lives on. It's not called HarborZOO for nothing.

Who is the bigger danger to the community? The Cops, the Firefighers, the Homeless or Harborview Hospital? I would take one out of the equation and he was the injured one.

And of course since the victim is homeless, refused to go to Harborview to have evidence taken from him to somehow excuse or aka "justified" what transpired by saying he was drunk or high or in turn enable the supposedly highly qualified medical staff to treat and in turn extract the necessary evidence to prosecute the Firefighters. But this is Seattle and the Police and Harborview protect their own so don't expect any of them to see the inside of a jail for the long haul or even a courtroom or a vest with a garbage bag anytime soon. They are Heroes!

This will be handled in the adjacent conference rooms of non transparency and plea bargained or dismissed with "prejudice" due to the witness not being able to be "found." See if you can do the same and let me know how it works out.

Best part is one on disability. Recall I have written about the many Cops and Firefighters on disability in New York while simultaneously skydiving and surfing, etc. Guess beating up a man on the street wouldn't qualify as any physical endeavor questioning that disability "entitlement".

Remember this is the most "liveable" City.

Police: Seattle firefighters attack homeless manUpdated 5:28 pm, Sunday, March 16, 2014

SEATTLE (AP) — An off-duty firefighter was stabbed and is facing criminal charges with another firefighter after attacking a homeless man sleeping on a memorial for fallen firefighters in Seattle's Pioneer Square, fire and police said.

The attack happened on Saturday when the two off-duty firefighters and a woman, all apparently drunk, walked by the sleeping man. According to witnesses, the woman yelled at the man for sleeping at the memorial and then kicked him, police said.

The firefighters then joined in, hitting the man with a stick and kicking him. The homeless man defended himself and furnished a knife. He struck one of the firefighters.

Seattle Fire Department spokeswoman Lt. Sue Stangl confirmed the involvement of the firefighters. She said the department is still looking at what happened and doesn't have a full statement yet.

She said the firefighters are 15- and 17-year veterans of the Fire Department. The woman involved is not part of the department.

She said one of them has been on disability since January, while the other had last worked last Thursday.

The woman and the non-injured firefighter were booked into King County jail to face assault charges. The stabbed firefighter was taken to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening wounds. He'll be charged after his release from the hospital.

The homeless man refused medical treatment.


And as I thought the perpetrators of the assault are now on disability. Nice not work if you can get it.

And as I also predcited the homeless man would be somehow at "fault" under the legal term "contributory neglience"

I wonder if this "girl" would be happy if I called her a slut or a whore for drinking with violent men or encouraging men to abuse and assault others and partake in public drunkeness?

Oh wait I know someone in the City of Seattle Prosecutor's Office who might agree with that or not. These are America's heroes right? They wouldn't date sluts or whores who drink and have sex with men would they?

SFD chief apologizes after firefighters arrested in Pioneer Square attacks
Posted on March 17, 2014 | By Lynsi Burton

Seattle Fire Chief Gregory Dean apologized Monday afternoon after two firefighters were accused of beating not one, as originally reported, but two men Saturday night in Pioneer Square.

The two men and a woman not affiliated with the fire department were arrested following the incident during which they are alleged to have beaten up the men near a memorial to fallen Seattle firefighters.

“I expect Seattle firefighters to treat every person in our community with respect,” Dean said during a press conference. “… Our job is to protect the public, not to put public in harm’s way.”

The 37-year-old woman was jailed on $20,000 bail following the incident, while one of the firefighters was released and the other taken to Harborview Medical Center with stab wounds under police supervision.

The firefighters accused in the alcohol-fueled assault assault are both on disability status with the fire department, Dean said. While one of them was on disability prior to the assault the other one – the firefighter who was stabbed – was placed on disability since the attacks. They are 15- and 17-year veterans of the department.

Investigators claim the assault was initially called in by the woman.

When a police officer met her at McCoy’s Firehouse bar at 173 S. Washington St., one of the firefighters she was with told police he was suddenly attacked by a stranger for no apparent reason. He showed police a small abrasion on his head and bleeding scrapes on his right knee, and said he wanted to press charges.

He admitted he had been drinking, but appeared was offended that officers asked him about it, court records say.

Several officers were then called to the 100 block of South Main Street on reports of an assault, which they learned was connected to the earlier report. Another firefighter was reportedly involved in that altercation.

There, a man told police he was sitting in the 100 block of South Main Street when an assailant – supposedly one of the firefighters – took away his wooden walking staff and beat him with it. He had a bleeding head wound and a serious defensive wound on his right arm to corroborate his story.

The man said he brandished a small folding knife and stabbed his assailant to defend himself.

He went on to say he also saw an earlier fight between the firefighter who told police he was assaulted, the woman he was with and another man.

According to the man’s account, the woman approached a man sleeping on the fire memorial and kicked over a plate of food next to him before kicking the man, reportedly offended that he was laying on the memorial. Another witness told officers the man with the woman “stomped” on the man at the memorial.

Onlookers tried to pull the firefighter off the victim, which police believe is how he suffered the injuries he showed the responding officer earlier, according to police statements. That firefighter was arrested but later released.

The firefighter who suffered stab wounds was taken to Harborview Medical Center and left under police guard. He is alleged to have attacked the man with his walking staff.

The woman was uninjured and booked into King County Jail.

Dean said that the fire department will review the records of the firefighters connected to the incident and will determine a course of action upon the completion of their investigation.

“We spent our whole career taking care of people and now we have an incident where we’re not taking care of people,” he said.

Dean went on to say that the fire memorial is intended for public enjoyment.

“It was meant to be shared with the community,” he said. “It is a piece of art that is not meant to be untouched.”

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