Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Health of Care

Even I am exhausted from talking about the health care debacles and other assorted malaise that the Affordable Care Act has caused America. This makes a terminal disease appear winnable by comparison. And yet it is only a month old and stil an infant, yet we are already throwing this baby with the bathwater.

First we have the whole idea that people now chained to jobs they hate due to needing health care coverage will likely move on, create a business or I don't know sit around and soak up all that free health care that they get from buying their health care.

And we have the ever ongoing debate about who or what is going to happen to the Insurance providers profits once the 3 year tax window, Government subsidy or "entitlement" dries up like an old menopausal vagina or penis... that is your Low T right there men.. welcome to MENopause. Don't worry they will oversubscribe the same bullshit hormones that brought women vaginal and breast cancer among other health problems! Welcome old boomers!

The biggest provider, Wellpoint, discusses the trade offs they are making in anticipation about the hoardes of insured that will be banging down their doors. But of course they count on the Government for the biggest enrollment in the form of Medicare. It is a win-win - for Wellpoint.

And we have the ever increasing move towards utter monopolies and limiting in turn choices for both Patients and Doctors when it comes to Hospitals. And for those newly enrolled you will find the choice"s" are mostly public facilities that were long taking the great unwashed and uninsured for years but now with increased Medicare funding the doors are wide open like the gowns, the care is still crap but hey you had none before.

And that may explain also why the young, the most desired of the uninsured have simply decided to risk penalties vs having shitty care. And what I found interesting as this article in the Washington Post discovered, the bulk of the uninsured live in only 116 counties. Number one Los Angeles. Hmm home to the "rich and famous" or just the wannabee. Does not surprise me that Seattle is a city with a large uninsured base. Many have flocked here for the supposed jobs. But as well documented unless you have a specific skill set you need to know how to pour a double foam latte. The Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing jobs that provide insurance are rare and highly hard to get. But hey don't take it from me talk to the Barista from Portland profiled in the WSJ who came here and makes a great latte for minimum wage at Victrola. Adding irony the author of the article lives in the Seattle equivalent of Williamsburg in New York and ever increasing gentrifying area of hipster with overpriced rents and sidewalks full of homeless and mentally ill.

So when a Pharmacy/Drug Store steps in and actually makes a massive health care decision to discontinue selling Cigarettes as it is clearly a conflict of interest and hypocrisy that many in health care have not learned. But this is why I rely on Pharmacists over Doctors for drug advice, clearly they actually do know and care more.

Well we are on the merry-go-round and where it stops nobody knows but hey you can get health care right?

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