Friday, February 7, 2014

Stop the Car

As many people with vehicles know you can get stopped for a "driving" violation. The Officer only needs to observe something with regards to the vehicle's performance, mechanics or even the driver themselves to legally stop you. Now giving a ticket or warning again falls to the Officer and your communication, or more importantly, lack of with regards to the stop.

The Atlantic has covered this issue before and frankly with our Warrior Cop nation I believe that any stop will end with some violation/accusation and penalty. And why I believe this? Because frankly the Police Departments have nothing to do. They are over supplied with numerous toys and gadgets, crime is "supposedly" down and the highly charged and legally mandated ability for them to go over the top when any incident occurs is not shocking as it simply the lack of actually doing something that lends to this behavior. Idle hands, devils workshop thing, you know the drill.

I have witnessed now in the past 3 months the most over excessive Police response to varying incidents that one wonders if America's Most Wanted are seriously running amok in the City streets.

The first was the traffic cone incident that was clearly from a woman in distress behind an already damaged car that went unattended at that scene and enabled her to continue to drive until finally stopped. That stop resulted in 7 Police vehicles and a Fire Department truck on scene. I still have not found any report of what transpired or the end result in the City blogs or reports of said incident.

The second was a speeding car that had a massive accident without fatalities that closed an entire main thoroughfare for over 8 hours. There were over 8 Police Vehicles, 2 EMT and 2 Fire trucks and one City of Seattle vehicle. The end result of that incident has again never been explained nor reported.

I had also witnessed another similiar accident 3 months prior on a Sunday morning, around the same time, on the same street with a solo driver hitting a tree and flipping his vehicle and same response. Yet no actual public report or data on that either, in other words the very same.

The most recent was a presumed shooting at one of the many Marijuana dispensaries that align that same road, in fact literally two doors down from the prior accident. The end result of several vehicles, the ubiquitous fire and EMT and again no victims of an actual shooting were found but one mentally ill or high (can you tell a difference?) man was taken to the Police lab - Harborview Hospital for "treatment." And by that I am sure some type of blood test to charge him with something and if not provide an excuse for either arresting or releasing within the mandatory 3 day hold requirement. And if he is indigent the taxpayer dime should be a lot of dimes. Oddly the taxpayer doesn't get quite the discounts Insurer's get when a hospital bills them. More crime really isn't it?

Meanwhile Police actions go slapped on the hand. The LA Police who mistakenly open fire on a truck of two women with over 100 rounds, thankfully not killing them, are back a work. I challenge anyone to open fire with even half that number and see what results?

So where are we with regards to our safety and security? Well if you are curious I look at the break ins and other acts of vandalism that occur on school properties and other public places, an arson that the aggressive acts by the community and thankfully video found the perpetrator. So in other words business as usual, crimes go unsolved and ignored unless you need to show presence and then you will get way more than you need.

So if you are curious how long you can be held in a traffic stop, the answer seems to be as long as the need, want or will hold you.

I have written about road side stops than have included full body exams, blood draws and of course police sniffing dogs, which was a recent episode on The Good Wife, art imitating life. And I have written about the bullshit and fake science used to evaluate and determine the lengths a Cop will go to and can to prove their version of events, including exploiting an animal.

The article is here about the most recent issues surrounding what seems to be a "normal" traffic stop. Remember this is a new normal when it comes to Police authority. And read the initial article here: How Not to Get Arrested and realize that well you can do nothing and be arrested. Again I have written plenty about that issue and how now just being in your own home, knowing someone, having a phone call recorded, whatever is all it takes today. And on that note more exoneration's in Brooklyn as "truth" comes to light and wrongful convictions are being overturned.

If drug trafficking or human trafficking got the same kind of attention as traffic violations do what would that result be?

Funny you are told to be truthful but whose truth? As Steven Colbert likes to remind you about truthiness is in the ear of the beholder.

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