Sunday, February 23, 2014

Save the Date

That is often on an invitation that is a precursor to a wedding date the supposedly greatest day in a woman's life.  As for the man it is apparently an invitation to a jail sentence.  Ah the irony as it appears in this country it is having a vagina, be you born with one or have one installed, the likelihood of you going to jail is much higher.

Why is that? Well the former Governor of Arkansas and failed Presidential Candidate, now talk show host, Mike Huckabee likes to remind people that Government health care is not in the business of controlling women's libidos.

Former Representative Todd Atkin informed constituents that women can't get pregnant when raped and others have affirmed similar beliefs, thoughts or other insane ideas of course supported by junk science.  Remember it is only junk science if you don't believe it or wish to reject it.  And while there may be truth in that at some level,  what it really means is that the scientists are as only as good as those hiring them and the agenda they wish to pursue.  Science like math can have some alterations to the black and whiteness it is supposedly to have.  Human error I think it what it is called.  I just call it bias and the reality that science is just like anything else - fallible.

March 8 marks the date of International Women's Day.  This day is the one in which we are to respect and acknowledge the role of women in the world.  And apparently March is Women's History Month.  I would get right on that curriculum but I actually never knew that so clearly we have some issues there and I am thinking this may actually not be about me, a woman.

And then I read Human Rights Watch and of course read about the problems of rape across the world and that women in North Korea are frequently targeted by police for such atrocities as wearing pants, openly slapped and assaulted by Police while being called "bitch."  And we have Venezuela in riots with a young beauty queen killed by a random bullet in the head, of which I am sure its origin was that of the uniforms sent to corral and control the riots.  But then I stumbled on this report:  In Harm's Way.

This report was on Prostitutes being arrested, harassed and prosecuted in Louisiana.  Last time I checked that was in America.   The flag or tell that lead Police to assume and in turn arrest them is that these women are carrying condoms.  Apparently that is reason alone to assume one is a prostitute. They are particularly aggressive towards transgender Prostitutes, often raping and beating them.  That is good way to keep a good woman down.

This is from the report:
The New Orleans municipal code also criminalizes “loitering for prostitution,” an offense so vague and broadly drawn that it permits police to consider a wide range of behavior to be grounds for arrest, including where people are, what they are wearing, and what they may have done in the past. Loitering statutes interfere with the right to be free from arbitrary arrest and invite discriminatory application, particularly on the basis of gender, race and ethnicity. In New Orleans, Human Rights Watch found that enforcement of these laws targeted transgender individuals, who described a community under siege from the police, subject to constant harassment, verbal abuse, stops for suspicion of prostitution, and demands for sex in exchange for leniency. 
 Now of course Louisiana has often been the target of much denigration and head shaking throughout history and once again another Mayor is on trial for corruption during his infamous watch when in office during Hurricane Katrina.  And certainly the Governor Bobby Jindal is no liberal paragon in which to believe he cares about those deemed as criminals.   This is the state of Dead Man Walking.

But these arrests are not limited to just New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and my personal favorite, Washington DC has also stepped up condom watch.  A Mother Jones article discusses this topic with reference to the Human Rights report.

So to think this some REDneck aka "state" problem take a look at those states of this union, they are pretty blue and blue in more ways than one.   I find it interesting that men are not arrested for carrying condoms or any drugs that could be used to assault or harm women, drugs such as Ambien or Xanax have the same side effects of many date rape drugs.  Don't see a Police officer asking for his prescription and why he would be carrying it do you?

We are having a rally here to stop the Patriarchy that has dominated our current society and I am sure there will be sufficient flag and sign waving and speeches to discuss the roles of women at the hands of men.   Funny my life has been in the hands of men for the last two years but it was a women who prosecuted me.  I am not sure I can say either gender has a lock on sheer hubris and abuse of power.

I will not be there but ask yourself if you have a vagina or not is this the world in which we live one where we have the audacity to demand human rights of other countries while failing to provide them for our own citizens?   It makes getting slapped and called a bitch seem rather innocuous.

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