Sunday, February 9, 2014


I don't follow sports, I am not a Doctor and yes I live in Seattle but even if I didn't I still read newspapers, watch TV and try to be informed.

 I know the Olympics are in Sochi but in reality most of the events are actually an hour train ride away from Sochi.  That happened in Vancouver too.  Yes I live in Seattle close to Vancouver so maybe that is why I knew that.

See I have an excuse why I know things, I read and stuff.  But I am not a Doctor.  But aren't you glad this man is and can operate on your heart?   As he is so busy operating and probably looking up current heart info on Wikipedia, Google, Web MD and Twitter so knowing this idiotic information like the Super Bowl teams is utterly understandable.

I bet Doctor Oz knew what teams were playing. And I bet Dr. Phil knew and he isn't even a real Doctor.   And sure I can forgive the whole Quaterback thing, that kind of detail is for real sports fans.  I did have to Google that myself.

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