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Fool me once

This article is from a year ago but I thought it was relevant.  Why?  Because in our condemnation culture I find it interesting that when you commit a misdemeanor crime in Washington State you are promptly treated as a felon.  Yet when you assault, rape and ultimately kidnap a woman - which you do when you take someone from one location to another without their knowledge and consent, hold them there - that would be a felony.

If Prosecutors are willing to up the ante and add charges such as murder for DUI, attempted murder for Domestic Violence and kick down doors to get Pot, well this would be a slam dunk, apparently not.

I am not sure what to say about this case and this individual who not only did it once, but twice.  How does that expression go - first time, shame on you, twice shame on me - well there is much to be ashamed about.  And you wonder how many times before he actually got caught?

And he was a University of Washington Fraternity President.  Irony on top of irony as the maniac who assaulted me was a UW Graduate student majoring in Chemistry. They must really have a great program there teaching men how to be druggists and rapists. 

When I was "allegedly"  drugged and "allegedly" raped, as again I can never actually prove that as thanks to the hideous morons at Harborview Hospital, that right was taken away from me, and instead enabled me to be Prosecuted for my actions that resulted from being drugged and raped. I don't allege anything frankly I know differently. But it was my own Attorney who said that I should go into deferred prosecution or counseling to help me understand that my "lifestyle choices" contributed to the act of violence perpetuated against me.  Clearly,  as I had never had it happen to me before or since, I am pretty good without it, but the maniac who did it to me I have always believed will do it again and this article I think shows that yep that is likely but he is only a part of the problem.

The Attorney representing Harborview, the dump I am suing for malpractice,  without a Lawyer as clearly I have issues with them as well,  asked me why I had not gone to the Police when I realized I had been assaulted by not just my date but the person(s) they sent me home with. Well the drugs, the accident, the injuries, the whole malpractice thing kind of prevented that.

Add to that when in  Court when my same Attorney tried to actually do the right thing and get the perpetrator by giving the Prosecutor the name of the individual, it was mid trial before she even passed it on to the Police, WHO DID NOTHING about it but later accused me of making him up.  Yes with the hospital intake records noting texts, and his phone number,  even calling him with no response by him, but hey they made him up too, right?

 The excuses about this one still make me laugh.  I think the most recent was his name.  I called him by his nickname and I was unsure of his last name so I did a trace on the phone, which led me to his mother's name and address.  I assume this as I have never spoken to the woman but hey "friends and family" from Verizon and all.  And this was seemingly beyond law enforcement to do this simple act.  So why would I do this and have this name and address?  Again accuse some random made up person in order to come up with a legal address for which the phone is registered?

Again you can't make this shit up, but I was accused of doing this, and yes my one Attorney seemed to at one point believe this.  I have no idea we have the communication of a wall and that also contributed I believe to many of the problems that later resulted.  And yes he is still my Attorney, why?  Because I think he has no idea what to do to assuage my pain but when it actually comes to law and shit he does know his shit.  Beside manner on this case not so much.  As Harvard, Attorney number 4.5 (counting the half lawyer who quit after me ripping his ass off) says, "he has never had anything bad ever happen to him so he doesn't know how to handle people who have." Okay Harvard.   Well he has now had me as a client so it's a double down on that.

 *I really hope fired Lawyer number 2 reads this as I love rubbing that douche's face in the whole Harvard thing.  Harvard asked me when he heard of this ass actually accosting his colleague in open court, "who is this guy?" And once again he was defended by the same Attorney as a good Attorney.  This is how nice this man is.  So hey fuckwit if you are still reading this blog know that and know that he would not allow me to file a Bar Association complaint about you, asshole.  Again, I can't make this shit up

This is our system of justice - non existent - in the supposed great liberal and utterly livable city.  I can't wait to get the fuck out of here.  So when anyone says if you have good Lawyers and can buy your way out of shit.. well not this case.  Nothing would have done it. And when you look at the Bar Association survey about the Municipal Judges here in the City there are about two who actually have "decent" ratings and that pretty much cements the fact that you are fucked without either dinner or date rape drugs if you go to Court here.   And again the numbers speak volumes about how many actual trials do take place and the end result.  Stacked.

I have become the Mia Farrow of this but if they can do this over something 20 years ago and victim rights advocates seem to think that overkill is essential in getting respect and recognition for their violations, I am going to give this a shot too.   Oh wait no one gives a shit but I tried. 

But anyway, the point is women are blamed, our complaints are ignored the second a glass of wine is involved.  We have somehow contributed to the depravity of an individual who drugs and rapes women and has a pattern of it. But in his case law enforcement assisted in this by plea bargaining, down the charges.  Worked out didn't it.

Our priorities are clearly confused in this country when it comes to acts of true crime.  I can see why women don't file rape charges very often, this is just another example why.

Ex-UW frat president charged with rape, again

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

 A Federal Way man accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a young woman during a date has been charged with rape.

The charge marks the second time in three years Edwin “Kevin” De Boer has been charged with sexually assaulting a young woman following a night of drinking.

The earlier allegations against De Boer saw him plead guilty to harassment in a plea agreement that did not require he register as a sex offender or admit to raping the young woman at a University of Washington fraternity, where he was serving as president.

This time, though, prosecutors claim to have evidence De Boer drugged a young woman before raping her. He is also alleged to have made a partial admission of wrongdoing in a text message to the purported victim.

King County prosecutors contend De Boer, 26, spiked the woman’s drink with a sedative during a date, then raped her at his apartment. He has pleaded not guilty to the rape charge.

According to charging documents, the woman agreed to go out for dinner and drinks with De Boer in November. The pair went to several Tacoma bars; the last thing the woman remembered was a table of beer and appetizers.

She awoke naked and in pain in the bedroom of De Boer’s Federal Way apartment, she later told police. Confused, the woman spoke with De Boer briefly before leaving his apartment.

Shortly thereafter, the woman contacted her sister, who rushed home and ultimately took her to a nearby hospital for a sexual assault examination, a Federal Way detective told the court. The results of that exam were subsequently forwarded to police.

According to charging documents, lab tests showed the woman had ingested a potent sedative that also causes amnesia. Police contend photos taken during the examination support the woman’s claims. 

Concerned De Boer had drugged her, the woman sent him a text message asserting the same. Police contend De Boer denied drugging her but admitted to sexually assaulting her while they were together.

Speaking with police, the woman said she’d never blacked out before and had not planned on having sex with De Boer during their date. She was also able to describe his home to police.

The woman also recalled De Boer had complained that another woman he was seeing while he was president of the fraternity three years before had “gone crazy” on him, the detective told the court. He also mentioned he was enrolled in a graduate program at University of Washington’s Tacoma campus; court records show De Boer’s car carries a personalized license plate with the word “DAWGS” on it.

De Boer was enrolled at UW in Seattle as an undergrad in July 2009, when he was alleged to have raped a 21-year-old student during a fraternity party.

The night of the assault, De Boer prodded the woman to have several shots of liquor and then attempted to make out with her on the steps of Phi Kappa Theta fraternity. She rebuffed his advances while remaining at the house.

Charging De Boer with third-degree rape, prosecutors contended De Boer later pulled the woman into a room and demanded oral sex. She told De Boer she did not have sex with drunk men.

At the time, prosecutors claimed De Boer then pinned the young woman on a bed and raped her. She later underwent a sexual assault examination and testified in an “administrative hearing” conducted by fraternity members and alumni.

During that “hearing,” De Boer claimed the young woman changed her mind after they were already having sex, a Seattle detective told the court. The fraternity subsequently voted to expel De Boer.

De Boer would later deny any wrongdoing through a statement to police, according to the detective’s statement. He claimed she only protested because he did not take precautions to avoid impregnating her.

“The defense counsel and I together interviewed 11 witnesses,” the Seattle detective told the court. “None of the witnesses saw (the young woman) kiss, touch or show any interest in Mr. De Boer, so it appears that Mr. De Boer is not being truthful.”

De Boer ultimately entered a modified guilty plea to a harassment charge. Doing so, he refused to admit he had harassed the woman while agreeing that a jury would likely convict him.

Prosecutors withdrew the rape charge as part of the plea agreement. De Boer received a suspended sentence and probation, and was ordered to perform 15 days of community service.

Now facing a second-degree rape charge, De Boer is currently jailed on $300,000 bail.

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