Friday, February 21, 2014

Escape for a Rendezvous

The winter outside has been frightful but now it is time for a delightful trip abroad to relax, take in the local culture and have an adventure that puts the old into winter

Traveling to countries that offer diverse cultures yet a sense of history are, what I believe, the most exciting holidays. They put the adventure into travel and one such country is Turkey.

The history and beauty are unique to this amazing Country cannot be described or even viewed watching a travel channel it must be experienced first hand. Risen from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is a land of cities and countryside, of ancient ruins and contemporary culture. You can spa in a traditional mud baths of Dalyan or you can find yourself hiking among the volcanic rock of Goreme. Of course it would be inconceivable to miss the capital city of gorgeous Istanbul.

Turkey is listed consistently among the top 25 destinations in the world with the most amazing beaches and mountain ranges in the Mediterranean. The food isn't so bad either.

If you’re wondering when to go for your beach vacation in Turkey for warm waters, then you should think about the summer months. The Turkey beaches are wonderful for most of the year, but the waters begin to seriously warm up around June and stay that way pretty much through about October.

This is true of the Mediterranean and Aegean beaches, but it does not hold true for the beaches on the Black Sea which run much cooler.

Many like to highlight the historic attractions of Turkey, but more and more are starting to showcase the gorgeous beaches along the coast. These Black Sea beaches in Turkey are wonderful if you are looking for tranquil, secluded stretches of sand and don’t necessarily have to have warm water.

One of the loveliest of these is the beach at Sinop, which is an ancient city that was the eastern capital of the Byzantine Empire. There you can find some very ancient mosques, an old castle fortress, and the ruins of a Roman temple that later became a Byzantine church.

But if you are looking mostly for rest and relaxation then the beach is it. The most popular and best beaches in Turkey are found along the Aegean and Mediterranean Turquoise Coast, an area also known as the Turkish Riviera, that stretches for almost 1,000 miles

However, the major resorts that permeate the area are most crowded during late summer which is not a bad thing if you’re also looking for the exciting nightlife in these areas; however, it is still possible to find long, secluded stretches of beach for that romantic rendezvous.

Other popular things to do is charter a boat and go sailing for several days, along the Turkish coast and swing by the nearby Greek Islands. This can also offer both seclusion with action, from snorkeling to simply sunning and relaxing.

What you may find while on your journey is a much more compelling investment - vacation home ownership. There are many options that you can find when seeking you own Villas for Sale in Turkey

The only limit to this escape is leaving and going back to reality. But having a home to return may make that visit a permanent one.

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