Sunday, February 2, 2014

Doctor,Lawyer,Indian Chief

Who needs rights when you have the Police ensuring they will find ways to avoid them.   With or without warrants -

We have police forcibly taking your blood be it in the station or right there on the side of the road. Whatever is more convenient -  for the Police. 

We now have Police forcibly taking you to hospitals to have your entire body searched which I have written about but if the hospital won't do it don't worry the Police can act as a Proctologist or Gynecologist

Or they can just be they can just act as the TSA agents do or  a Nurse and demand you undress and watch you do so while commenting like American Idol.

Or if need be they can be your hairdresser too

Video showing cop forcibly cutting woman’s hair weave makes waves

Again, any indignity and violation is permitted often consented by law or ignored by it.  I lay in a coma on a ventilator and at the time no one knew if I was to survive, my blood was forcibly taken, the nurse collaborated with the Police to do so without a warrant and then left me to go without proper medical protocol and care for hours.  Then I received the bill for that.

When you are taken to a hospital you are not a Patient you are EVIDENCE.  You have no rights to care and once evidence is taken, either if you are the victim or the perpetrator expect none.   There are numerous cases of victims who have had the same level of neglect and abuse at the hands of public hospitals who are the partners in crime to the Police.

When the act of forcible blood draws was designated illegal by the Supreme Court in the McNeely case, the Judge here ignored that ruling saying that the act was the law at the time and that it has no bearing on the present.

 Yes the Supreme Court has no bearing what so ever with regards to my rights or the law in the State. But now expect a sign off on every warrant, probably by the same Judge, he seems compliant, to ensure that every stop now gets DNA'ized. Well at least you may actually have evidence that you can challenge, as currently the Breathalyzer doesn't actually retain the evidence so you challenge the equipment and other aspects of the "observations" of the Officer which of course are one sided, carefully "recalled"  and utterly unchallengeable.  Even though in my case no actual Police Officer ever saw me or touched me at the scene of my death/accident/whatever only later one did to force the Nurse to comply to his request to take my blood and run off with whatever he managed to obtain.

So as a result I did not get that courtesy to even examine and test my own blood as required by this whole law thing that always seems to disappear, something "happened" to my 2nd vial of blood either in the delivery or the receipt.  And the Police of course tried to imply that while in my coma I fought him off and then my vein collapsed as a result of the fracas.  Yes I am She-Ra.

The Police will go to no lengths to actually do any real investigative work but they will go to great lengths to lie and influence or intimidate witnesses.   I should know that too! Interesting what one hears when one stands by elevator banks and by bathroom doors or behind poles, hey I will go to any lengths too to get the truth.

I know I am not the exception but  the rule and the rule of law is clear; You have no rights once designated as not worthy of deserving them.  And that rule is arbitrary and random.  Just ask the innocents who for whatever reason, accident or error put them at the front of the que.

 The State crime labs I suspect will be very busy now handling the onslaught of these blood draws.  And I am sure they are of course completely ethical and legal.. oh wait... I have written about their bias and collaboration with Police as well... so never mind.

I just watched a Frontline documentary on North Korea and I ask - how are we any different? No citizen uniforms is about the only distinct difference. 

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