Thursday, February 20, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Or never frankly.

I read this yesterday and laughed my ass off then spun around, played a game and danced like no body was watching. And then they came clubbed me and I was taken away. That pretty much sums up the idea of behavioral diagnosis and treatment in today's medical industrial complex.

Big Pharma largely diagnosed and treated ADD and ADHD by sending in the goon squads of young nubile aggressive salesperson's with brochures and pamphlets providing handy summaries and diagnostic tools to Physicians over the last decade to push the crap they call "medicine." I call it poison and for some it is just that. But I am not one to mince words when it comes the thieves, robbers and frauds in that complex. And this blog also addresses the idea of the war between vs the one on drugs. 

The best part was the admission, however, by the medical professionals (and I use that term loosely) that they had had little training and education about the disorder and in turn the simple LACK of actual available trained and educated professionals that provide proper diagnosis and treatment.

I spent an hour with my new Acupuncturist discussing this very issue when it comes to medical care. There is no time, no actual investment, no proper skilled professionals that are willing to ensure that they find the appropriate diagnosis and in turn find out what options are available for a family or individual in need to try as a way of resolving the problem and illness. And when it comes to mental health this is tantamount as it is not something you should do in a 15 minute drive by visit.

But this is America and we spend that average on pretty much everything, medicine, law, nutrition. I was having coffee yesterday and stopped to ask the local manager has he caught up on the shows we both watch. Two of the staff and perhaps perfect examples of the idiots that I more often converse with immediately denigrated and mocked us. These two couldn't string a sentence together let alone individually that I find either interesting or intelligent but go ahead as they were drinking at 4 pm... and yet I was having coffee.

I pointedly asked them why it bothered them that we enjoyed television and why they felt it was something they needed to mock.. and they go "we are?" Yes. Very simply if you don't know or partake in something that others are talking about or enjoy then STFU. That simple. But in today's America we must all agree, get along, be conformed to a certain way and act accordingly. In other words robots, sheep, carbon cutouts. We are afraid if anyone is different as it means we have to tolerate, learn and engage. But today we can just "unfollow" or "unlike" anyone who says or likes something we don't. It is irrelevant that we have never met them and they only thing we have in common is someone or something else such as political leanings or in fact television shows.

I also viewed perhaps the worst Frontline I have ever watched on the rise and influence of social media on youth. What I learned is today's teens are like all teens of yore, influenced by mass popular culture. How revelatory. What was disturbing and not actually shown was the role of the adults in their lives with regards to this void these children were filling via social media. What it did seem to be was an advertisement for social media and the companies that exploit and use it as a business. In my day it was called marketing and advertising. Next on Frontline young people try drugs.

Now I am a single woman, I have no family and I no longer socialize with anyone. As frankly I am afraid after what happened to me two years ago, and that includes at the hand of those supposed professionals who should have helped me then, so the likelihood of them helping me now is zero so I feel safer on my own. I am not insular nor isolated, I like to pursue things I do "like" which includes television, music and reading. And to paraphrase the late Greta Garbo, "I want to be alone." And frankly more so... "got a problem with that?"

But this is what our culture has become, a synopsis, a cliff note, a like, a thought reduced to 140 characters.

So if a child acts well like a child and a parent can't figure out how to cope, teach, and more importantly discipline a child, they may be the ones that need medication.

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