Monday, January 27, 2014

What's That Smell

As we move to the eve of legal marijuana sales here in Washington State I suspect that the rise in DUI while high will increase (they already have). Given Kat Williams problems here a couple of years ago I think he should bypass the city of Seattle. I wonder if that bench warrant issued by Judge Gregory has been resolved?

As in DUI with alcohol the smell test is the big factor in determining if you will be charged with a crime. And with marijuana there is a distinct smell, the unfortunate part is that it is transferable. So good thing Kat Williams isn't coming here just being in the near vicinity should be enough to warrant a stop and frisk and subsequent blood test. And let's not forget the bill for that as well. As I am sure without any THC in my blood there would be the hospital costs and some convoluted charge they would devise to validate the stop. Ah yes admitting one is wrong is not something the Police do willingly let alone ever. So that concert ticket could end up costing a few thousand by the time the evening is done. So tell your seat mates this is non smoking zone and let me know how well that works out.

And the irony on top of hiliarity one of the Representatives, Roger Goodman, who has said drunk driving is the greatest scourge on society today (really it is?) and an agressive advocate to make domestic violence something akin to a felony crime such as murder or rape, was accused by his former wife of smoking a joint with the kids. Is this domestic violence issue or a DUI? The next Trey Redel maybe? Or just a classic hypocritical Politician?

And with this comes the idea of the drug sniffing dog. And today Radley Balko's column in the Washington Post is about another fraud in science and in police tactics - the drug sniffing dog. Studies have found that surprisingly it is not the dog but the handler.

Even the perhaps worst Editor in the history of the New York Times, Bill Keller, wrote an editorial today about our prison happy nation. And while it was short on any actual ideas and plans to resolve this crisis, he made some salient points with regards to the ever increasing prison nation.

We are adding more penalties and laws to enhance said penalties. We have ensured convictions by removing any flexibility in local courts including even writing jury instructions to ensure convictions. We use dogs and junk science to convict and aided by an ever increasing hysterical media and the subsequent victim lobbying faux non profit advocate groups that suddenly appear with appropriate indignation and checks in hand. Yes the system of Justice is swift and unwavering in its quest to ensure cooperation and compliance. What it does beyond that is any one's guess.

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