Wednesday, January 8, 2014

True Lies

Yesterday the news had some interesting if not shocking (yes I need a new word) revelation about the Police Officers and Fire Fighters defrauding the Social Security Disability/Pension system.

I once had a conversation with one of my Attorney's about the veracity and integrity of Fire Fighters and EMT's and he said that going after perceived heroes is not a good idea. The operative word is "perceived" and like all in the business of protecting and serving they have a reason to protect their own and they too are not exempt from bias and/or duplicity when it comes to one's job security.

And then once again I was right. My Attorney ignores me I suspect most of the time despite the fact that he knows I am not wrong it is just the matter of my being right is often annoying. And yes I am annoying.

So now we have the quote/unquote heroes defrauding a system already burdened with more claims in history. If everyone becomes suspect it solves that issue of financing immediately and lessens the need to actually help and support those in need and flags the program as unsustainable. It is the same with the supposed "voter fraud" or "drug addled welfare cheat" once labeled then it's condemned. Yet farmer subsidies and bank bailouts not a problem.

And we have the cases of many finding themselves cut off fighting for support as States upgrade their system. Think Obamacare was a challenge to sign up for? Well wait for VA Benefits or Medicaid that is once again another odd problem for Deloitte who was behind the failed bank mortgage evaluations as well. So is the Government hiring contract agencies because they cannot find suitable employees or that the funding and hiring is been so negligent due to cutbacks in hiring. So instead hire outside Contractors with a history of problems to fix a problem. And to think those great minds in Silicon Valley can't spare a brain to actually do work, yet value worthless companies as billion dollar babies. Honesty do Americans need that much stuff?

What does it say about those heroes who actually used and exploited the tragedy of 9/11 to defraud the very system who employed them? And then to be so brazen and disrespectful to the communities they serve by harassing and often ignoring those in need?

But when it comes to the Police the idea of lies and misstated facts are the now the norm. As another individual imprisoned for decades before the truth was revealed. Or this story about a young man who was used by the Police to secure drug busts and then dumped to be killed by the very individuals he was to "snitch" on. Sounds much easier than actually doing real police work and investigation. Use 'em and lose em should be the motto of that police department.

But on a positive note the L.A. Sheriff under investigation and controversy is retiring at the end of the month. The bad news is likely under full retirement pay and benefits. Wonder if he will apply for SSDI as well? And all on the taxpayer dimes and nickels.

Well as they say in the law 'quid pro quo' and the losers here are us as we are on a precipice of financial decay that systems and programs will be removed rather than repaired due to the malfeasance of those whom were to protect and serve. Irony much?

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