Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The States of this Union

I think I watched some of the SOTU speech but I kept waiting for Jacqueline Bisset to arrive and ask for dinner. But instead it resembled the Oscar death announcements with rising applause for each dead celebrity that was more famous than the prior who died that year only in this case it was for policies that may or may not have happened, will never happen nor were accurately explained what happened.

So instead I caught up on the Blacklist, with James Spader as the most amazing anti hero since Walter White only without a decent and talented sidekick which this show desperately needs.

So avoiding all the unreal recaps, highlights, speculation and endless debate, discussion and digression over what is tantamount to an Oscar speech, I flipped to Radley Balko's column in the Washington Post and was not disappointed by his highlight reel.

As always there is one standout and this is my favorite, the DUI training cop once again not charged with a DUI, irony or consistency? The other two stories he mentions are equally amusing as they are very consistent with stories that have happened here in my State of the Union. If anything is consistent is Police absurdity and hypocrisy.

And of course no mention by the President about our hideous police nation and the ever increasing pursuit of the death penalty despite the fact that even big Pharma wants nothing to do with it.

And once again the passing mention of gun violence is ignored and yet when you look to the amount of children killing children, inadvertently or not, the role of Education and support systems gets an F. Here are just some stories about children with guns.

Teen Charged
Boy With a Gun
Case for Hawaii 5 O
Best Friends Forever
Teen Shot
Teen Hero Shot
Sentenced for Life
Maryland Mall

Google the phrase "teen shooting" and it is a never ending resource of teen agers who have been the victim of gun violence as either a victim or perpetrator and they will end up with a "life sentence" be it in prison or with their life.

But you will not hear that in a State of the Union, the toll that gun violence has had on our communities and the citizens of this union.

There have been so many shootings of late that the social media histrionics that used to accompany every one has withered on the vine, much like the debate over gun licensing. I recall the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and the Twitteronics about how they were sure it was a "tea party" member or the endless hysteria over Travoyn Martin while other shootings were utterly ignored. Guess not "liking" something is not on Facebook?

Nor was there any discussion of the current "project" of Joe Biden and his talks to the college youth about sexual violence or in fact the long standing struggle of our military with the same issue. Maybe he should address prison guards who seem to be accountable for a large majority of sexual assaults

And there was no discussion about the cutting of food stamp benefits for over 8 million people or the fact that across the nation we will have a food crisis with regards to costs associated with production due to the energy and in turn climate crisis.

And no discussion about the real problems with the Affordable Care Act, the rising costs of Medical care or the fraud associated with our Medical Industrial Complex with regards to Medicare/Medicaid. Pro Publica did an amazing investigation with regards to this issue and others about Obamacare which makes their work worth a look.

Really the SOTU should have the Bankers, like Jamie Dimon, have a chance to accept an award or accolade or one of the many Billionaires, like Bill Gates who is working to privatize and in turn corporatize our public Education system. They could be the "dates" to accompany the appropriate Cabinet Secretary's.

And I am not ignoring but the endless cycle of observation and data collection by the NSA was however.

It would be far more entertaining to serve food and booze and have the truly ignored and yet truly influential take a stand at the mic and take the credit or blame for our largely ineffectual Government.

Today it will be business as usual which means no business as usual.

Well at least they are job creators giving more work to the endless talking heads and panel discussion on cable news. That will be the only discussion or action with regards to the states of our union.

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