Friday, January 17, 2014

Dead Man Dying

In our vindictive retaliative society, we are the last "civilized" Country that still practices execution as a form of justice.

As we have already come to realize and know our Jurisprudence system is one step removed from a circus show only without the fun clown part, clown yes, fun ones, no. And due to that we have many many individuals who have been convicted and sentenced for decades for crimes they did not commit; including many sent to death for crimes that also fall into that category. This does not include the issues of mental illness or even the severity of the punishment that does not fit the crime, this is about retribution and revenge - two elements that should have NOTHING to do with Justice in a Democratic society.

When I read this today I felt ill. The odd remarks by the pro killing idiots remind me of many others in these so called "victim right" advocates who for the remainder of their lives hold onto the anger, shame, guilt and frustration that often comes from those affected by violence, direct or indirect.

It is my greatest fear that I can or will not be able to move past all what has happened to me in the last two years. Each trigger opens up a wound that you cannot seem to ever close. When I read that this prisoner had been given Midzolam I immediately went to my night of hell and wonder if my Rapist had given that to me as it seemed to be the perfect fit or description only later to be given to me by a Nurse later at the hospital I was taken to. Why was I given a powerful narcotic when I was already in a coma and with a head injury does make one wonder? I have often joked that the staff of Harborview were intent on finishing what my date had started.

I recall looking up the definition of rape according to the Justice Department and that definition is anything done to you that you do not consent to or acknowledge. Is that not a form of Rape? Harming people and walking away without thinking of the long term affects? Why is it singularly applied to that of sexual contact? One of my Attorneys' of course laughed in response, he also laughed (which is what I think he does when horrified) when I produced earlier a series of articles about women being assaulted and dumped after a supposed night of drinking; the other Attorney said, "don't ever say that juries don't like it." He said that a lot but I would have no idea what Juries like or don't like as they seem to be solely directed to convict regardless thanks to the overly Legislated and mandated Jury instructions and sentencing requirements, the addition of Prosecutorial misconduct, Police lying on the stand and Judicial impropriety that dominate courtrooms.

And to note that if the Attorney's in question or the one I fired who now reads this blog and harasses my Atty. reads this... feel free to repeat it... I have no reason to not tell them to their face if they so wish. We have agreed to disagree many times this would not be new but unlike you I respect their knowledge of the law and despite it all I know that they have my best interests at heart regardless of our lack of rapport. So you sir too need to move on

So yes one wonders if you become the obsessive singular minded vindictive individual seeking false equality and revenge by forever going on about this time in your life where you were hurt or do you find productive ways to move forward and onward? Nothing says recovery more than lather rinse repeating it over and over? I have no idea but I can't wait to move out and on.

But as a result it has emboldened me to become engaged and aware of these issues and a realization that we must as a society do something to make this system of unchecks and unbalance work to serve for the betterment of the community as opposed to what it currently is, in opposition of it.

Killing criminals is not justice it is just another form of murder. It does nothing to ever resolve or repair the damage it simply makes us one of them. I guess if you can't beat 'em join 'em right Kent Schniedegger, Direcor of the Criminal Justice Foundation. I wonder how he reconciles his tax breaks and other largess from his "foundation" that does what exactly? Interesting the box score of "kills" on his site, charming and quite disturbing. He seems quite proud of his work killing people and destroying lives, I guess doing so legally is quite the rush. I wonder what prompted this need for such vigilantism? A love of Westerns perhaps?

Ohio Execution Using Untested Drug Cocktail Renews the Debate Over Lethal Injections

By RICK LYMANJAN. 16, 2014

Dennis McGuire took 15 minutes to die by lethal injection Thursday morning at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville for the 1989 rape and murder of a 22-year-old pregnant woman named Joy Stewart.

Eyewitness accounts differ slightly on how much Mr. McGuire, 53, struggled and gasped in those final minutes. But because the execution took unusually long and because Ohio was using a new, untested cocktail of drugs in the procedure, the episode has reignited debate over lethal injection.

States have been scrambling in recent years to come up with a new formula for executions after their stockpiles were depleted or expired when European manufacturers of such previously used drugs as pentobarbital and sodium thiopental stopped selling them for use in executions. No consensus has formed on what available drugs should be used.

Mr. McGuire was given midazolam, a sedative, and hydromorphone, a powerful analgesic derived from morphine, just before 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, the first time that any state has used that combination. The drugs were selected by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction after the state’s supply of pentobarbital expired in 2009, said JoEllen Smith, the department’s spokeswoman. A federal court had approved their use, she said.

A reporter for The Columbus Dispatch, one of the witnesses at the execution, described Mr. McGuire as struggling, gasping loudly, snorting and making choking noises for nearly 10 minutes before falling silent and being declared dead a few minutes later. An Associated Press report described him as snorting loudly and making snoring noises, but did not say he struggled or made choking sounds.

“Whether there were choking sounds or it was just snorting, the execution didn’t go the way it was supposed to go,” said Deborah Denno, a professor at Fordham Law School and an expert in lethal injection cases. “Usually, lethal injection takes about four or five minutes, if done properly.”

Death penalty opponents had been watching the case closely, both because of the new drug cocktail and because some anesthesiologists said there was a danger they would produce a condition called air hunger, in which the gasping victim is unable to absorb oxygen.

“A different procedure was used in the last four executions, depending on which state they were in,” Ms. Denno said. “It certainly increases the likelihood or the risk that there will be some sort of problem.”

But death penalty proponents said the episode was being sensationalized.

“Some of the witnesses say he was heard to make snoring noises,” said Kent Scheidegger, legal director for the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation. “O.K., I’ve made snoring noises. What’s not disputed is he got a large dose of sedative. We’ve gotten namby-pamby to the point that we give murderers sedatives before we kill them.”

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