Monday, December 30, 2013

Year End Extravaganza!

As the hysteria surrounding the Obamageddon comes to a close, there are winners, losers and everyone in between. 

It is clear that Insurance is the big winner here and as they wrote the onerous part of the 1000 page bill it would be only fair.  Of course Big Pharma wins as most medicine consists of well medicine so get those Prescription pads ready Doctors.

And the loser are the medical device makers as they are now taxed for what ostensibly seems to be useless equipment being installed in the lab rats, whoops I mean patients for costs that seem to vary from place to place, town to town, effectiveness and necessity seem consistently crap however so there is at least that constant.  Read this article on knee surgeries as an example.

And lastly the GOP whine brigade that were sure that this largely Republican bill that is nearly identical to the one put in place by their boy, Mitt Romney, when he was Governor of Massachusetts.  But hey he lost so let's not get in line with some loser now.

The chips are still out with regards to Obamacare, the deadlines that keep moving and the ever increasing confusion but hey eventually it will all work out or not, I mean really as long as the Medical Industrial Complex doesn't lose too much its all good.  Or is it.  Ask those whose insurance was canceled and seemingly are confused by the process (this includes me).  Hey but the bitch in charge of the plan is retiring.  I wonder on full benefits?

It seems they are racing to make the finish line with the new coding and required electronic medical records as per Medicare and Medicaid is needing to ensure that those fraudulent reimbursements keep coming.  The article about the new medical codes is here.

I say fraudulent because it is already well known that if there is a will there is a way when it comes to Physicians cooking those books like they cook those diagnosis.   And the new confusing and complex coding systems will ensure that if you come in with a bruise you will leave with a hematoma as those cost more.  Group Health here in Seattle currently has in place a coding system that actually prompts the user inputting the diagnosis to upgrade, sort of like when you go in for shoes and they bring you 3 pairs.  This system asks if you are sure that is what you mean or do you mean something more complex and in turn more costly.  Its all win win for the software writers as they have too figured out how to gauge the system to ensure that the insured will always be on the receiving end of bigger bills and less care.

And lastly today there was a cover story about how India is circumventing the patent holds that Big Pharma uses to manipulate drugs, their costs and in turn their availability.  Nothing says winner more than charging more for drugs that could save lives and make people healthy. Then where would the Medical Industrial Complex be if we were all healthy. 

The irony is that much of this patent issue came to fruition under the Clinton Administration. While he was hanging out with Bono to get AIDS drugs to Africa, he made sure that anyone else was not so lucky. Shame another celebrity couldn't find some other color, say Blue, to help those in need for equally expensive and necessary drugs.  Well the streets have no name when no fame or checks are attached.

There are so many things that Clinton seems to regret I wonder if that is why he wants Hilary to run so he can go on the equivalent of the AA apology tour to make amends?  

And  there is this op ed piece in the Times also today about Breast Cancer screening and that just maybe just maybe it does more harm than good.  Yes shocking, I know.

And finally, yes I have a final point.  There is this article about the ADHD drug obsession and that it too might actually be a lot of smoke, no mirrors and well also doing more harm than good.  Yes, I am shocked again too!   My hair needed some extra body so its all good.

I am exhausted living in a country that has seemingly decided that facts, knowledge seeking and makes decisions by reacting versus acting upon the truth and facts that they should be seeking but simply can't or won't.  I am not sure but I am sure that there are those who feel differently and I am grateful that they are here and no Mulder I am not alone although it feels that way.

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